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The Problem of Media and Violence - 836 Words

Violence has become a serious problem in America. From Sandy Hook Elementary to the Aurora Colorado shootings, terrorism has crept deeper into the culture. From 1982-1992 there were eight incidences of terrorism. From 2002-2012 there have been seventeen (Geigner). The growth at which these events are spreading is exponential. Modern terrorism did not begin until approximately the 1950s when it changed from guerrilla tactics used by a nation to the to the type common today, non-state terrorism. These assailants fight for no flag, have no rules, and will do whatever they feel like at any given moment (Zalman). The violence these radicals produce is cataclysmic. However, instead of being distressed by this violence, citizens latch onto the offenders. They give the assailant the fame and popularity that he or she desires. For example, within hours of Boston Bombings, the faces of the two assassins were broadcasted everywhere in the media, and rightly so. The police needed the help of the public to find and capture these criminals. But constant media coverage three weeks after the event was unnecessary. Many say that sensationalist media, not gun control is the reason for attacks of violence. Those who terrorize the nation are held up almost as heroes. Their names are plastered on every news station around the world. Assailants will always find ways to kill even with the extreme control of guns. But, without the publicity and the fame, psychopaths would not need to kill innocentShow MoreRelated Media Violence is Not the Problem - The Problem is in Our Homes, our Schools, and our Communities3259 Words   |  14 Pagesguns, killing classmates†¦ Indeed, the dramatic increase in school shootings during the 1990s, in conjunction with the technology boom, drew much attention to mass media violence. Does media violence perpetuate aggressive behavior in its viewers? If so, to what extent? Do viewers retain models of behavior from their exposure to media violence? Do t hese models resurface later on during their coming of age? These are hard questions that may not have definite answers; however, a clear analysis on many studiesRead MoreThe Effects Of Media Violence On Children974 Words   |  4 Pageshave more ways to access many kinds of media, like Internet, video game, television and film. It is generally believed that some of the bad information such as violent content in the media can have a negative effect on people, and it can end up causing some social problem. It is clear that children are more likely to be influenced by media violence than other age groups because of their world outlook and personality are not formed. Furthermore is if media violence does have some profound influence onRead MoreMedia Essay1335 Words   |  6 PagesOGarro Media and Society Professor Stephanie Morrow Media portrayal of sex and violence between today and my past. Media is a mode of communication which acts to be a link between the people in today’s society. There were many different issues presented between today and earlier days in the case of media portrayal of sex and violence. Today the media represents the stories of sex and violence in every single newspaper, video, radio and channels as opposed to the past, the media was consideredRead MoreEssay on Media Violence: Censorship Not Needed1591 Words   |  7 PagesMedia Violence is a Menace, but Censorship Not Needed      Ã‚  According to John Davidsons essay Menace to Society, three-quarters of Americans surveyed [are] convinced that movies, television and music spur young people to violence. While public opinion is strong, the results of research are divided on the effects of media violence on the youth in this country. Davidson wrote that most experts agree that some correlation between media violence and actual violent acts exists, yet the resultsRead More The Effects of Television Violence Essay1416 Words   |  6 PagesThe Effects of Television Violence Recent attention in the media relating violence and children has created much controversy and debate. Our society has brought much focus on violence in the media and how it has effected children of all ages and races. High school shootings and increasing crime in small towns all over the country has brought forth the question of whether or not children are exposed or desensitized to too much violence in television, movies, news, and other sources. ManyRead More Media Essay1506 Words   |  7 Pages Violence in the Media Violence in the media has been a growing problem ever since the emergence of mass media. One wonders however, how violence has become so prominent in our culture, more so than other countries. More minors are being involved in heinous crimes such as murders and armed robberies. Even play on the school ground is getting rougher. There are many factors that play into the increasing violence, such as over population, religious struggles, and race. One factor thatRead MoreHum/114 University of Phoenix Material Essay687 Words   |  3 Pages  Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving The reader has chosen Media Violence as his topic: Media violence promotes violent behavior is a problem. (1).The problem is that in the last four decades, the government and the public health amassed an impressive body of evidence identifying the impact of media violence on children. Since 1969, when President [Lyndon] Johnson formed the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence, the body of data has effectivelyRead MoreThe Effects of Media Violence on Children Essay1367 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"I saw it on Television.† Television violence had a role in the childs behavior. Media violence can have a lasting impression on children, teenagers and adults not only through television, but also through video games. In the past two decades, there has been a significant increase in violent behavior in the United States (Merino 1). This is the result of exposure to violence. More than half of television programs and video games contain some type of violence. Perez Daly says, â€Å"’... children areRead MoreThe Role of Television on Childhood Violence Essay68 3 Words   |  3 PagesRole of Television on Childhood Violence What does the world look like these days? It often seems like everywhere one looks, violence is there. We see it on the streets, back alleys, school, and even at home. The last of these is a major source of violence. In many peoples living rooms there sits an outlet for violence that often goes unnoticed. It is the television, and the children who view it are often hypnotized by action that takes place in it. Violence is the use of ones powers to inflictRead MoreViolence in the Media1047 Words   |  5 Pagesa law that bans violence in the media: in movies, on TV, in video games, and on the Internet? Adi Shimony Golden Gate University Today, media take a major part of our lives, shape our society and create reality.  The Banning violence in the media is an efficient approach the government should take to handle the growing violence in our society. I argue that the US Government should make a law that bans violence in the media. The law needs to limit broadcasting of violence content at times

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Comparison Of Mexico And Brazil Essay - 1458 Words

Brazil and Mexico are both the giants of their geographic realms (de Blij and Muller 219,254). Mexico constitutes an entire geographic region of Middle America (200). The country of Brazil is also considered a single region in South America (239). Both of these regions have very large populations in comparison to the other regions of their realms. Mexico’s current population of 102 million people has more than doubled in size since 1970 (219). Brazil’s estimated population is currently near 167 million people (254). The populations of both regions are becoming increasingly more urban in character. At least seventy-four percent of Mexico’s population resides in cities or towns (220). Similarly in Brazil, eighty percent of the population†¦show more content†¦Brazil lacked the large work force provided by the greater Amerindian population of Mexico. The Amerindians of Mexico were already familiar with working for native overlords, making the transition to w orking under a Spanish overlord a relatively smooth process (Suchlicki 31). To compensate for the lack of an indigenous work force, the Portuguese began to bring African slaves into Brazil as early as 1433. Out of the total population of the Brazilian colony in 1585 numbering some 57,000 people, 14,000 were African slaves (Burns 49). Although the Spanish who colonized Mexico were by no means innocent of enslaving Africans, the large numbers of Amerindians provided the bulk of the work force on Mexican plantations (Suchlicki 31). These historical differences in the regions of Brazil and Mexico are still evident in their populations of today. The Amerindian influence is strong in Mexico. While only ten percent of the population is full Amerindian (de Blij and Muller 220), the cultural influence remains greater than in Brazil. Less than one percent of the population is full Amerindian in Brazil (Microsoft Encarta). The population of Mexico is largely mestizo, people with mixed European and Amerindian ancestries (de Blij and Muller 220). The population of Brazil is much more diverse; it is more heavily influenced by European immigrations. The large numbers of slaves brought into Brazil from Africa have maintained theirShow MoreRelatedComparison of Mexico and Brazil Essay examples1505 Words   |  7 PagesBrazil and Mexico are both the giants of their geographic realms (de Blij and Muller 219,254). Mexico constitutes an entire geographic region of Middle America (200). The country of Brazil is also considered a single region in South America (239). Both of these regions have very large populations in comparison to the other regions of their realms. Mexicos current population of 102 million people has more than doubled in size since 1970 (219). Brazils estimated population is currently near 167 millionRead MoreIs There a Relationship between Democracy and GDP Essays1030 Words   |  5 Pagesfirst two that I have identified are from Latin America. Brazil seems to have the highest GDP economic rank at $2.422 trillion; however their per capita is only $12, 100. The state of Brazil is a democracy and I do think that has some effect on their economic rank because the state equally allows its people to make their own decisions based on social, cultural and ethical values. Perhaps Brazil’s per capita is so low because in 2008 Brazil encountered two quarters of recession. Unemployment is atRead MoreThe World Economic Scenario Of Brazil1722 Words   |  7 Pagesin these trading blocs gain a competitive edge over those who opted to stay out. Brazil serves as a good example of the negative effects that adapting a protectionist policy may have on a nation s economy. The country has access to a vast amount of primary resources, including soy beans, oil, sugar cane, iron ore, coffee, and orange juice. Nonetheless, its exports account for a mere 11.2% of its GDP, in comparison to the world average, which in 2015, amounted for a total of 29.3% (World Bank GroupRead MoreLatin American International Locations Aren t Resistant The Global Disaster1352 Words   |  6 Pagesan excellent more drop: -2.five%. The IMF additionally anticipated that the GDP of 18 of the 32 nations in Latin america and the Caribbean would agreement in 2009, which includes the ones of the most important international locations: Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. The primary mechanisms for transmitting the crisis were the deterioration within the terms of exchange, shrinking remittances from emigrants, and the huge withdrawal of personal capital from economic markets. The ECLAC estimates thatRead MoreA Research Study On Management Styles772 Words   |  4 Pagesworkers. Management styles are more authoritarian, however, managers do see the advantage of implementing cultural diversity to cultivate collaboration. (Noe et al, 2015, p.685). Nicaragua and Haiti and Mexico place a lower priority on the investment in education. One positive aspect is that Mexico is an highly unionized. The Soviet is socialist economic system under government control, however, the governmental educational system tends toward more educated workers. Ireland places high emphasisRead MoreLeaving The Nest : The United States1047 Words   |  5 PagesLeaving The Nest Within the western hemisphere, neighboring countries United States and Mexico have established an interesting relationship since their rise of independence. Within this relationship, several differences appear. These nations have had their fair share of struggles; yet both manage to coexist fairly well. When comparing both of these countries on the basis of commerce, education, and political stability the commonalities, discrepancies, and relationships become evident. As well asRead MoreAnalysis Of Maternal Mortality During Rural Latin America, Specifically Demand Side Vs. Supply Side Interventions Essay923 Words   |  4 Pagesconsistency of care (Webb and Valencia 2006). 4. Other incentivized programs a. Loan forgiveness – paying back some or all of student loan interest or whole debt b. Monetary incentives – better salaries, bonuses, etc. for working in rural areas 5. Comparison of programs ii. Telemedicine – accessing remote populations, providing access to specialist care, connecting physicians, reducing infrastructure costs 1. Maybe not specifically targeting this indicator but measure overall health 2. TelemedicineRead MoreFree Market Capitalism in The United States1293 Words   |  5 Pagesapplied in the time. The result was that Latin Americas per capita GDP fell by an average 0.5 percent a year for 10 years. Meanwhile, the growth rate of countries that state deeply intervenes its economy such as Northern Europe countries, China, Brazil and Singapore have enormously increased. Especially Chinas historic success along with the strong recent economic performance of Russia and several Persian Gulf states has renewed interest in the hybrid economic model. Those phenomena can’t be explainedRead MoreThe Human Development Index And Gini Coefficient1270 Words   |  6 PagesDespite the fact that Brazil’s Gross Domestic Product is one of the highest globally, Brazil still faces developmental issues in their economy. As Stiglitz has mentioned prior to his overall research, it is clear to see that Brazil has benefited tremendously from globalization . With a GDP of $2.346 trillion , this shows the output of goods and services have helped the country bring in more revenue to help stabilization. Although there is an increase in GDP, both the Human Development Index and GiniRead MoreA Comparative Analysis of Balance of Payments of India and China1657 Words   |  7 PagesChina and India: a Comparison of Two Trade Integration Approaches By Przemyslaw Kowalski Discussion Matthieu Bussià ¨re European Central Bank New Delhi, 7 December 2007 Note: The views expressed in this presentation are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the ECB. Main assessment of the paper †¢ A very nice overview of a key topic Useful comparison China/India A valuable effort to collect relevant data †¢ †¢ Two main assets: discussion of trade policy and model simulations

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Questions: 1.Explain the terms Normocytic? Normochromic Anemia marked Leucocytosis and marked Thrombocytopenia. 2.Outline the Significance of the Presence of numerous blast cells in Peters Blood. Answers: Normocytic?normochromic anemia This is a type of anemia where the number of the red blood cells and the hemoglobin count are ideal i.e., they are within the recommended limits. Nevertheless, at times, there are variations in the size and shape of this cells, this makes the cells to adjust themselves to normalcy. Normocytic- normochromic anemia I caused by diseases which do not necessarily relate to this condition, these diseases include chronic infections, inflammation, and any form of illness which interfere with the concentration of iron in the blood (Yohe McKenna, 2014). Marked leucocytosis Refers to the condition where the white blood cells are greater or equal to 80% recognized neutrophils and greater or equal to 25000/microL by an unrelated count (Shlush, Liran, Zandi, 2014). The high amount of marked leucocytes depends on the nature of drugs or medication an individual is using. In addition, this percentage can be affected by conditions like cancer, bacterial infections, and many other significant conditions like leukemia. However, the degree of increase of the marked leucocytes signifies the degree of infection an individual is having (Sora, Iurlo Bocchia, 2017). Marked thrombocytopenia This is a condition where there is a low platelet count. Those patients with a platelet count of 50,000/ micro- liter experience impulsive bleeding while those who have a platelet count of less than 50, 000 experience severe bleeding (Tonon, Piano Angeli, 2016). Therefore, marked thrombocytopenia result from a condition where the body does not produce sufficient platelets or those produced are destroyed at a higher rate, which can be caused, by a condition likes bacterial infections and autoimmune diseases. 2.Blast cells are normally found in the bone marrow. These cells are not completely formed, and in this case, they do not play out a particular role in the body. Blast cells develop in the bone marrow; that is when they start to play out specific functions. In the case, where there are numerous blast cells in the bone marrow, issues like anemia and leukemia begin to happen which is because of excessively numerous white cells left as blast cells (Shetty, Mishra, Kodali Hattiangady, 2014) In this situation, the level of blast cells in Peter's blood play a huge role in the determination and characterization of myelodysplastic and intense leukemia disorders (MDS). The FrenchAmericanBritish (FAB) scientific categorization requires a level of a blast of not less than 30% in bone marrow (BM) or periphery blood (PB) for the determination of severe anemia (Sellar, Linch, 2016). For this reason, it requires a specific level of the blast in blood to sub characterize Peter's condition as severe anemia, 2014). A research conducted by Petrella, Bagot, Delaunay Muret (2015) concluded that patients with 5% PB or 520% BM blast are considered to have severe anemia, while those with more than or measure up to 5% PB or 2129% BM blasts have severe anemia in transformation. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) classifications exclude the severe anemia in transformation, as it is not conclusive in the determination of blast (Petrella, Bagot, Delaunay Muret, 2015). Hence, Peter with numerous blasts in his blood is considered to have severe anemia. References Petrella, T., Bagot, M., Delaunay De Muret, A. (2015). Blastic NK-Cell Lymphomas (Agranular CD4+ CD56+ hematogenic Neoplasms) A Review.American journal of clinical pathology,123(5), 662-675. Shetty, A. K., Mishra, V., Kodali, M., Hattiangady, B. (2014). Blood brain barrier dysfunction and delayed neurological deficits in mild traumatic brain injury induced by blast shock waves.Frontiers in cellular neuroscience,8. Shlush, Liran I., Sasan Zandi, (2014). "Identification of pre-leukemic hematopoietic stem cells in acute leukemia."Nature506, no. 7488 : 328. Sora, F., Iurlo, Bocchia, M. (2017). Chronic myeloid leukaemia with extreme thrombocytosis at presentation: incidence, clinical findings and outcome.British Journal of Haematology. Sellar, Linch, D. C. (2016). Cell cycle status in AML blast cells from peripheral blood, bone marrow aspirates and trephines and implications for biological studies and treatment.British journal of haematology,174(2), 275-279. Tonon, M., Piano, Angeli, P. (2016). Efficacy and safety of treatment of acute nonmalignant portal vein thrombosis with subcutaneous fondaparinux in patients with cirrhosis and marked thrombocytopenia.Digestive and Liver Disease,48, e25-e26. Yohe McKenna, R. W. (2014). Langerhans cell histiocytosis in acute leukemias of ambiguous or myeloid lineage in adult patients: support for a possible clonal relationship.Modern Pathology,27(5), 651.

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Racism Today Essays (508 words) - Discrimination, Hatred, Racism

Racism Today There is an underlying problem that is promoting racism. It is the fact that a lot of people believe, and try to make themselves believe, that racism no longer exists. Many people today live their lives oblivious to what is happening in the world around them, often trying to convince themselves that racism is not a problem in their world. Others know all about the problem, but don't really realize that they themselves could possibly be adding to the problem by discriminating against someone else's human rights, and at the same time going around saying how open-minded they are. One of the main problems of racism is that many people live in racist conditions, without even seeing it. Oftentimes its in their school, workplace, community, or even in their own homes. People often tell jokes with racist slurs, and while we know not to laugh at ones about blacks, it seems that ones about other races like Chinese and Hispanic are okay. We tell ourselves that they are just jokes, but not to those who they are ridiculing. We are all perpetrators of this and we usually feel that these types of jokes are harmless. They can be harmless and maybe at times we even think they are funny, but they are also hurtful and degrading. Some of the biggest racists are those who don't even know that they are, and even say that they aren't. These people are racist because they cannot comprehend what is happening and do not realize what they are saying is racist. Until they come to grips with this problem, in their minds there is no problem. They say that they are not racist, even when they don't hire the East Indian employee who was the most qualified of the candidates, even when the athletic team they coach consists of all white athletes. Often times these people feel that just because a person is a certain color or race, that they must be a thief or a criminal. This is very typical in today's society and no one deserves to be prejudged like that. The prejudice of people in the world is disgusting. The worst part of it all is that they don't even know that they are doing it, often thinking that it is just normal behavior. There are people that don't realize that they are racist and then there are those people who are ignorant and unaware of racism in the world. They walk down the streets, through the stores and working at their job, completely oblivious. We don't see what is happening around us because we don't want to see it. If you take someone and put them in the heart of a racist area, would they notice the problems then or would they still deny or overlook the fact of racism? Those people who do not see that racism is a problem are almost as bad as the racists themselves. This is not to be taken in the wrong way; some people who ignore racism are those people who are trying to push racism out of their own lives and out of the world. However, as long as we have people who are unaware of the problem, it will continue to thrive.

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How to Pick the College Major Thats Right for You

The word â€Å"major† is one that is thrown around often when the idea of a college education becomes reality. As a word, it can describe a person through a specific realm of studies, such as Business or Communications; it also serves to categorize, map, and project student success in particular courses. That success then represents their achievements when related to potential job opportunities.How does someone fully commit to a major, though? It’s definitely a scary thought: committing to anything long term, especially at such a young age. This thought, however, will guide and create the person each student plans on growing to become. In order to graduate, that student must decide on at least one course of study. In my experience, the question came and I had little thought to both visualize and verbalize my plans. I was scared, nervous, and a little uneasy.Although at Xavier University students have until the beginning of the second semester of sophomore year to decide on a major, I realized early on that having a major from the beginning of my first semester efficiently created an effective method for me to succeed in as a student. I also realize, however, that this method of deciding is not suited for everyone. If anything, there were very serious flaws in how I came up with the idea of wanting to major in both Advertising and Psychology; I was lucky, though. To put some of these flaws in perspective, I committed early to the idea of Advertising as a major to study and succeed in because of an unhealthy binging episode of AMC’s Mad Men. However, I’m happy to say my initial obsession was genuine because, through the riddance of some key components of the 1960’s advertising world, I was even more interested and stimulated by the industry’s present-day growth and it’s almost suffocating presence within our global society. My commitment to Psychology is rooted in the idea of obsession as well, but this type relates to my quest of understanding the global society around me; people are not only every where, they are full of just as much complexity as you and I, and that is an idea that represents an education that seems worthy of indulgence. To pick a major is, in my opinion, to find something that not only represents you as a person in an ever-changing world, but also to find fulfilling work that promotes individualized growth. Because of this, I believe that majoring in a field of study that is not only interesting but also growing in validity and job rate, while also representative of a student’s personal goals and likeness is crucial to positive growth and development.To decide on a major is to believe in what creates the most amount of sustaining happiness. This is obviously easier said than done. Through listening and understanding the situations my peers found themselves in while attempting to choose a major, this decision can be achieved by introduction to an university’s core curriculum or even through the decision to take a class simply because it sounds awesome. Everyone works differently, but they have the same goal, rooted in a success-craving belief system. Majors help us realize this.This post was submitted by user christopherdamato, Xavier 18. If youre interested in submitting content to be published and featured on the blog, contact drew@ with ideas!

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The eNotes Blog Are Public Libraries StillRelevant

Are Public Libraries StillRelevant I confess. There is a public library within walking distance of my house. I have lived here two years and have never ventured inside. This is not to say I never visit libraries, but the ones I tend to haunt are university collections. If I want a novel or another non-fiction work outside of my areas of research, I tend to purchase  books on my Kindle,  go to  a used bookstore, or to  a  Barnes and Noble. Perhaps it is because of people like me that libraries around the world are being shuttered, or their budgets are being drastically cut.   This is a shame because there are still plenty of people  who benefit from the free books and services that  libraries offer. This week, a library in Buckinghamshire, England, faced the threat of closure. Desperate to save the towns library, the Friends of Stony Stratford Library organized a campaign via social media and email asking the librarys cardholders to check out the maximum amount of books allowed in order to prove to the town council that citizens want and value their library.   The response was both surprising and overwhelming: the library reported that books had been checked out at a rate of 378 per hour. As of January 17th, all 16,000 books had been lent. Free circulating libraries have been around almost since the inception of the United States (although claims to be the first are widely disputed).   Today, there are approximately 122,101 libraries in operation, but many are threatened. Libraries have tried to keep up with the demands of the public. Most offer computers with Internet accessibility, many lend DVDs, and music,  and some even lend works of art. Librarians have to be able to navigate the ever-changing technical landscape to assist patrons, and many people depend on both their knowledge and the free services they provide. What do you think? Should libraries continue to be publicly funded and completely free to patrons? Wed like to hear your opinions.

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Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) and Customer Satisfaction Assignment

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) and Customer Satisfaction strategy - Assignment Example The success of a product often related to the influence of the advertisement performed. Sometimes the lack of advertisement may kill the product whereas at times attractive advertisement may save a poor product. So the planning of different types of advertising activities through Medias such as Television, Print media, internet, etc is very important. People respond to new products in different ways. Customer feedback is another area which the new product developers should concentrate. Based on the feedbacks, the product may require some fine tuning. Beta testing is a strategy adopted by even biog companies like Microsoft when they introduce a new product in the market. Windows Vista and Windows 7 etc entered the market after beta testing. This chapter briefly analyses the advertising and promotional strategies, effectiveness of advertising, measuring customer satisfaction etc with respect to the new product virtual sex software. Identification of the target market is the first step before planning the advertising and promotional strategies for the virtual sex software. Li (2007) has mentioned that identification of the demographics and psychographics is important for the successful marketing of a new product (Li, 2007). Virtual sex software mainly targets the sexually disabled persons and the teenagers and hence the advertising strategies should focus to address such people in the market. Advertising channels like internet, e-mails, Short Messaging Services (SMS), television, print media etc can be used effectively for giving details about the virtual sex software to the customers. It is better to advertise the new product with the help of a brand ambassador. A well known celebrity can be utilized for the advertisements of this product. Attractive captions and audio visual advertisements may develop enthusiasm among the customers about the new product. Some case studies and testimonials from the satisfied customers may better influence the target

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Follow instruction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Follow instruction - Essay Example The story The murder of Roger Ackroyd talks about the killing of a prominent person of the town, Mrs. Ferrars . However, the book ends with an unexpected plot twist where the murderer finally confessed of the murder. It is Dr. Sheppard who admits on committing the crime. The murderer tries to hid the guilt that he has on committing the crime and says, â€Å"I did what little had to be done† which is said at the situation where he hides the Dictaphone and shifts his chair. According to Dr. Sheppard he thought that he would finally be the one responsible for failing Roger Ackroyd and that the detective won’t be able to solve the case. Hence this serves as the confession as well as the suicide note by the murderer (Chritstie, 123). It is in this last chapter, that the murderer writes about how he committed his murder, mentioning every detail on how and what happened and what was his purpose behind it. It would have been better if the author could have divided each paragrap h into shorter ones instead of writing everything in two very big ones. The author has put more dialogues than actual actions which make it a bit tiresome to read. Also sometimes in the paragraph, the author has forgotten to put inverted commas which indicate the beginning of a dialogue, and since there aren’t any inverted commas the story becomes a little confusing to the readers. Apart from these, the paragraph is written well with not punctuation or grammatical errors. Similarly in the book The Suspicions of Mr Whicher, it is in the final chapter that the crime of the murder of the boy is finally solved after going through various locks and dead ends. The detective Jonathan Whicher, finally discovers that it was the half sister of the young boy who committed the crime. Contance Emilie Kent wrote a letter which served as her confession letter, she also agreed on letting the press know that she had killed Francis Saville Kent (Summerscale, 288). She explained her

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Paradise Lost Essay Example for Free

Paradise Lost Essay Paradise Lost is divided into twelve books. In Book I Milton explains the theme of his work, man’s disobedience to God, his expulsion from Heaven and the story of the rebel angels sent to Hell. In Book II the angels meet in council to decide what they will do. In Book III God makes a speech on man’s freedom to choose between good and evil. In Book IV Satan observes the happiness of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. In Book V God sends Raphael to warn Adam. In Book VI the war in Heaven in described. Book VII and VIII tell the story of the creation of the Earth and the universe. In Book IX Satan persuades Adam and Eve to taste the forbidden fruit. In Book X God’s Son pronounces the sentence of expulsion. In the last two books Adam and Eve abandon paradise. Paradise Lost is an epic poem. Milton chose the epic genre because of the greatness of the subject. He follows the typical epic conventions in his masterpiece, such as the opening with the statement of the theme. This epic takes place in the universe, in Heaven, Hell and Eden. The main characters, God, Satan, Christ, Man and the fallen angels remind the warriors and heroes of the classical epic, even though they are more philosophical heroes. Milton knew the Copernican cosmology but he based the universe of Paradise Lost on the traditional Ptolemaic system because he thought that this conception was fixed in the minds of the people and it had limits within which it was easier for him to work. In Milton’s Heaven God created the Earth, fixed in the centre of the Universe, and he put his life and thoughts in the natural world so that the external reality reflects the divine soul. In Paradise Lost evil and good are opposed. However, Satan has many characteristics of the epic hero, courage, leadership, initiative. Milton has sympathy for his Satan because he himself was a rebel against the political and religious authority. Both Milton and Dante said that their works had divine inspiration but they had contrasting ideas about Satan’s physical appearance and meaning. Dante’s Satan becomes a means of punishment and it resembles a mythic monster, with wings and three heads. Milton’s Satan is a symbol of God’s justice and it takes several forms, first it is a fallen angel, then it has an inhuman form and finally he becomes a snake. The style of the poem is elevated, the poet used a new kind of magnificent blank-verse.

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Case Study Writing A Personal Statement Personal Development Essay

Case Study Writing A Personal Statement Personal Development Essay Why I want to follow this course. (Try not to be too woolly or make motherhood and apple pie statements) Why I chose my HL subjects This must be linked very strongly to the choice of course you intend to follow What my SL choices -either contribute to my chosen course -or contribute to a more rounded education. What is my extended essay about? Why did I choose this topic? (CAREFUL: use only if it enhances your application in some way) Positions of responsibility held. Outside interests, hobbies, CAS activities undertaken, memberships of clubs, etc., or any other activities you are involved in. Any qualifications obtained (e.g. Certificates for music.) (These should either enhance your course choice , or show a broad range of interests, or both) Conclusion This should in some way refer back to your introduction, and look forward as well. What do you see yourself doing in 5 to 10 years time? And how do you think your course choice will enhance the opportunities available to you? Look at how the sample statements provided achieve this aim Qualities an Admissions Tutor looks for in prospective Undergraduate students: GCSE results. Interest from pupil Known ability to show commitment and motivation Technical ability in subject Evidence of general intellectual / subject specific curiosity and passion Evidence of being able to be an independent learner Intellectual flexibility and suppleness A good match between the candidate and the course applied for Willingness and ability to argue lucidly Strength of character, self-discipline, maturity, perseverance, stamina Interest vigorously pursued beyond the syllabus LAW: A career in Law would give me the opportunity to pursue an intellectually challenging field of study which holds utmost importance to upholding the core values of our current society. I believe that law will provide me with a continuous and stimulating learning experience due to its progressive, ever evolving nature in the context of globalization. The appreciation of other cultures and society will assist me immensely in the study of law. As an international student having lived in many countries before and currently pursuing the International Baccalaureate; accepting different cultures and their perspectives has become a day to day way of life. I have been inspired to believe that I am an international citizen with a unique cultural identity. Studying the Theory of Knowledge has helped me gain greater awareness of our world and to conduct rational and logical approaches to complex questions and their uncertainties. Additionally, in History, analyzing a variety of biased sources and striving to substantiate points with historiography, I believe would help me in the study of law. My passion for History in reading into the significance of past events and its effect on society will be further supported by my participation in the Model United Nations.Recently, I was pleased to accept the vote of most Diplomatic delegate, achieving my goal to develop my skills in public speaking and debate. I was challenged with the issue of international property rights, passionately arguing and often siding for countries whose views differ from my own. My participation in the Global Young Leaders Conference in America and seeing first hand the significance of Washington and New Yorks worldwide economic importance was truly inspiring. I was challenged to engage in passionate discussions on matters such as human rights, and the justification of current wars directly affecting politics. This experience has inspired me greatly and consolidated my interest in global affairs, giving me the opportunity to hone diplomatic skills through thought-provoking simulations. Representing the student population in formal functions, my role as Student Delegate has allowed me to take on leadership qualities, encouraging maturity and I believe that now I am more confident and self assured, because of the obligation to set a positive example to other students. I have undertaken community services which have shown me firsthand the social challenges in Bangkok. Looking into the pleading eyes of homeless children selling religious garlands has made me realize the discrepancy between the poor and the rich making me determined to try and make a difference with the skills acquired in the study of Law. I teach English to Thai students on a voluntary basis. Through these rewarding experiences, Ive learned that language barriers can be overcome by non-verbal communication and that human connections can still be achieved. Striving to improve my ability in piano, a hobby which I have pursued since young, I am determined to complete my Grade 7 exam. Another activity I have highly enjoyed and persevered is undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh Award. I am a highly self-motivated student and I have taken the initiative to research into law cases such as the Donahue vs. Stevenson case concerning torts law in practise and a corporate litigation concerning business conflicts such as an accusation of forgery and fraud. The juxtaposition of the ethical boundaries and corporate legality shows me how complex the judicial system is- further inspiring me to study and explore more. A vacation internship in a law firm will help me to understand and gain deeper knowledge on the daily workings of Law. My choice to study Law in the UK is because of my international lifestyle as the well-established British law system can be adapted allowing me to practise even in my home country Malaysia. I hope that my passionate desire to study law will convince you to accept me into your University. BUSINESS: The book Rich Dad, Poor Dad written by personal-finance author Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon L. Lechter was the initial stimulus that led me to discover the realm of business management and finance. Additionally, it ignited my ambition to become a successful investor. Having had a long term influence from members within my family who are associated with finance and investment careers, I confidently believe that Im more sensitive in the business field as well as being more critical minded and analytical towards current business affairs. I also understand that these qualities are considered to be essential for a substantial investor, who should possess additionally a considerable amount of determination. I am armed with these qualities; moreover, Business Studies and Mathematics have always been my academic strengths which would allow me to enjoy the course. The economic collapse in 1997 in the Republic of Korea caused numerous prominent companies to suffer cash flow crisis. It was the first time I had the opportunity to witness a major economical and political transformation first hand. This has made me recognize the importance of business management and the commitment it requires to comprehend the basic management principles. These principles such as investment, management, marketing, human resource management, asset management, and organizations are the foundation for creating a good business. On the other hand, I sincerely believe that by studying finance, it will benefit my family businesses and furthermore my ability would then profit society by helping those people who needs support, which is one of my objectives that I wish to fulfill later on in my life. Studying in an international school has enabled me to socialize and mix with students from different cultures. I am also an active person participating in many extra-curricular activities. One large project involved being in the Royal Barge. This involves traditional Thai dancing to show respect to different cultures and additionally celebrated the 60th birthday of the Royal King of Thailand in front of more than two thousand people.. I am currently running an activity myself which invites my peers within Year 13 to experience a different culture via traditional food. The activity is solely managed by me and this has developed my proactive, leadership, organization, and recruitment skills. Im also involved in charity activity; for instance, I joined the 4Kali going to Khao Lak in Phuket where I visited schools to support them rebuild damage from the Tsunami. I helped to organize various activities and programs for the schools and the children. This charity activity was a big stimulus that enhanced my interest to help people who need support for the better future of the world. Living in Bangkok for 5 years of my life, I can speak Korean, English, Mandarin and Thai, which will be invaluable in helping me operate successfully in todays globalized society. Having lived overseas for my whole secondary school life has expanded my appreciation of different cultures, especially as I had the chance to interact with people from a variety of backgrounds in International Schools. Learning TOK as a part of my IB course has enabled me to be very open minded never limiting my views in many different matters to just one perspective. Because of the insight and background which a British education can provide me with, choosing the UK to further my education was a certain and easy decision. I aim to study MBA after my Bachelors Degree to extend my knowledge and study finance to a higher level.

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Project management and strategic planning Essay

Question: Language style: English (U.K.).   Write strategic planning and implementation steps involved in any project within IT department. Mention the Total quality management steps followed. What are the problems faced? Which problem solving and decision making methods would you suggest to be utilized? Explain. References: Any 2 Sources from the Internet, or Textbooks or journals. An organisation’s IT Strategic planning should combine some amount of tactical planning.   An IT department would require a strategic planning policy to ensure that the staff members and students can use the network on the campus as and when required.   As per the university requirements, all the schools should have a functional IT system, with certain criteria and specifications.   The IT planning would also help the school to share and receive technology from other schools and in this way be of immense help to the students. An IT Department should form a part and parcel of the education policy and processes of the educational institute.   It should be considered as a very important educational and information tool, for the students and staff members.   Let us now look at the actual strategic planning process and how it can be implemented in an educational institute. Strategic Planning is a process of making important decisions in the organisation so that a link between the present and the future trends is formed, choosing the organization’s goals, establishing the policies needed to meet specific objectives and recognising the means of assuring that policies are implemented in an appropriate manner. In a nutshell strategic plans are the â€Å"action plans† (Majdà ºchovà ¡, 2003 & Strategic Initiatives, 2007). STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS: Considering an example of a Management institute with special reference to the project to be carried out in the IT department, the following detailing a manager in the unit will have to accomplish and organize (ICFAI). A Manager who is responsible for strategic planning would convert the intentions or objectives of the organisation concrete and measurable strategic plans, policies and budget allocations (Majdà ºchovà ¡, 2003 & Strategic Initiatives, 2007). Step one: Defining the mission of the organization Based on the above work assignments, companies change their mission over a period of time to reflect changes in the external environment. The IT unit should address three important issues: What is the business supposed to do? Who are the customers? What goods or services does it offer? An IT department targets the various problems and issues, which are normally faced in a laboratory system of an organisation.   The IT department would provide services to the staff and the students and not merely provide goods alone to the audiences mentioned above (Kotler, 1999). Step two: Drawing up organizational objectives The strategic planning process in an IT department will broadly comprise of the following main objectives to be achieved.   This would help to determine the means of accomplishing the mission: – Students online exams / reports / marks, Laptop management (Wi-Fi connection), Internet control, LAN Connections, PC Maintenance, AMC – annual maintenance contract, Software and hardware troubleshooting, UPS, Vendor management, Requisition and procurement of PCs, UPS etc, Intranet management, ERP package connectivity, and Server support  Ã‚   (Kotler, 1999 & ICFAI) Step three: Assessing and Analysing SWOT The mangers need to analyse thoroughly the organisation’s current situation in order to develop an effective strategy to gain a competitive edge: – Availability of KRA’s Availability of E-commerce technologies and processes Availability of skills in management of the supply chain or the vendor Management of Proprietary technology, superior technological skills, IP, Patents, and the issues concerned with them (Kotler, 1999 & ICFAI) Step four: Formulating strategy Michael Porter has described three strategies which can help a firm / unit to gain competitive edge over others. Overall Cost Leadership: An IT firm has to consider the capital investment and access to it, the engineering skills required, intense supervision of labour, products designed for ease in manufacture, etc in order to achieve the its objectives (Kotler, 1999). Differentiation: The IT department may differentiate its products and services into technical and engineering support, strong capability in identifying the LAN, vendors, ERP, Wi-Fi, Internet, skills of the staff members needed, Intranet, etc (Kotler, 1999). Focus: All the above mentioned policies should be directed towards meeting the strategic target of fulfilling the staff’s and the student’s requirements (Kotler, 1999). Step five: Implementing strategy According to McKinsey et al, the best-managed companies exhibit the following 7 elements, known as â€Å"McKinsey 7-S framework for business success†. These include strategy, structure, and systems (known as ‘hardware to success†); and style, skills, staff and shared values (known as â€Å"software to success†) (Kotler, 1999 & ICFAI). In an IT department, style refers to the common ways of thinking and behaving of the staff members.   Skills refer to the unique method of handling problems experienced by the organization, especially using creative solutions.   Staffing is the process of hiring, training and allocating the work by the department.   Shared values refer to the common guiding values shared by the staff members (ICFAI). During the implementation, the manager should constantly monitor the technology, staff, incentives/reward system, decision-making processes, structures and functions (ICFAI). IMPLEMENTING TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT This involves selecting the right staff members and using ensuring that the services are of high quality.   The process of TQM is continuous in the organisation so that quality of the organisation would improve (through having appropriate processes, products and services).   Feedback regarding customer satisfaction is gained, and accordingly improvements are made.   The company needs to gain an insight of how the user would be using the product.   Any shortcoming should be identified and modified, as and when needed.   Some of the steps in TQM include: – Studying the current quality situation Defining the quality needs Planning for a quality control program initiated by the managers Having structures, functions and strategies for implementing the quality program Allocating and obtaining the resources Monitoring and evaluation of the quality control program (Hashmi, 2000) PROBLEMS FACED: The IT department may face several major problems in cases of IT resource troubleshooting, logistics management, customer satisfaction, changes in the vision of the organisation, leadership problems, incompetent human resources, adoption of new technologies, managing the IP, obsolete facilities, etc (ICFAI). One of the major problems faced by the organisation previously, was regarding the presence of viruses in various network systems.   This seemed a threat to the security of the network.   The organisation had to develop a policy to prevent entry and spread of such virus on its network system.   This ensured that all external connections including CD’s, pen drives, removable discs, etc, were thoroughly scanned so that any virus threat would be contained.   The users were also informed of the security measures that had to be followed whilst using the network.   A strong firewall was installed to ensure that all data entering and existing the network was thoroughly monitored.   In this way, the IT department effectively handled virus threats. A study was conducted in the Institute’s IT Department to determine the effectiveness and the efficiency of the IT department’s network system.   More than 100 individuals were interviewed, which included 80 students and 20 teachers.   It was found that when a definite plan was introduced since 2004, the quality of services provided by the IT department improved drastically.   About 75 % of the staff members and 65 % of the students agreed to this.   The IT personnel are conducting quality checks at various levels to ensure that the services are effective and can enable the organisation to achieve its goals. Services Provided Percent of Staff who felt that the services were good Percent of Staff who felt that the services were satisfactory Percent of Staff who felt that the services were poor Comments Internet 75 21 4 Internet services are very good with fast connectivity and lightning speeds Intranet 50 35 15 Intranet exists, but not updated regularly Messenger 25 13 63 Not utilised very often during instruction Mail 65 26 9 Utilised very frequently and beneficial to all the faculty members and students.   Each staff and student is given their own id and password Library 78 12 10 Services are limited (no of databases subscribed) College Database 50 24 26 Not updated for long Teleconference system 56 25 19 Although, the system is effective and very useful, frequent disruptions occur PROBLEM SOLVING AND DECISION MAKING METHODS: Group Decision making method may be useful in large and complex departments, as the decision adopted seem to be better. Delphi group technique brings a panel of experts together in order to identify the problem and develop solutions for them.   Responses are collected and averaged by the people coordinating the group. It is utilised more often to immediately solve acute problems faced by the unit.   Such problems are time consuming and expensive to solve.   Interacting groups is the most common form of group decision making, in which the members openly discuss the problem, develop ideas, argue about each of them, and choose the best alternative. Decision Tree is a complex instrument that helps the decision-maker to consider various alternative courses needed to solve the problem and select the most appropriate alternative. The decision-maker can implement and monitor the alternative (Kotler, 1999 & ICFAI).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Overall, I do feel that from the efforts of the management of the organisation and from the IT department itself, an effective network system has been develop which is very useful for the students and the staff members.   This educational tool helps in education, instruction, and research and even in providing information to the general public.   Regular feedback should be taken from the users, administrators, etc, in order to determine if any modification is required for the IT System, and effectively introduced into the IT strategic plan.   Over, the last four years, incorporation of an IT plan has ensured a faster network, security, greater access, and increased support.   The IT department has also certain trouble shooting devices in place to handle any situation.   This has helped the organisation to achieve its objectives. References: Hashmi, K. (2000), Introduction and Implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM), [Online], Available:, [Accessed: 2007, November 23]. ICFAI – Introduction to management, ICFAI Center for Management research. ICFAI – Project Management, ICFAI publication of management research.    Kotler, P. (1999), â€Å"Marketing Management: the Millennium edition,† 10th ed, Prentice Hall. Majdà ºchovà ¡, H. (2003), â€Å"Strategic Management For The Nonprofit Organizations†, Electronic Library of Scientific Literature, vol. 51, no. 3.   Ã¢â‚¬Å"Strategic Initiatives – Leading Transformative Change†, [Online], Available:, [Accessed: 2007, November 23]. The University of Colorado at Boulder (2002). â€Å"2002 Information Technology Strategic Planning Report.† [Online], Available:, [Accessed: 2007, November 23]. The University of Colorado at Boulder (2002). 2002 IT Strategic Vision, [Online], Available:, [Accessed: 2007, November 23]. The University of Colorado at Boulder (2002). Current Situation (Trends), [Online], Available:, [Accessed: 2007, November

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Red Lake High School Shooting Essay

Jeffrey James â€Å"Jeff† Weise was an Ojibwe Native American adolescent, and a student at Red Lake Senior High School in Red Lake, Minnesota. He killed nine people and wounded five others in a shooting spree on March 21, 2005, when he was just 16 years old. Weise first murdered his grandfather and grandfather’s girlfriend at his trailer home in Red Lake. He then shot and killed an unarmed security guard, a teacher and five students at Red Lake Senior High School. The shooting ended when Weise committed suicide. Research shows that Jeff was a strange young man, interested in Gothic things black clothing and Nazism, but a look a little further into his past led to a few interesting revelations. Jeff’s parents were never married, because his mother was only 17 when she gave birth. She was forced to give Jeff to his father when he was three months old. Then when he was two his mother took him back. She was reportedly an abusive alcoholic with a tendency to both physically and emotionally abuse her first born son. In 1997 Jeff’s father committed suicide after a two day standoff with police. Then in 1999 his mother suffered brain damage after a car accident in which she had been drinking and driving. Jeff was then placed in the care of his grandmother at the Red Lake Reservation. Jeff did not have the right start in life. His parents should have been older and more ready for a child when he was born. They also should have been married. Jeff also should have had a more stable home life as an infant. It is doubtful that he had a firm attachment with his mother or father considering that he was passed between them at 3 months old and 2 years old. He also should not have been physically or emotionally abused. His mother failed him in that aspect and the fact that she was an alcoholic makes it even worse. It is also doubtful that Jeff dealt with his father’s suicide in a healthy way. He did not have the support that he should have had from his mother. By the time he got to his grandmother’s care he had already led a very difficult life. This ties in to every chapter that we have discussed so far. It refers to attachment, abuse, adolescence and everything. It all goes back to the first thing we talked about that said when parents fail to give their child a good start in life everybody suffers, as is the case with the families of Jeff’s victims.

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Critical Analysis of Mendelsons and Parkins Introducing Direct Democracy in Canada

Critical Analysis of Mendelsons and Parkins Introducing Direct Democracy in Canada In the article titled Introducing Direct Democracy in Canada, Mendelsohn and Parkin attempted proving to the readers that the holding of more referendums would improve Canadian democracy, as it would involve the general public in the making of policies and decisions that directly affected their lives. They state that the Canadian executive is given an enormous amount of power when he comes into office, which does not give others-outside of his "inner circle"-an opportunity to influence public policy. The reforms needed to fix this issue, according to Mendelsohn and Parkin, are referendums. However, although they write that referendums are a great way to get the public involved, they also state that there are severe consequences that can occur if they are not used under the right conditions.Mendelsohn and Parkin's central idea is that referendums are needed in order to strengthen the democratic nature of Canada. If these referendums were used appropriately, they would have a number of important uses: protect minority interests so that majority does not always rule, develop a fair political process in which people have an equal chance of speaking their minds and raising their concerns in order to influence public views, provide access to information that the citizens will need in order to be informed and make decisions that work in their best interests, and hold political accountability so that voters would know who to blame if something was to go wrong.Michael Parkin (bw portrait)They present consequences that could potentially occur in the case that referendums were not used correctly. An example would be voters who are not given the opportunity to listen to the different sides of a given issue and who go ahead and cast a vote not having really thought about it. The latter would directly go against the very nature and...

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The High Line Park Transformation into a Public Park

The High Line Park Transformation into a Public Park Introduction The High Line Park was conceived in 1999 within the New York City and currently run by the Friends of the High Lane. Currently, the park is a conservancy and a public space for the residents and visitors within New York City. The park has experienced transformation between the West 34th Street and West 30th Street.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The High Line Park Transformation into a Public Park specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More However, several social concerns have been raised on this project. Thus, this analytical treatise attempts to review the social concerns of transformation of the High Lane into a public park. Social concerns of the High Lane Park Decision environment often experience dynamics and swings which create short and long term effect on chances of survival for two alternatives to solve a problem. When faced with a decision dilemma that requires critical assessments, analysis resorts to analytical tools that ensure competitive positioning advantage. However, there must be a clear justification for the decision through review of benefits and projected results of suggested decision. In making the decision to either rebuild the High Lane Park in the city of New York, it is critical to review the benefits of the interested constituencies such as the city residents, the residents of those surrounding the city, the federal government, and the Mayor of the city. Stakeholders are individuals, groups or organisations with a stake/claim in a project’s outcome1. Generally, not all stakeholders will have the same objectives and motivations for a project. The first process of managing stakeholders is to identify them. Overcrowding of Park Enthusiasts (Picture of the crowded High Lane Park; self generated)Advertising Looking for essay on social sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Quality planning i nvolves in identifying which quality standards are relevant to the project and determining how to satisfy them. It is one of the key facilitating processes during project planning and should be performed regularly and in parallel with the other project planning process. Due to its small size, the park is always full beyond its capacity. This has been a concern especially to residents of the High Line settlement who were used to peaceful neighbourhood. The process of decision making is dependent on heuristic since it provides assumptions, integration of project organization framework, and ethical control2. Being a member of the High Lane residents’ constituency, the past experience of peaceful neighborhood inspired this concern. Besides, the cognitive biases have influenced the decision to establish the park. Cultural Clash Ethics determine the level of participation by the members of a constituency who after interaction with each other, identify hale and hearty social interve ntions passed through a feasibility test for implementation to initiate cultural shift among the primary stakeholder. Besides, communication ethics define content policy based on the need to address rational and irrational habits in order to strike a balance on environmental friendly decision process. Besides, the target of this decision implementation is the entire hierarchy of constituency members from the top to the least at bottom of the ladder. As a result of properly structured communication ethics, the decision environment becomes holistic, soft and socially friendly to the constituency members. Besides, healthy ethical communication culture creates structural goals which develop norms, expectations of specific behavior display, and appropriate guideline controlling interaction with one another3. The residents of High Line neighborhood have raised the social concern of interaction to unwelcomed culture such as cases of burglary within the park have increased. Besides, social perverts are often spotted in the park preying on their victims since there is very little presence of the authority.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The High Line Park Transformation into a Public Park specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Among the aspired ideals of the heuristic model in park rehabilitation includes the need for a constituency to strive to develop good culture by fostering a strong alignment on the monitored path of achieving its goals, missions and vision4. This includes written rules of engagement, expected behavior, and repercussions for deviation. Each member of the constituency becomes part of the philosophy upon confirming allegiance. Periodically, the constituency will subconsciously restructure these goals in consistency with the changing life demands. Consequently, when people are absorbed and made to feel part of these goals, they would strive to give their best towards the decision process. Moreover, cooperation with the media has proven instrumental in creating awareness on magnitude and effects of hurricane on economic, social, and health sectors in order to prepare the residents of High line neighborhood psychologically for unprecedented losses in the form of future expansion. Many of the local residents live in a fear of permanent displacement since the current expansion strategy of the park is silent on possible need for further expansion of the park. Unsustainable Expansion Plan As human nature dictates, the park philosophy carries with it enticements. When these are timely discovered, they may lead to a deep attachment with the object over which such a decision motivation is given. When successfully carried out, emotional strains are kept at bay as constant interaction is a means of boosting confidence and personality a recipe for good organizational culture in the constituency. In addition, this regulator manages unrealistic personal pressure among other exces sive demanding thought system and personal cognitive factors inclusive of health issues, relationship and inability to adjust to sudden changes5. Eventual resilience will vary depending on the period taken to implement the plan which may totally be different from another. However, this must be accompanied by definite values as determined by the immediate neighborhood. Ironically, the park has led to relocation of the relatively poor members of the neighborhood since the land rates and house rates have skyrocketed. Instead, the relatively rich have taken over the neighborhood. As a result, the family of the High Line neighborhood has been disintegrated permanently. Environmental Externalities Basically, an externality in the field of environmental conservation and sustainability refers to any benefit or cost which happens due to an action or activity and it directly affects a third party who was not in any way involved and had not made the choice to bring upon yourself that benefit o r cost. Reflectively, an externality is a secondary result of a primary action and may bring with it a benefits or a cost.Advertising Looking for essay on social sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More There are two types of externalities, that is, positive and negative externality. Negative externalities are accompanied by costs incurred while positive externalities are characterized by strings of benefits6. An ideal example of a negative externality in the park project is the continuous uncontrolled pollution activities that directly causes air from the vehicles down the High Line. As a result of the pollution, the whole community has to incur the cost of poor health and possible clean up to restore the clean environment, despite High Line being a park.  Air pollution is a negative externality. Air pollution in the above scenario can be classified as a negative externality since it is accompanied by hidden costs such as health concerns that the entire High Line community has to incur despite being non parties in the pollution activities. The community has to incur the cost of treating those affected by the pollution and has to live with the consequences that the pollution may put on them. In order to deal with this externality, the community should seek for compensation from the city of New York mayor. Sustainable progress is an issue stirred by drift from an ideal thought to a supreme endeavor to tackle emerging problems of financial challenges and ecological problems. This category of revolution has endeavored to solve existing social problems. At present, people prefer eco-friendly programs when deciding recreational facilities to visit. (Picture of the environmental externalities; self generated) Inflated cost of living to the original residents Reflectively, the principle of comparative advantage is a concept that connotes the desirable ability of an individual or nation to give a service at a relatively lower opportunity cost and marginal cost as compared to another who has the intention of giving the same service, in this case, the High Line Park. Despite the fact the New York City may possess efficient factors for nearly all the park services as a result of its absolute advantage, the residents don’t seem to benefit since the park services are not affordable to the relatively poor persons in the neighborhood.  Sustainability and sustainable development is a term mostly applied by urban planners’ inconsideration environmental and demographic factors which influences urban set up7. As compared to early population, the modern population has increased in population as well as change in their social economic activities. For this reason, urban planners must develop a mechanism to cater for space in the urban centers as well as the increase in trend over environmental pollution. In addition, the planners should address issues tied to social resources, pollution in the urban centers, climate changes and urban heat. The High Line Park does not have a regulation policy that will ensure its sustainability amidst competing interests.  Sustainable development should be created in a way that the short and long-term hea lthy growth of an urban center should be maintained. This takes the aspect of effective and efficient control of pollution, proper housing to reduce congestion, good social ecology, better mechanisms of restoring natural resources and positive community interactions. For sustainable development to be carried out in the High Line Park a wide view of policies and plans must be put in place. Collaborative Strategic Goal Oriented Programming could be applied. This program looks into analyzing decision making based on well assessed problem on the ground using any possible means. It has majorly been applied to large urban systems with problems. It has successfully been applied to the European urban development system and on the project of LUDA. (Picture of the third phase of the High Line Park; self generated) The planning system applies the social approach of uniting groups to unearth information and ideas on the problems affecting that particular urban area. Currently the issues for di scussion in the High Line Park project include urban aesthetics and safety. The visual impression in urban centers has become another important aspect of urban transformation. Safety on weather condition and other natural calamities like earthquakes are also emerging issues in the sustainable development plans of the High Line Park since it location and position is prone to weather disaster. (Picture of the High Line Park side walk; self generated) Addressing the social concerns Actually, sustainability is a state of acquiring social, environmental, and economical expectations without compromising important aspects of life for future generation. Indeed, sustainable living therefore, is expressed as a situation of living in an innate sustainable and appealing facility distinct of ecological, financial, and conscious features. Moreover, sustainable devise and sustainable progress are significant features in achieving sustainable living situation.  Adaptation of sociological approac h in environmental impact assessment recommendations should be inclusive of an environmental committee that would clear the weighty issues surrounding technical and institutional assumptions in establishing the third phase of the High Line Park. Through this, the stakeholders will reach a compromising but satisfactory decision that will be influenced by participatory decision process, rather than adopting either a protagonist or antagonist stance in this multimillion dollar project. Thus, a wider scrutiny will encompass scientific and democratic purposes and concerns of the locals8. As a result, the common ground that is likely to be fostered by the above committee would be the stimulus of free activities and proactive engagements for all the interest institutions, persons, and extra-institutional groups. After reviewing several decisions and judgment on different cases on park management, sociological treatment would provide the most neutral ground for implementation of the third p hase of the High Line Park. The micro level analysis requires personalized approach which will indicate an imminent and forthcoming need for personnel who can function as safety engineers within the High Line Park. Bibliography Alan, Porter. Tech Mining to Drive Open Innovation. Georgia Tech: Technology Policy   Assessment Center, 2006.  en%20Innovation.pdf Appadurai, Arjun. Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization. London: University of Minnesota, 2011. Appiah, Anthony. Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a world of strangers. New York: Norton Company, 2011. ap6.pdf Blauvelt, Andrew. Strangely Familiar: Design and everyday life. Minneapolis: Walker Art Center, 2011. Cascio, Jamais. F utures Thinking: Writing Scenarios. New York: FastCompan,  2010. Gray, Christopher. As High Line Park Rises, a Time Capsule Remains. New York: The New York Times, 2008. 1372146837-zJyBmcCGkKlJ+ynvfxhHMA McDonough, William, and Braungarat Michael. Remaking the way we make things. New York: North Point Press, 2002. gart_c2c_chap-4.pdf Moss, Jeremiah. The High Lane. New York: The New York Times, 2012. line.html?_r=0 Footnotes 1 Anthony Appiah, Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a world of strangers (New York: Norton Company, 2011), 2 Andrew Blauvelt, Strangely Familiar: Design and everyday life (Minneapolis: Walker Art Center, 2011), http://summe 3 Arjun Appadurai, Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization (London: University of Minnesota, 2011), 4 William McDonough, and Michael Braungarat, Remaking the way we make things (New York: North Point Press, 2002), 5 Jamais Cascio, Futures Thinking: Writing Scenarios (New York: FastCompan,  2010), 6 Porter Alan, Tech Mining to Drive Open Innovation (Georgia Tech: Technology Policy   Assessment Center, 2006), 7 Jeremiah Moss,The High Lane (New York: The New York Times, 2012) 8 Christopher Gray, As High Line Park Rises, a Time Capsule Remains (New York: The New York Times, 2008), 5/18/realestate/18scap.html?adxnnl=1adxnnlx=1372146837-zJyBmcCGkKlJ+ynvfxhHMA

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Project management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Project management - Research Paper Example Project management is also governed by time allocated to achieve a specific goal or objective. A proper management activity involves attaining of a goal within a specific time allocated for the completion of the activities. In management of projects, creation, implementation and measurement of results determine the effectiveness of a project management strategy (Lock, 2007). Additionally, project management involves the creation of outstanding technical skills and distinct management strategies. Each project management objective has a concept phase that has general guidelines regardless of the set goals and objectives. The concept phase in project management involves; Development of the concept statement Completion of the business analysis Review of the project concept Project concepts are principles on which a project is based. In any project management activity concepts refer to the guidelines which are set aside for mangers to follow. For instance, there is a concept which require s originality or reliable sources to be used in the creation of assumptions and results. According to Cooke-Davies (2002) project management concepts create the guidelines which govern the direction of decision making by project managers. The author further argues that project management concepts change depending on the scope of the project portfolio. For instance, the concepts used in project management portfolio in psychology and business may not be similar (Lock, 2007). History The implementation of project management strategies in organizations dates back to the 1950s. Prior to this development, engineering projects in the 1900 were controlled by engineers, master builders and architects. In the 1950, organizations started practicing complex project management project in civil engineering. In words by Loch (2000) these complex civil engineering projects required more than just supervising from experienced architects. The author further argues that the activities involved in the projects required single project management capabilities that had to be monitored in each phase. This created the concepts that initialized the activities involved in project management. Project management then grew as a discipline to other fields like heavy defense activity, construction and engineering. In the growth of project management two figures played a major role in this particular growth. They are Henri Fayol and Henry Gantt. At the same time there were also developments in project scheduling models, cost management strategies, technology of cost estimating and engineering economics. The growth of project management was further boosted by the creation of the American Association of Cost Engineers. This body aided in cost estimation strategies, cost estimating, planning and scheduling portfolios (Stevens, 2002). In 1969, there was the creation of project management institute in the USA. The body publishes A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge which is describe s the practices used in most projects and often (Dinsmore, 2005). Project management basics There are five basic of project management. These five basics are connected together strategically to bring out the whole process of project management. These five basics are represented in the diagram below. The process commences at initializing which involves project feasibility and project initiating. Then the process advances to planning which includes formulating of schedule task lists,

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Information Processing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Information Processing - Essay Example The way human brain processes information about the outer world depends on different factors and, above all, upon the context. For instance, if a person looks at some complicated picture, e.g. a portrait, it is enough to cast one glance at what is depicted on it, whereas comprehending the same picture would hardly be possible if this person begins analysing different parts of this portrait separately, one by one. This peculiarity of information processing is due to the fact that the brain operates the sensory signals that are perceived together, not separately. (Schweizer 1998, p. 89) The visual signals normally reach our eyes simultaneously and therefore in case with visual images the processing of information begins from the retina. The sounds that constitute speech reach the hearing organs successively, and that is why for processing a sound image it should first be stored in short-term memory. For the identification of the already known images, the brain compares the information recorded in the short-time memory with the classes of images contained in the long-term memory that contain the information about the previous experience that has been collected in the process of studying and communicating. One of the challenging aspects of processing information is perception of stimulus in the situations where there are a lot of similar symbols - e.g. when someone is talking to another person in a noisy room. In such situations, though the stream of sounds produced by the interlocutor is accompanied by other sounds, it is normally possible to comprehend the speech. Quite a simple example where the context of information creates the context is the illusions of sound continuation or phonetic restoration. A brilliant example of this phenomenon was described by Richard Warren: if you hear some phrase whose meaning you cannot catch, but you definitely hear its ending - '... eel is on the' Now, if you put the word 'orange' at the end of this phrase, you will hear 'peel is on the orange'; if the word is 'wagon', the phrase will sound as 'wheel is on the wagon'; if it is 'shoe' you will perceive the phrase as 'heel is on the shoe'. (Warren 1970) This experiment shows that the sound stimulus in itself (noise + 'eel') fails to determine unambiguously what will be heard by the recipient. Attention Attention is the process of sorting the information that comes from outside in accordance with the importance of the tasks a person has. There are several kinds of attention: active (voluntary) attention that is conditioned by a certain conscious goal, and automatic (involuntary) attention that is actualized under the influence of unexpected and new stimuli in the form of orientating reflex. (Lachman & Lachman 1979, pp. 183 - 185) The effectiveness of attention can be determined by its level (concentration and intensity of attention), volume, speed of switching to other objects, and stability. It has been proved that the attention processes are connected with functioning of the corpus collosum, the left part of the brain ensuring selective attention and the right part - maintaining the general level of awareness. Memory Memory is a very important phenomenon that is crucial for our lives. Thanks to it, we are able to use our own experience and the experience of other people in our lives. There is short-term and long-term memory. Short-term memory is also called operative memory. To illustrate the

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Human Resource Management (Strategic Perspectives) Essay

Human Resource Management (Strategic Perspectives) - Essay Example It is, therefore, imperative that call centre employees be exceedingly well-trained in order to ensure, not just the provision of quality service but that the call centre communicate a positive image of the corporation itself. Upon consideration of the importance of call centres, the decision to outsource appears quite monumental as, indeed, it is. Cost considerations, however, firmly establish it as a practical decision. Therefore, prior to outsourcing its call centre operations to India, ABC Incorporated need have a thorough understanding of HR outsourcing, its associate management models, be cognizant of the advantages and disadvantages of such a step and realise the cross-national and cross-cultural challenges which confront such a step in order to best manage them. This report will do just that. The report will commence with an overview of the definition of both outsourcing and HRO. Both these definitions are important for two reasons. In the first place, they give us a solid understanding of the advantages of outsourcing specified HR functions. In the second place, they give us an insight into the ways and means by which the disadvantages associate with HRO may best be managed and contained. Outsourcing: A New Definition for a Historic Phenomenon While popularly perceived of as a new phenomenon for which globalisation is held responsible, Domberger (2005) contends that outsourcing, as contracting, is a historical practice, solidly grounded in economic imperative and principle. As defined by Domberger (2005), outsourcing is best understood as a form of extra-contracting whereby, to reduce overall operational and manufacturing costs and maximise efficiency, firms and manufacturers have, traditionally and historically, contracting out specific steps in the work process. Referring to Adam Smith as the first to theorise this phenomenon, Domberger (2005) borrows the British economist's famous rural-urban example. Instead of rural areas embarking on activities which were not supported by heir environment, such as manufacturing, they focus on the agricultural activities supported by their environ; urban areas, instead of seeking to grow the raw material required for the manufacture of finished products, purchased the aforementioned from the rural areas. Rural and urban areas, thus, entered into an economically co-dependant and cooperative relationship, based on specialisation (Domberger, 2005). Specialisation, insofar as it involved the exploitation of labour tale nt and competencies from without the immediate geographic area, is the basis upon which outsourcing is founded. Domberger (2005) as may be deduced from the above, defines outsourcing as contracting based on specialisation and motivated by such economic imperatives as the exigencies of reducing cost and improving quality in order to remain competitive. Within the context of this definition, outsourcing is hardly a new phenomenon, but a

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Obsession in the gothic Essay Example for Free

Obsession in the gothic Essay To what extent do you agree that obsession is a significant element in the gothic writing you have studied? The word obsession means the domination of ones thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image or desire. With this in mind, both Faustus and Frankenstein show symptoms of monomania in relation to academic obsession. Similarly, in ‘The Bloody Chamber’ the characters that experience obsession are also male, however they are driven by a different obsession: sexual desire. In the prologue of ‘Doctor Faustus’ it already begins to establish Faustus’ thirst for knowledge and how this resulted in his tragic downfall. Firstly, the Chorus compares Faustus to the Icarus myth â€Å"his waxen wings did mount above his reach†, which suggests that Faustus’ fixation with necromancy is not a power he is supposed to possess, and that his fate will end similarly to Icarus. Furthermore, it states that Faustus â€Å"glutted† for â€Å"learning†. The word gluttony highlights that Faustus’ obsession for knowledge can only result in tragedy because it’s one of the seven deadly sins, and also indicates how extreme Faustus’ obsession is. This is because gluttony’s definition is to gorge yourself with something, and is often to the extent of harm. However, you could argue that Faustus’ greed is not completely based around academic knowledge, and he actually desires rival God in terms of power and knowledge. For instance, when Faustus is listing what he would â€Å"most, desires† he wanted strength that â€Å"exceeded†¦. the mind of man† and was in comparison to â€Å"a mighty god. † In comparison, Frankenstein also overstepped his reach in pursuit of his obsession, and comments that Robert should â€Å"learn† from his mistakes, and that it is â€Å"dangerous† for men who â€Å"aspire to become greater than this nature will allow. † These short quotations show us the viewpoint of Shelley during this period on enlightenment, as she was trying to symbolise a moral and didactic message throughout Frankenstein as a warning of all the forthcomings of what could happen if the exploration of science and knowledge became an obsession. For example, Frankenstein deliberately makes the creature monstrous by making him â€Å"proportionally large† at about â€Å"eight feet in height† because he wanted to finish his creation as soon as possible, and didn’t think about the consequences this would have for the creature when he actually succeeded in bring him to life. On the other hand, in â€Å"The Bloody Chamber† whilst obsession is not as significant as the other two texts, Carter uses masculine sexual obsession to critique how patriarchal our society still is. For example, in ‘The Snow Child† she is called the â€Å"child of his desire†. He wishes for her to be beautiful and nothing else, so it is clear that he is interested only in her appearance and her value as a sexual object. Furthermore, once she has fulfilled her purpose of becoming a sexual object, she dies. This could be Carter symbolizing that once a woman tries to become the objection of a mans obsessions and desires, it becomes impossible for her to ever live up to expectations, and therefore a death sentence.

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Government And The Long Island Sound Essay -- essays research papers

The Long Island Sound   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Long Island Sound is a vital resource used by both humans and wildlife. The quality of its water is an issue that affects everyone and everything. Scientific studies and continuous monitoring provide evidence as to what actions need to be taken to improve and restore the water quality. In more ways than one, the United States government has devoted much of its time to ensure the revival and protection of the Long Island Sound.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  There are many ways to help in the protection of the Long Island Sound. Various government agencies and organizations initiate projects beneficial to the Sound. The government donates grants and monies for funding for the Long Island Sound. There are also bills and legislation passed by the government, which provides laws protecting the sound.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Long Island Sound Study (LISS) is a partnership devoted in the restoration and protection of the Sound. This partnership involves federal, state, interstate, and local agencies, universities, environmental groups, industry, and the public in a program to protect and restore the health of Long Island Sound. The Long Island Sound Study has seven issues deserving special attention. These issues are low oxygen conditions, otherwise called hypoxia, toxic contamination, pathogen contamination, floatable debris, the impact of these water quality problems and habitat degradation and loss on the health of living resources, public involvement and education, and land use.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The LISS is undergoing studies that in hopes will reduce the extent of hypoxia. In order to restore the health of Long Island Sound additional nitrogen reduction is needed. Two major research efforts have provided much of the information on how low oxygen conditions affect living resources in the Sound. The EPA’s (Environmental Protections Agencies) Office of Research and Development conducted a study which was the first major research effort.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The study used a variety of species of fish, crab, shrimp, lobster, and other crustaceans known to live on the bottom waters of the Long Island Sound were exposed to low levels of oxygen in the laboratory. The effect of different concentration of oxygen on growth and survival was measured. The second study w... ...responsible for billions of dollars of the regions economy. The government is right in its decision to do anything within reason to help the revival and preservation of the Sound. I am an environmentalist and am very pro- nature and wildlife. I feel that if we as humans are destroying and polluting the Sound, it is our responsibility to join in the effort to restore it for generations of people and wildlife to come. Works Cited DeVilleneuve, Robert, and Frank Herec. Long Island Sound Study: Summary of the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan. New York: The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Bureau of Publications, 1994. Long Island Sound Study Partnership. Long Island Sound Study: Phase III Actions for Hypoxia Management. New York: The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Bureau of Publications, 1998. United States. Congress. House. Long Island Sound Preservation and Protection Act. Washington: May 2, 2000. United States. Congress. House. Long Island Sound Protection Act. Washington: July 13, 1999. United States. Congress. House. Long Island Sound Restoration Act. Washington: May 8, 2000.

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Maintaining Patient Safety Essay

Maintaining Patient Safety When working in an acute care setting such as a hospital, safety is the number one priority. A safe environment greatly reduces the risk for illness or injury. It’s not only for the patient; it’s also for the healthcare provider. For a nurse, it begins when she/he meets the patient. She must assess the room and make sure there is no debris littered on the floor, that all IV tubing is untangled and not on the floor, and that the patient’s bed is down in the lowest position with both side rails up. One mistake that has been committed is having the patient’s bed in a high level in order to prevent back strain, but then remembering that they forgot the linens and leave the room with the patient basically â€Å"in the air†. The problem with this is that is the patient is drowsy, or groggy, or is incapable of walking and ends up rolling and falling off. The patient could also be of a different height and assume their feet will touch the floor and instead end up falling off the side of the bed. This is why before you leave a room you must make sure to lower the bed back to its original position, low. Although the bed has four side rails you can only keep two up at a time unless ordered by a physician for the patient’s safety, otherwise it is considered false imprisonment. In order to avoid this easily avoidable error we must remember to finish what we complete with the patient and then to lower the bed and make sure the side rails are raised. If by chance we forgot something outside of the patient’s room, stop and lower the bed, and when you return, raise it again. Without these cautionary details, a patient could fall and end up remaining hospitalized for an extended time.

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Brian Mulroney

Throughout Canadian history there have been many influential political leaders in the past, but none as powerful or significant as Brian Mulroney. Despite the many political criticisms, Brian Mulroney served as the longest conservative prime minister in Canada, he attained a struggle through his pre-political life, which lead him to cleaning up his act and leading the conservative party to the greatest majority in Canadian history, he goes on to serve the legacy of one of the greatest political leaders of all time. Martin Brian Mulroney was born in 1939, the son of an electrician, in the town of Baie Comeau, Quebec. He attended a very strict military all boys’ school until the age of 16 when he entered Saint Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. There he earned an honor degree in political science and he was active in campus politics. Before he graduated he was to become the Prime Minister of St. FX’s famous mock Parliament, a position that had been held for years by Liberal students. It was during these years in Quebec that Brian became known as the life of the party. He frequented most Montreal nightclubs and was quite a lady’s man. He also became a slightly more than social drinker. After becoming a lawyer in 1965 he joined a law firm known as Cate Ogilvy, later becoming a partner in that firm. In May 1973 at the age of 34 he married a beautiful 20 year old Mila Pivnicki, daughter of Yugoslav immigrants, and they had three children. Mulroney worked energetically for the Progressive Conservative Party as a young lawyer. Although Mulroney had not yet held public office, he ran for election as Conservative leader at the party's 1976 national convention. He waged a vigorous and expensive campaign but lost to Joe Clark after being criticized as the Cadillac Candidate for spending so much money. This was a very bleak time in his life, he took the Leadership loss very personally and it almost ruined him. A few years after taking the job of President of the Iron Ore Company of Canada he decided that he would clean himself up. In 1977 Brian went to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting for people who didn’t want the world to know they had a problem. In 1982, because of an economic depression, the Iron Ore Company of Canada was forced to close one of its mining and milling towns in Quebec. At first this appeared to be a disastrous political setback however, he turned it into a public relations triumph by making the people of the town in question believe that there were other alternatives when there were none and by negotiating settlements for the workers who had lost their jobs. This earned him respect and won him general support and his reputation was enhanced. In mid-1983 Clark's leadership was being questioned, Brian Mulroney was again a candidate who campaigned, he actually had been paying people to ruin Clarks chances of getting the nomination again. He was elected party leader on June 11, 1983 and he entered the House of Commons on August 28, 1983. Despite inexperience, he was an effective leader of the opposition against Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Trudeau retired and John Turner took his place. The new Prime Minister had a lack of political skills, having been out of politics for some nine years. Consequently, Turner's electoral campaign against Mulroney was difficult. This contained three debates between the two party leaders, during which both English and French were spoken. In these debates, Mulroney, who is bilingual, won wide support for the Conservatives. The election result was the greatest triumph for a party in Canadian history. The depressed state of the Canadian economy and Canada's somewhat tense relations with the United States were problems that Mulroney promised to deal with if his party were returned to power. With unemployment at more than 11 percent, Mulroney also said to make job creation his first aim. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) came into effect January 1, 1994. NAFTA was launched 15 years ago to reduce trading costs, increase business investment, and help North America be more competitive in the global marketplace and Brian Mulroney is to thank for this. Mulroney's legacy is complicated and even emotional. March 31, 2009 it was reported by that a Conservative official claimed Mulroney was no longer a member of the party. They claimed his membership expired in 2006 and was not renewed. Additionally, Mulroney allegedly â€Å"called a senior party official two months ago to ask that his name be pulled off all party lists and materials and that communications with him cease. † However, A Mulroney confidante, speaking on condition of anonymity, called the party's claims preposterous. ‘He's part of the history of this party, you can't rewrite history. If they're worried about branding, then shut the inquiry down. They're the ones who called the inquiry. ‘ Mulroney possessed many important significant attributes to being one of the greatest Canadian politicians. As well as some great failures in his career as P. M. Mulroney would be remembered for some good things he had done such as the Nunavut Agreement with the Inuit of the eastern arctic, which set in motion the creation of a third Canadian Territory. He was also an architect of the Francophone summit, which is a yearly meeting of the leaders of the worlds French speaking nations. Though Mulroney had retained a parliamentary majority in the 1988 elections, widespread public opposition to the free-trade agreement and his inability to resolve the Quebec problem caused Mulroney's popularity to decline sharply, and he resigned in 1993. He was replaced as P. M. and head of the Progressive Conservative Party by Defense Minister Kim Campbell, a girl. In conclusion, Brian Mulroney was one of the greatest prime ministers of all time, he served as the longest conservative prime minister in Canada, he attained a struggle through his pre-political life, which lead him to cleaning up his act and leading the conservative party to the greatest majority in Canadian history, he goes on to serve the legacy of one of the greatest political leaders of all time. Work Cited Blake, Raymond Benjamin. Transforming the nation: Canada and Brian Mulroney. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2007.