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What to Expect From Dialogue Essay Sitting Education Samples?

What to Expect From Dialogue Essay Sitting Education Samples? It may be used in movies, plays, fiction or, in this scenario, essays. An excellent method is to read what fiction writers have to say about doing it. Place the stage for quotes When you use quotes, you're a film director and have to take charge of the scene! It is possible to realize that the scene is very important to bring out the unspoken in the dialogue. Key Pieces of Dialogue Essay Sitting Education Samples Be aware that you could only utilize dialogue in essays once the essays are narrative. If you're clueless as to the best way to begin an essay or whether you need suggestions regarding topics, our sample essay education can be of some assistance to you. Other forms of essays often aim to generate a claim about something. These essays need to be more descriptive. You're going to be writing a remarkable narrative essay in almost no time in any way. To compose an impressive short essay, especially during an examination, you should be in a position to hit the question and give a straightforward answer while at the exact same time observing the proper structure of an essay. Dialogue is a system that's employed in all sorts of fiction movie, plays, books and can even be utilized in essays. To structure an essay, you should simply stick to the above mentioned format. If somebody's speech has more than 40 words, put the quotation marks at the start of each and every paragraph, and at the close of the dialogue. Here's a set of some terrific links that will assist you in crafting the ideal narrative essay, and making sure that you get your dialogue quotation spot on. It is not simple to master. Put punctuation marks beyond the quotation marks if they're part of a bigger question or exclamation. Put punctuation marks inside it marks if they are a part of that person's speech. Jana and Lucia said you wrote an awesome college essay. Perhaps you wish to nail that scholarship. Therefore, many students and employees decide to obtain low-cost essay rather than writing it themselves. Dialogue Essay Sitting Education Samples Ideas There's no ideal solution about how to compose an effective essay. Good use of quotation marks and punctuation isn't some random thing that you've to learn for no reason. Otherwise, the tips above should help you on the path to incorporating the perfect kind and volume of dialogue in your college essay. Another fantastic trick is to be concise. Alexander believes dialogue is crucial during the principal education years because of the human brain's expanded learning power throughout that time frame. Dialogue is only a conversation between at le ast two people. Well the very same concept can be relevant to your narrative essay. The New Angle On Dialogue Essay Sitting Education Samples Just Released Possessing good teachers that know what they're doing is also important. Some people believe that getting a very good education is dependent on the school you attend. With an education, these individuals could find work and make some money. Most people I know would love to work in a job which pays a greater salary than the job they've at this time. Some school districts in the us believe all students ought to be tested and rewarded equally irrespective of their adversities. It may not have become the ideal school but I got through. Moreover, it's expensive to put in a year of schooling for a considerable number of students. Six students from all over the world meet. The Fundamentals of Dialogue Essay Sitting Education Samples Revealed It is wise to look for the one which has an excellent reputation and offers high-quality papers at inexpensive prices. It means to not include things like extra or unnecessary info. With our assistance, you can succeed. Click to produce an order at very reasonable prices. As you become older you create a theory of getting an excellent education. Adults attempt to escape from problems in doing this. Special education is an alternative for student who want more aid or suffer from a learning disability. If you use it like an essential part of the paper, the dialogue becomes a creative pa rt of your work. Implementing reciprocity is an issue of deciding to alter the immediate environment, as Gladwell would state, and doesn't demand a societal connection to be able to be implemented easily. Dialogue is also one of those tools that is simple to waste if you don't understand how to wield it for optimum effect. It can telegraph these kinds of qualities to a reader very quickly.

Essay Topic - Introduction

Essay Topic - IntroductionAt E-School 2.1-2.4, you will gain knowledge of the Essay Topic and Essay Writing Process. You will learn how to select an Essay Topic that is useful to your course requirements and your writing. You will also learn how to effectively create a writing plan for this Essay Topic, how to select good essay topics, how to introduce and integrate ideas into the Essay Topic, and you will learn how to present the Essay Topic in such a way that it will be thought provoking and meaningful to your audience.One of the many topics you can expect to study in E-School 2.1-2.4 is the introduction to an introductory essay, or the first introduction to a major term or theme. Most courses allow for the use of an introductory essay as a first-time or introductory course requirement. The Essay Topic can include a wide range of topics, from an overview of an entire subject to a condensed version of a major concept.In the introduction to paper topics, you will be able to introduce your topic by discussing its main points. You will outline the major points that are covered in the article, and you will introduce the history and background of the topic. This essay is often used to start the presentation of the general thesis or theme of the paper.The essay topic is considered to be the most important part of the Essay Topic. Since the essay topic is the first paragraph or introduction of the Essay Topic, it is essential that the essay topic is related to the topic being presented, to the essay, and to the student's objectives for the Essay Topic. This is done by introducing the overall theme of the paper and then describing how the Essay Topic relates to the theme. An introduction that does not establish the purpose of the paper and why it is being written is likely to fail the E-School requirement.The content or topic of each essay is to be clearly stated in the introduction and then explained. All writers will need to understand the general purpose and reason s for writing the essay.The introduction to the Essay Topic is one of the most important parts of the essay. It should begin with a statement of the purpose of the essay and why the writer wishes to write the essay. Then the writer will discuss the reason or theme of the essay, and why the Essay Topic is needed. Finally, the writer will discuss how the essay will relate to the theme and how the essay relates to the essay.Topics are usually reviewed by the class at the beginning of the semester to find out what topics are the most commonly used in the class. These topics are discussed on the E-School site, which will also provide suggestions on how to select a topic that will be most suitable for your particular class. This is one of the main ways the class works together to help students create a very useful topic.Essay Topics are an important part of the Essay Course. These are topic topics that are usually required to be read in class, or they are topics that are most easily taugh t to students as lecture courses.

What Should Be the Essay Topic?

What Should Be the Essay Topic?Writing an essay is a very complicated procedure, even for the best writers. An essay's topic is an important thing that has to be addressed while writing. If you are not aware of what the topic is then you might end up wasting a lot of time and effort.You must choose your essay topic wisely if you want to get better grades in college. There are various types of topics that can be applied in the essay, and it is just a matter of deciding which one is appropriate for your chosen college. One option that you have is to choose a topic that is related to your selected major.Your essay topic should also reflect your personality and capability. You can always get help from the university, as they will be able to show you a sample of work and help you select the topic that will fit your personality and the qualifications of your chosen major. Remember that as you are writing a college essay your main goal is to impress the reader, so it is important that you a ppear intelligent, sincere and objective. Any possible mistake on your part can spoil the whole writing process.It is important that you create a list of essay topics before you start writing your essay. You can start with some topics that are related to your interests, hobbies or other hobbies. A topic such as sports, religion, politics, engineering or finance will most likely get the desired results when it comes to academic achievement and will certainly give a good impression to the reader.The next step is to select the right essay topic. First thing that you need to do is write down all the topics that you know about, and make sure that you include them in your topic list. Next, determine what your requirements are for this essay. It is imperative that you write down the topics that you think you will need and make sure that you get the most out of your chosen topic.You should also read and compare the essay topics that have been chosen by other students so that you get ideas o n how to write your own essay topic. There are hundreds of these topics online that you can use to write your essay. It is always wise to get help from the school's office in choosing a topic.When writing an essay topic for the first time, you must always keep in mind that this is a crucial decision. Make sure that you will get maximum value for your hard work and energy. When you reach the deadline for your essay, you must make sure that you finish it on time. Remember that you have to be an extremely active writer to impress the college admissions committee.

What Everybody Is Saying About Psychology Extended Essay Samples Is Dead Wrong and Why

What Everybody Is Saying About Psychology Extended Essay Samples Is Dead Wrong and Why The Pain of Psychology Extended Essay Samples If you have begun an essay and don't understand how to complete it, feel comfortable to accept the aid of our specialists. There is a rather great reason behind it psychology assignments are excessively complex to be completed by amateurs. So, broadly speaking, educational psychology as part of pedagogic education offers course attendants with better comprehension of the learning procedure and, in the future, gives them ideas on how educational procedure can be made better in schools or colleges, and even at work. If you're looking for assistance with your essay then we provide a comprehensive writing service offered by fully qualified academics in your area of study. AP Psychology exam questions usually incorporate exactly the same sort of structure. It's ok, Psychology isn't everybody's strength. The absolute most important regions of human life which need the assistance of Psychology for must. You need to bear in mind the requirements towards this sort of essays before writing the essay. The outline would later help you draft your essay since you would help all the essential content and you'd be asked to elaborate on that. You're able to download the sample Psychology essay on with the next question free of charge at the conclusion of this page. Browsing our essay writing samples can offer you a good idea whether the standard of our essays is the quality you're looking for. Child psychology is extremely important yet very complex because of the constant environmental and sociological alterations. On the flip side, social psychology may bring about many shortcomings such as contradictions in thought. Comment on human behaviour psychology in regard to criminology. The use of the Psychology discipline in various sphere of life with an important strategy. For instance, it may be hard to attain a very good grade on a psychology essay in the event the student doesn't have any background knowledge of this subject. Generally speaking, students should select a subject and topic they already know in some depth. If they use the work or ideas of another person, they must acknowledge the source using a standard style of referencing in a consistent manner. Most students make the error of writing an excessive amount of knowledge and insufficient evaluation (which is the tough bit). In many instances, the difference between an A and a B for a grade is because of the effective use of supporting evidence. When seeking to understand the character of logic as it relates to the critical thinking process it appears your first goal ought to be to discover the reality. Congratulations, you're almost there. Following that, it's just an issue of waiting for your writer to finish the purchase and for you to get your product. Most theories suggest that only very disturbed folks do horrible actions if they're ordered to achieve that. A superb decision would pay you well later on. After reading, plan a reply to the job. There are a lot of important capabilities. Once more keep in mind that references have to be in alphabetical order according to surname. It's possible to get an extremely in depth summary of the APA format. If you've been using websites then you might have a problem since they might not offer a reference section for you to copy. It's only normal to be anxious about hiring an on-line essay writer as you can't ever be sure whether you are employing the appropriate service or not. The learner was a confederate who'd pretend to get shocked. Each customer will receive a non-plagiarized paper with timely shipping.

How to Write a Good MLA Essay

How to Write a Good MLA EssaySample MLA essay, the Sample M.L. A. outlines a writer's expectations for their final document. It is a compilation of examples from different forms of journalism and literary works to assist writers in writing a good example essay. The format is intended to help writers understand how to produce a better MLA Essay.The best way to improve the characteristics of an MLA Sample M.L. A. is to take notes while writing your own original essay and apply what you learn from each one.Write your own essay. Start with a great title and strong concepts. If you can't get this right yourself, try to get assistance from someone who can write for you. This will help you become familiar with how to organize your own document before writing your own outline.Search for a sample MLA essay and outline. You can find these on the Internet, at libraries, and even at local bookstores. Most of these are prepared by professional writers or academic departments.If you find that you have a lot of trouble coming up with ideas for your own essay, consider getting assistance. Ask one of your school librarians to recommend a guide, or if you are lucky enough to be enrolled in an online class, look for a sample. You will find that most of the sample lists and outlines will include topics that are similar to the ones you need. Do not be afraid to ask for help in coming up with ideas, if it seems like the sample is too complex or even boring.You will also want to know how many pages are available on each page, and how many of those pages are dedicated to a specific topic. This information will be extremely useful if you need to keep track of what material you have covered. Many of the guides will also provide you with suggestions for research that is worth researching. This can help you get a broad overview of the topic and will also help to avoid repeating some of the same material throughout your document.Know the MLA standards for your subject. You will also want t o know about the criteria for a quality document. It should be error free, consistent, and written by someone who is well versed in the subject. Many times you can find teachers who are willing to give helpful feedback on your document after you read through it.After writing your essay, it is important to make sure that it is formatted correctly before you submit it to any university or college for a final document. One way to do this is to have it proofread by someone familiar with MLA, MLA Style, and MLA guidelines. Sometimes errors can go unnoticed. This is why having a professional proofreader proofread your document will give you the information you need to have it turned in without being passed up for the highest grades.

IBT Desk Essay Topics For the Coming Year

IBT Desk Essay Topics For the Coming YearIBT Desk has a list of ten basic IBT Topic Ideas for the upcoming year, and the topics are going to change slightly over the course of the next year. However, there are three main themes that are constant over the first few months of the year. The topic ideas include topics on America's energy landscape, tax relief, and healthcare.These are three issues that are often closely related to each other. Each one can have a direct impact on an individual's pocketbook, but are also directly related to one another in ways that are hard to separate. Those who are looking to take advantage of tax breaks will be looking to see which new laws and tax breaks are going to be the most beneficial to them. And as far as healthcare goes, everyone is looking to see which plan they can afford, but will not cost them anything.On the topic of health insurance, IBT has a list of IBT Desk Topic Ideas that is going to be of interest to readers this year. On this topic , there are going to be eleven different topics, including variations on what we already know. That is, all of the major topics are covered here, and no surprises. The big topic here is going to be about options for the healthcare industry, and who is going to benefit from the new rules and regulations. Also, it is important to note that the regulations for health insurance are a part of the agenda to save the healthcare system from bankruptcy.The next topic is going to be about the challenges of being a medical device manufacturer. This topic covers a number of different pieces of the healthcare industry, and all of those pieces are going to be impacted. These things include the concerns around the Medicare Part D Plan, problems with the reimbursement structure for hospitals, and also the potential of new regulations going into place. It is these regulations that the healthcare industry needs to keep an eye on.The third topic on the IBT Desk list is going to be about re-writing tax rules and regulations to make sure that everyone is getting their fair share of the pie. The topic here is going to deal with how the IRS is going to continue to impact the healthcare industry, as well as any changes that may be coming. It is also important to note that the healthcare industry is going to continue to be impacted by new taxes that are coming into play.The last topic is going to be an essay for those looking to go about writing their paper through an article form. This topic is going to focus on any topics about banking and the banking industry. The main focus here is going to be on how banks are going to be affected by a number of rules and regulations that are going to be in place this year.It is important to note that these are just a few of the IBT Desk essay topics that are going to be around for the coming year. There are many others, but it is easier to focus on those in a topical manner. The next year will see many more changes to the healthcare industry, and the changes that are coming in this year's edition of the Bulletin will also impact the financial industry. With so many questions regarding the future of the industry, it is important to keep an eye on the changes that are coming down the pipe.IBT Desk has been known for some of the best IBT Desk Topic Ideas of the year, and this is no exception. This year's article topics are going to focus on a variety of different topics, and we can expect to see many more coming to the forefront in the coming months.

Custom Wooden Stylis Writing Pen - For Those Who Enjoy Writing

Custom Wooden Stylis Writing Pen - For Those Who Enjoy WritingIf you are looking for a great gift idea for that special someone on your Christmas list, give them a wooden stylis writing pen. They come in all different styles and sizes to fit into any budget. This is one writing instrument that will become a favorite, while other more expensive brands of pens fall by the wayside.Some of the designs that are available include wooden clip-on pen, rubber tip, piston converter, marble, and spring. These writing instruments come in different styles and sizes to meet any budget. For younger people who enjoy the natural writing style that only a wooden pen can offer, they can use a wooden clip-on pen. However, if the person's budget is limited, they can get a better writing experience with one of the larger models.You may be surprised to learn that you can actually buy your own pen if you purchase it from an online store. Most businesses have websites that will allow you to check out their i nventory, and there are some sites that are great places to find free shipping. In addition, you can try some free samples or see how the product will feel in your hand before you buy it.When shopping for a pen, you will find that there are several different sizes available to fit every pocket and purse. Some models are large enough to fit both hands, while others are smaller and can fit in the palm of your hand. Customizing the pen is always an option for those that enjoy creativity.The pens are usually made of wood, although they can also be made from metal. There are some great options available, such as metal clip-on, engraved, platinum, and engraving. These pen styles are more durable than most other pens and can last for years with proper care. A good quality pen can last well over five years, which is a great investment for any time.This holiday season, it is not a bad idea to give the gift of creativity. Many people can remember when their childhood was spent with a pencil a nd a piece of paper, and it is nice to have something like this in your possession. If you are looking for a great gift idea for a friend or loved one, consider a wooden stylis writing pen.While you may want to just go out and buy a new pen, giving a wooden pen is a great idea if you know someone who enjoys the natural writing style of a wooden pen. If you are having trouble finding a great gift for the holidays, consider giving a custom wooden stylis writing pen as a gift. They are a perfect gift for any occasion.

Tips on Master Program Application Essay Sample

Tips on Master Program Application Essay SampleMaster Program Application Essay Sample is a type of essay that the student must compose to determine the programs he/she is enrolling for. The process is much like the first program you took up: there are a set of activities, at least one written assignment and then a final examination. In other words, an essay that is well-prepared is the one that scores the highest and enjoys the best chances of passing the examination.Essays are often written with the assistance of an adviser or coach. The reason why the essay is written out by an individual who has extensive knowledge of the subject is that they can provide help in the form of strategies to achieve a higher score. This is why it is always important to seek help from somebody who can give you the proper assistance and know-how that are needed.A school or university may offer different study guides in order to prepare the students for the master program application essay sample. These guides are based on the topics in the application essay test. In fact, one of the most common issues that students have when they prepare their essays is that they forget to include the topics they are supposed to cover in their essay.To make the matter worse, these students end up failing the master program application essay because they do not know what they should include in their essay. The list of topics covered on the essay may differ from the one given in the student's guide. Students may also have to modify their essay after it is submitted because the student may feel that a certain subject or topic does not fit in with the guide. This is the reason why it is advised that students should check the details of the outline of the guide before the start of the essay.The outline may also contain general terms, which the student must refer to in the essay. This is the only way to ensure that the essay contains the right information. Master Program Application Essay Sample should also be prepared with the assistance of a guide. Since the program is varied, the student should carefully consider the specific topics that may be included in the essay. Besides, there may be several topics related to the subject matter of the master program, such as concentration, career planning, career preference, management skills, preparation, motivation, social skills, learning experiences, financial help, career development, general knowledge, leadership and management, career skills, life skills, volunteer work, etc.Students should avoid making the mistake of writing about a particular topic in the essay, if they are not qualified to write about that topic. For example, if a student writes about his experience of being adopted by his adoptive parents, he will not be able to write about a better career for himself because he does not know enough about adoption. Such students must make sure that the topics they choose to write about are relevant to the topic of the essay.Wri ting a good essay is not easy. However, students should not give up easily because even if they do not get the top grade, they still have a chance to attain a Master Program Application Essay Sample. Students can improve their grades by considering the help and advice given by others, reading and preparing themselves for the course material.

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Custom Research Papers Writing - What Research Papers Do You Need?

Custom Research Papers Writing - What Research Papers Do You Need?When I used to be a business school student, custom research papers writing was not in my vocabulary. However, it does make sense that your small business or non-profit would want to have and collect a bunch of data about their potential customers. So for this reason, you would want to be sure to give yourself some time to plan and budget carefully before you get started.First of all, you should figure out exactly what you want to do for your business. Some people tend to put too much emphasis on the budget when they are thinking about the initial cost of getting into this type of writing. If you can afford to start right away, then you should. But if you can't start right away because you have to wait for business funding, then you can definitely get started immediately with custom research papers writing.And the most important thing is the personality of the writer. The research papers you get from this type of writi ng will help you with future clients and their feedback about your business. You don't want to write something that just comes off as either useless or ridiculous. That would never serve your business well.You can pick up the right research papers, but your personality will ultimately determine how well your writing will work. However, the time and money that go into custom research papers writing will be far more worthwhile than any writing you can do yourself. You might want to consider hiring a writing service at the outset so that you can work with someone who can find all the information you need and have it ready to submit to different businesses.You may also want to consider hiring a company that has a good deal of experience in writing custom research papers. The research papers writing services that you hire should be able to submit content that is well-researched and should have a professional demeanor.They should also be able to write content that will be both informative and interesting enough for your potential clients to continue to read and click through to your website. Research papers should be engaging enough to be used for advertising, and you want to get those words to actually be interesting to your clients.You also want to ensure that the research papers you write for your business are updated on a regular basis. Your potential clients will look for new ideas and resources when they need them. They will check out your content often, so you should be sure to keep up with the changes in the world around you and write content that keeps them informed.All the research papers writing and content you need will be available to you when you hire a good research papers writing service. This means that you will be able to rest assured that you will always have up-to-date information to offer your potential clients. At the same time, you will be able to avoid spending money on research papers that are no longer relevant.

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Beowulf Essay Topics: Are You Preparing For Your PhD?

Beowulf Essay Topics: Are You Preparing For Your PhD?Do you know why you should put your thoughts in the right way when writing Beowulf essay topics? He is a famous Anglo-Saxon poem by the name of 'The Sacking of Troy'. It tells the story of how the kings from Troy, a city of the same name, was taken away. It is the second part of the Iliad that depicts the whole tale of the downfall of the Roman city.So, to write Beowulf essay topics, you should learn the parts of the poem and understand them first. Each line of the poem is based on a single part of the story. The king of the place where the Trojan princess was kept had imprisoned her. He believed that he will be able to rule the country by faking his own death and when the entire army came to attack, he was lured into the fortress of the princess.Beowulf would not allow himself to be killed in the battle and fled to escape the battle. His companions told him that he had to find the Trojan princess and take her home. When he reaches the place, he realized that the king was no more and he vowed to slay the king who took his life in the battle.The various poems narrate the stories of the different parts of the story like the madness of King Hrothgar, who was forced to burn the town of Bergen. The king ordered the execution of all the inhabitants except for the Beowulf who he imprisoned in the crypts.The Beowulf who was hiding was so powerful that he could already penetrate through the crypts and kill his enemies. When he escaped from the city, he led his army to the sea and came back to land and formed a new kingdom.The other poems tells how he comes to his end and his dying words, his betrayal of the other heroes, and his exile. The most famous poem also tells about his battle with Grendel. In it, the king and the Beowulf are shown as enemies.In short, when writing Beowulf essay topics, you should put your thoughts in the right way. If you are planning to write a research paper or to write a presentation, you s hould start writing at the beginning of the semester. You can easily use the research material and information from other sources.You can add some interesting facts or ideas to the research material you have and put your thoughts in it, but when you are still in class, there are a lot of other things that you can use for the preparation of different subjects. In this way, you will be able to make a proper and interesting Beowulf essay topics for your research papers.

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Carl Linnaeus Research Papers

Carl Linnaeus Research PapersSince Carl Linnaeus started publishing research papers in the early 1700s, it has been a great source of information for scholars, teachers, and researchers alike. For the most part, the vast majority of Linnaeus research papers have been very useful for our field. However, there are a few useful tidbits that should be made known to all readers of this article.Although Linnaeus published some very important work in botany, he did not produce any plant species. In fact, his work is currently treated as a group of species because of the comprehensive nature of his work. The Linnaeus family contains nearly 200 plant species, making it the largest family of any living organism. Many different lines of research exist to study Linnaeus, but only one line focuses on a single species.The branch of botany that Linnaeus was most famous for studying was the term 'phyletic'. This is the scientific classification of organisms based on their physical properties or trai ts. Linnaeus recognized that plants had certain characteristics that would make them distinct from other species.According to Linnaeus, there are five natural groups of organisms that fall into this classification; Phytophyta, which are characterized by leaf-like structures, in the order Cyperaceae, Monocotyledons, which are leaf-less, and Tracheophyta, which are arthropods and others. Linnaeus grouped these five groups in order of importance, which was an important milestone in botany.Since Linnaeus was not an expert in zoology, he studied animals. The best known of his animal classifications were that of the Invertebrata. The Invertebrata are divided into two major groups, the Coleochaenic and the Neocleustridae.The Coleochaenic group is composed of animals like bears, bears, elephants, and cats, while the Neocleustridae group includes everything else. A large majority of Linnaeus research papers involve animals, including taxonomic descriptions of animals, methods of determining a certain species of animals, and methods of characterizing and understanding the behavior of certain animals. He even attempted to characterize and describe the sexual characteristics of all kinds of animals. However, he never finished his work on sexual dimorphism, which is still being worked on today.Linnaeus' research papers are significant in helping us understand the world around us, and it should never be forgotten that we live in an animal-centered world. One can learn much from studying Linnaeus research papers.

Waiting For Godot Essays (671 words) - Theatre Of The Absurd

Waiting For Godot The Play about Nothing Waiting for Godot has been a subject of my thoughts for about two weeks now. While considering the work, its author, and the comments I have found about the play, I have come up with three hypotheses as to the meaning and overall theme. Either it is about Humanity waiting for a savior that does exist to return; or it could be about the hopelessness of Humanity waiting for a savior that doesnt exist, and therefore will never come; or, the easiest of possibilities, that Waiting really has no theme at all. This last theory is the one that I most readily accept, and the answer that Samuel Beckett, the author of the play, put forth when questioned about the meaning of his strange little piece. Many critics put the first theory forth as the true meaning of Waiting, and there are many aspects of it by which they can make their point. The most obvious is the title character, Godot, because the root word of the name is God. The many references to Christianity also create a close connection between the storyline and many important stories from the Bible. From the very beginning Vladimir and Estragon ponder their salvation, consider death, and draw a parallel between themselves and the two thieves that were crucified along with Jesus, according to the Gospels. Vladimir: One of the thieves was saved. Its a reasonable percentage. Gogo. Estragon: What? Vladimir: Suppose we repented. Estragon: Repented what? Vladimir: Ohwe wouldnt have to go into the details. Estragon: Our being born? (Beckett, p.8) The general attitude expressed throughout is the hopelessness, or possibly the meaningless-ness of life. Humanitys purpose is simply to wait out its existence until the Second Coming. Everything we do, say, feel, experience, etc., is just passing the time until our lives come to an end. Vladimir: That passed the time. Estragon: It would have passed in any case. Vladimir: Yes, but not so rapidly. (Beckett, p.31) Let us assume that Godot does symbolize God. He is someone who will come to make a great change in the Vladimir and Estragons lives, a great change for the better. But Godot, and whatever that change may be, does not come throughout the length of the play. They mistake Pozzo for Godot, and they mistake the messenger for Godot, because they do not know what Godot looks like or what manner of person he may be. Likewise, through our lives we mistake people and occurrences for Christ. And that helps us to pass the time until we die. The fact that Godot never comes also helps to prove the second theory about the meaning of Waiting. What if God and the afterlife do not exist? What then? We spend our entire lives waiting, biding our time in anticipation of our great reward. But when our lives end, thats it. All the preparation, all our good intentions, are useless and meaningless because there was no meaning in the first place. Beckett may have used the play to illustrate how pathetic Humanity seems as it strives toward a nonexistent goal. He also made great fun of all those philosophers that ponder on the meaning of our existence using the character of Lucky. When Lucky makes his lengthy oration of nonsense, it is illustrating what nonsense everything that all the great thinkers have said on the meaning of life. For if life has no meaning, then it is all gibberish, and Lucky makes just as much sense as Voltaire. The third and final theory about the meaning of Waiting for Godot is that it has no meaning. When questioned repeatedly on the matter, Beckett was quoted in the New York Times as saying, I know no more of this play than anyone who manages to read it attentively, and, I do not know who Godot is. I do not even know if he exists. Book Reports