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Tools of Exploitation Analysis

The film/documentary, titled Tools of Exploitation, chronicles, analyzes and explains Western civilizations influence on African culture/livelihood throughout the period of colonialism (the film covers the slave trade for a brief moment as well) leading to the modern day. Narrated by scholar/author Ali Mazrui, the film focuses on the usurping of Africa’s future potential due to European powers stymying Africa’s growth for their (Western) own gain (hence the name Tools of Exploitation; Africa was exploited for European gain).The film addresses many factors to why this has taken place but focuses mostly on economic reasons as well as the false justifications Europeans used to colonize the continent. One of the themes the documentary covers was the false pretenses that Europeans claimed to justify the Colonization of Africa. During the early 20th century (1900’s), Northern and Eastern Africa still had a pervasive slave culture. In the North, the remnants of the Otto man Empire still practiced slavery, while the Muslims were the responsible figureheads in the East.Following the centuries of trans-Atlantic slave trade between Europe, Africa, and the â€Å"New World†, Europe had abolished the practicing of slavery. In 1884, the European powers that be called for the â€Å"Berlin Conference’’. Part of the conference was to organize â€Å"The Scramble for Africa†. The term was used to describe the West’s desire to introduce themselves as administrators of the African continent. One of the justifications for the conference/European’s colonialism, was that the West had â€Å"a duty† to end the barbarism of slavery still existing on the continent through the West’s new found morality.Part of the European’s plan for administration was also the fragmenting of Africa with artificial political boundaries. While this â€Å"organized† Africa in a convenient matter for the Europeans, it le d to ethnic divisions/rivalries that are still in existence today. One of the injustices of the Berlin Conference was that there were no African leaders invited to the conference; how could Europe be making such important, influential decisions about a continent’s future, without consulting the people of that continent?The answer; while Europe had abolished slavery, the racism dating back to the days of slavery still existed. The conference in reality had no intention of freeing Africa of its negatives, but instead, exploited the circumstances/situations of Africa to fuel the European commercial machine. One of the overlying themes to which Europeans, again, falsely the justified colonization of Africa, was through the concept of the â€Å"Duel Mandate†. The philosophy/idea/phrase was created by English colonial military ruler Lord Frederick Lugard.In a written testimony Lugard rationalizes colonizing Africa by claiming to utilize the continent’s resources in or der to fuel European commercialization as well as facilitate Africa’s modernization. The first half of the equation did come to fruition; Europe conveniently gained access to African’s resources (first pre-colonialism through slaves and gold, then later with mineral based resources during colonization). However, European’s modernization of Africa was merely surface level.Africa was given infrastructure (roads), skyscrape-esque buildings, commercial items (clothes, recreational technologies); but the African continent was not given the means for long term industrialization to keep up with the global economy. What does Africa benefit from having Western fashion? Africa has large-scale downtowns, and business sectors, but what is the purpose when these buildings/businesses are powered by faulty electricity? The vessels of modernization were left by Europeans, but there was no functionality or means of using the vessels for modernization.While the West was industria lizing, Africa was being fed a message of false growth. Africa never had a chance to develop a means of self-creation/production in the 20th century. A perfect example of this was cited in the film. The West African country of Liberia is a large exporter of the raw material for rubber, which is a major commercial commodity in the global economy. However, Liberia itself does not have the means to convert the raw materials into the final product, meaning the country has to import (purchase) finished rubber from outside countries.Was not part of the White Man’s burden and part of the Dual Mandate, to uplift Africa through use of its own resources? How is it that one of the richest continents with regards to natural resources could not take the next step towards mechanization/commercialization with the aid of the West? Again, the emphatic answer is that the West had no intention of aiding the continent in the first place. The economic shackles of colonialism were a pre-meditated, calculated attack on the development of Africa during the turn into the twentieth century.The lasting outcome has left Africa crippled even now in modern times. With slavery, Africa already became under populated destroying a large potential for human development/advancement; colonialism than hampered any immediate potential for industrial advancement in the continent. Now, modern day Africa’s urban areas/capitals have the appearance of advanced societies but are barely functional/beneficial as useful tools for everyday use (as Mazrui says, the buildings’ functions are â€Å"quenched†).What is even more disturbing is the similar behaviors exhibited by Asian countries (specifically) China in modern day Africa through a sort of â€Å"neo-colonialism†. Various reports detail foreign Asian workers entering African countries to build infrastructure (roads, pipelines, hospitals, etc. ). In actuality, these foreign influences are building conduits to ship mater ials back to their own coutnry. Tools of Exploitation not only chronicled the economic handicaps and lies that fueled colonialism in 1900’s; the film also describes a similar blueprint that modern emerging powers are beginning to employ as well

Geography Coursework – Merry Hill

Course Work Aims: The aim of my course work is to investigate if three shopping centres in the west midlands can be placed into shopping hierarchies. Hypothesis: My hypothesis is that * Merry hill will have a bigger sphere of influence than Kidderminster and Dudley * Merry hill will have a better environment than Kidderminster and Dudley * Merry hill will have more comparison shops than Kidderminster and Dudley Justification of hypothesis: I predict that the settlements will fit in the following hierarchy. First Prediction: People will travel farther – I predict that Merry Hill will be at the top of the hierarchy because it is more accessible (roads, bus routes, railway links and motorway), it contains better facilities (shops, restaurants, car parks), it will also have high order goods. As Merry Hill contains all of the following, it will be at the top of the hierarchy. I predict that Dudley will be at the bottom of the hierarchy because it is less accessible than Merry Hill and Kidderminster, it has low quality facilities compared to Merry Hill and Kidderminster and it mainly supplies low order goods. To prove this I will collect car registrations and shopper surveys. Second prediction: Environment Quality – I predict that Merry Hill will have the highest quality of environment because it is undercover, there is no litter and it has good air conditioning, weather doesn't affect the shoppers, there are lots of bins, greenery all around the car park, CCTV, guards and cleaners o clean up the area so everything is very hygienic. I predict that the environment with the lowest environmental quality will be Dudley because there isn't any cover as it is outdoors, litter everywhere, no air conditioning, and no bins, not a lot of greenery, no CCTV and no guards. To prove this I will carry out an environmental survey. Third Prediction: Tourists and Comparison Shops – I predict that Merry Hill will have the most tourists and comparison shops because the large number of shops means that there will be a wider range of shops to compare and also as most shops sell high order goods, they are well known and this will help attract tourists. I predict that Dudley will have few comparison and convenience stores because it's a small shopping centre, which means that there will be fewer shops meaning you will have less shops to compare. To prove this I will carry out a shop survey, listing all the shops each settlement consists of. Geographical Information: Shopping habits have changed due to the new technology and, the higher prices of products having been introduced, meaning more and more people are likely to compare prices in different shops before buying anything, whereas before all prices were rather similar. More shops have also been introduced, which has also caused shopping habits to change. In the future shopping hierarchies may have totally changed. There is a possibility that the smaller shopping centres may slowly start to increase moving higher in the hierarchy. Also larger shopping centres may slowly deteriorate especially as there are so many shops all around that are closing down. The advantages of out of town shopping centres are: * Firstly, the shopping centres have a lot of comparison shops, so shoppers can buy the cheapest product. * As there are more shops in one area shoppers have a larger variety of products to choose from, so there are bound to be a larger number of comparison shops. * Another advantage of having an out of town shopping centre is that people are likely to go there and it increases tourism. The disadvantages of out of town shopping centre: * Firstly out of town shopping centres increase traffic jams as there is an increasing of traffic * Out of town shopping centres increase the level of noise pollution on the road * Next out of town shopping centres allow more congestion on the road * Lastly, out of town shopping centres increase pollution on a whole and also contribute majorly to global warming Methods of data collection: Data was collected over a period of two days. On the first day, we visited Kidderminster (Old and New). On the second day we visited Merry Hill and Dudley. We worked in a group of three or more because then we would be able to get other people's opinions and so we can collect data faster, before time runs out. Primary Data: We recorded 50 car registrations for each area to work out how far people had travelled to come to these shopping centres. This data was collected in order to work out where the cars had been registered to give us some idea as to the sphere of influence of each settlement. At each location we completed 5 environmental surveys to access the quality of the environment. This was done by scoring the environment on a number of indi9cators on a sliding scale from (o-5), with 0 being poor and 5 being excellent. The surveys were taken at roughly equal spacing in each settlement and marked clearly on the map. The scores were our own personal feeling of the environment and may have been skewed by bad weather conditions and time of day i.e. rush hour. We listed all of the shops recording if they were comparison or convenience shops. We collected this data because it gave us an idea of whether the shops were mainly sold high or low order goods and it helped show us the sphere of influence of the location. Secondary Data: To support my primary data I collected background information for each settlement from the internet, I looked at bus routes for each settlement which would show the accessibility of the areas, I looked at maps of each area o show the size of each area and I collected data on the history of each settlement.

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Site Finding And Planning For Wind Farms Environmental Sciences Essay

Finding a air current farm site is a juggle act where many, frequently conflicting, issues need to be considered and balanced before a determination to develop a possible site is taken. At the most basic degree, after set uping that the end product from a air current power undertaking can be sold at an acceptable monetary value, the following are the acerb trials for any possible development: 1.Is grid connexion probably to be cost effectual for the coveted size of development? 2.Is the air current resource adequate? 3.Will the undertaking be able to obtain all the licenses necessary for the air current farm to be built? 4.Is entree to the site and building of the air current farm likely to be cost effectual? 5.Can the rights to the land be secured? A good outlook that the reply to all of the above trials will be positive is a pre-requisite for doing the investing necessary to gain a undertaking, although necessarily early determinations need to be made on uncomplete information. A Each of the issues is considered in a little more item below:Grid connexionWhen looking for a site, propinquity to a medium electromotive force grid is a good initial index that an appropriate connexion is practical. The following phase of the procedure is to keep treatments with the appropriate electrical authorization. A The consequences of such treatments will normally bespeak a cap, or a series of caps on the upper limit installed capacity at a possible site which are associated with increasingly more dearly-won grid connexion scenarios. A Some elaborate analysis by the electrical authorization, at the cost of the developer, may be necessary before even approximative figures are available. A The presence of merely a high electromotive force line n ear to a little or average air current farm may non be helpful as the cost of connexion to such a grid may be prohibitory.Wind ResourceIt is hard to generalize how best to measure the air current resource at a possible air current farm site when no site air current informations are available, as different states have markedly different air current governments. A Some general regulations, for which there are many noteworthy exclusions, are listed below: Good exposure, peculiarly in the prevailing air current way, will well better the resource at a site. The rate at which wind velocity reduces off from the countries of a site with the best exposure should non be underestimated. A An â€Å" ideal † hill would hold smooth inclines of about 17 A grades gradient. Steeper inclines do non give significant extra sweetening of the air current flow but can do separation of the flow which complicates the air current conditions at a site. A Low flora at and around a site retards the air current flow less than tall flora. A However, a site with good exposure and little trees is likely to turn out better than a site with hapless exposure and no trees. ABuilding licensesKey issues will change between parts and states but common sense indicates that countries with particular appellations are best avoided. A Low visibleness from cardinal countries of habitation or diversion is besides desirable. A If there are homes within a few 100 metres of the air current farm site noise or shadow spark may turn out an insurmountable job in some states. A Turbines can interfere with electromagnetic telecommunications signals. A The presence of a telecommunications mast at a site or such signals which cross a site may therefore perplex the procedure of obtaining a edifice license. A A cheque for telecasting communications should besides be made which may non be evident from ocular review.EntreeThe distance to the nearest route entree and t he complexness of the terrain will well act upon the capital cost of the undertaking. ALand handinessLand handiness varies from state to state but a possible site where there are comparatively few landholders and landholders who can give sole rights to the developer is the ideal state of affairs. The job of site happening lends itself good to a thorough and elaborate Geographical Information System ( GIS ) based attack where air current atlases, an electrical grid map, roads, environmental appellations and other standards can all be input and the optimum sites defined. A In pattern, nevertheless, a more matter-of-fact attack may good turn out more appropriate.2. WIND FARM LAYOUT DESIGNThe air current farm layout is typically designed utilizing a professional air current farm design bundle. A Such tools allows for an effectual loop and optimization of the cardinal parametric quantities for the layout.Preliminary layout designOnce a site has been identified and the determination has been taken to put in its development the air current farm design process commences. A This is necessarily an iterative procedure. A The first undertaking is to specify the restraints on the development: Maximum installed capacity ( due to grid connexion or Power Purchase Agreement footings ) Site boundary Set dorsums from roads, homes, overhead lines, ownership boundaries etc. Environmental restraints Location of noise and shadow spark sensitive homes, if any, and appraisal standards Location of visually sensitive point of views, if any, and appraisal standards Turbine minimal spacings as defined by the turbine provider. Constraints associated with communications signals such as microwave nexus corridors, if any. Local ordinances that limit the turbine type permissible for the development. These restraints may alter as treatments and dialogues advancement with assorted parties. For the intent of specifying the preliminary layout it is necessary to specify about what sizes of turbine are under consideration for the development, as the installed capacity accomplishable with different sizes of turbine may change significantly. A The choice of a specific turbine theoretical account is frequently best left to the more elaborate design stage when the commercial footings of the assorted providers are known.Specification of anemometryThe air current resource at the site is the cardinal parametric quantity in finding its economic viability. To measure the energy for a undertaking it is necessary to obtain informations on the local air current government. Typically this means installing anemometry equipment at the site. The preliminary layout allows the air current measurings to be made in appropriate locations. As a general regulation the mast should be at least two tierces of the hub tallness of the turbines. A utile regulation in complex terrain is that no turbine is located more than 1 kilometer from the closest mast. In really terrible terrain, the closest mast should be within 500m, but for air current farms located in simple terrain a much lower denseness of masts over the site may be appropriate. For big developments that require several masts there may be advantages in ab initio put ining merely one mast on the site. Once it is confirmed that the air current resource is sensible, other masts can be installed to corroborate the fluctuation in air current velocity over the site country. Provided the original mast remains as a changeless mention other masts can be moved after, say, six months of operation to cut down the entire figure of masts required.+Detailed layout designA cardinal component of the layout design is the minimal turbine spacing used. A In order to guarantee that the turbines are non being used outside their design conditions, the minimal acceptable turbine spacing should be obtained from the turbine provider and adhered to. The appropriate spacing for turbines is strongly dependent on the nature of the terrain and the air current rose at a site. A If turbines are spaced closer than 5 rotor diameters in a frequent air current way it is likely that intolerably high aftermath losingss will ensue. A For countries with preponderantly uni-directional air current roses, such as the San Gorgonio Pass in California, greater distances between turbines in the prevailing air current way and tighter spacings perpendicular to the prevailing air current way will turn out to be more productive. A Tight spacings require blessing by the turbine provider if warranty agreements are non to be affected. With the air current farm restraints defined, the layout of the air current farm can be optimised. A This procedure is besides called air current farm â€Å" micrositing † . A The purpose of such a procedure is to maximize the energy production of the air current farm whilst understating the substructure and operating costs and run intoing all restraints. A For most undertakings the economic sciences are well more sensitive to alterations in energy production than substructure costs. A It is hence appropriate to utilize the energy production as the dominant layout design parametric quantity. The elaborate design of the air current farm is facilitated by the usage of commercially available air current farm design tools. A Once an appropriate analysis of the air current government at the site has been undertaken, a theoretical account is set up which can be used to plan the layout, predict the energy production of the air current farm every bit good as being used to turn to economic and be aftering related issues. For big air current farms it is frequently hard to manually deduce the most productive layout. A For such sites a computational optimization utilizing a air current farm design tool may place a layout for which significant additions in predicted energy production are achieved. A Even a 1 % addition in energy production from improved micrositing could easy stand for an addition in one-year gross of $ 50,000 to $ 100,000 for a 50 MW air current farm. A The computational optimization procedure will normally affect many 1000s of loops and can include noise and ocular restraints. A Wind farm design tools handily allow many substitutions on air current farm size, turbine type, hub tallness and layout to be considered rapidly and expeditiously increasing the likeliness that an optimum undertaking consequences. A Financial theoretical accounts may be linked to the tool so that returns from different options can be straight calculated, further streamlining the development determination doing procedure. In many states the ocular influence of a air current farm on the landscape is an of import issue. A The usage of computational design tools allows the Zone of Visual Influence ( ZVI ) , or visibleness footmark, to be calculated to place from where the air current farm will be seeable. A The tools may besides be used to supply visual images, to ease the production of photomontages and to foretell the noise and shadow spark which consequences from a proposed development. A These are frequently cardinal facets of the Environmental Assessment for a undertaking. Figure 1 shows an initial preliminary layout of a air current farm consisting of 26 turbines that meets all site specific restraints. A There are two noise sensitive homes west of the proposed air current farm with a defined noise bound that are marked with brooding icons. A The solid black line represents the site boundary in which the turbines can be placed. The layout of the air current farm after the optimization is shown in Figure 2. A Compared with the initial layout the predicted energy production has increased by about 3 % . A In the upper subdivision of Figure 2 the optimised layout of the air current farm superimposed with the noise degrees predicted for this layout can be seen. A A rendered visual image of the air current farm visual aspect from a point of view sou'-east of the air current farm is shown at the underside.

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Poverty-Inequality Reduction in India Term Paper

Poverty-Inequality Reduction in India - Term Paper Example With about two third of the population living in the rural area, even urban poverty stems from the rural migration to the city. This paper is to take as through the various ways taken by the government in trying to reduce poverty. Besides, a person should be in a position to understand the poverty and inequality experienced in India. In addition, it is vital to understand the human poverty in India for the proper understanding of the topic of poverty inequality reduction in India. India has been experiencing a less impressive growth when compared to China; however, compared with other developing countries the economic growth in India has been more impressing. The GPD of India has been on the rise for the last two decades. One of the major attributes to this growth in GDP, is based on the fact that India has experienced a reduction in population growth. In increase in the per Capita and the GDP has been linked to the amount of structural change (Ghosh, Madhusudan, pg 3). The rate of investment has increased over time. This situation has made India to have an increase in per capita growth, and this stands to about 36% increase, from the periods of 1990s. At the same time, the GDP level of Agriculture has decreased and is now found on the predictable line. However, not all sectors have experienced some economic growth or development. For instance, since 1990s, the secondary sector has not experienced some growth. On the sector of the tertiary sector, really incr eased and now accounts for almost half of the income of the nation. The change experienced in the output shares did not go hand in hand with an equal change in the workforce distribution. This has been continuing despite of the reduction on the agricultural share and the collapse of employment generated from agricultural in the current decades. For the last two decades, the investment high rate has not contributed to a grater

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Gerrymandering Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Gerrymandering - Essay Example Partisan gerrymandering depicts the determination of the various seats that make a delegation different from a national outcome that is distinctive. Partisan gerrymandering presents advantage to a political party whose voters have an equal distribution. In terms of difficulty, bipartisan approach tends to be a complication with comparison to partisan gerrymander. The reason is that bipartisan eliminates bias that the partisan approach brings forth. The partisan approach also utilizes a particular algorithm, the partisan algorithm. The bipartisan gerrymander represents an advantaging to the serving government. The instance is that the bipartisan gerrymander tends to reflect all the affiliations of voters are in alignment with the incumbent’s party. The redistricting game showcases the real issues that the lawmakers experience in their activities. On top of the challenges is the creation of districts that allow the equity of power. The choosing of the best gerrymander avenue to use is also an issue. The reason is that each option presents an unequal creation or redistribution of authority that may face vast

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Landscape Painting Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Landscape Painting - Assignment Example Thus romanticism style of art involved exotic, more authentic, familiar and distant modes in harnessing imagination power as portrayed in landscape paintings that were prepared during this period. Romanticism went beyond the confines of population, industrialization unlike it preceding periods, the classical period and medievalism. In fact, romanticism exalted subjectivism, imagination, irrationalism and individualism. The art was highly characterized and influenced by artists’ fascination by their passions, nature, their moods, their mental potentials and the heroes. On the other hand, the Impressionism movement thrived in France between late 1860s and 1890s. This movement was inclined to optical realism since it sought to relate art to visual experience and the effect of light on appearance of various objects. The form of art in impressionism involved transcription of the artists’ visual sensation towards nature, which was unconcerned with the actual depiction of the objects. The main ideas of impressionism were, a quick painting of a landscape could depict it actual physical appearance and that art is promoted by a naà ¯ve vision, free from influence by intellectual preconceptions which were realist traditions and naturalist traditions. In comparison, the romanticism form and style of art applied to landscape paintings is distinguishable from the impression form art employed in landscape painting. This is evident from a keen observation of the following paintings, soleil levant by Claude Monet.

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Essay

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability - Essay Example Entry into the Saudi Arabian market has necessitated the need to provide products which meets the need of the residents of Saudi Arabia. In addition to meeting customer expectations, the company has developed corporate social responsibility programs, and green business program. All the operations of the company aim at meeting the unique needs of both the Western culture, and the Middle East or Arab culture (Shell 23). The culture environment of Saudi Arabia entails Arab, Islam, aspects of historical practices, and folk culture like music and dance. Traditional cultures and values are integrated into the law. Pork and alcoholic products are prohibited in the Kingdom. Islam represents the official religion; hence it represents Islamic theocratic monarchy. Therefore, Saudi Arabia does not represent cultural diversity. On the other hand, the USA represents a racially and ethnically diverse nation due to the historically large migration from different countries. English is the official language. American culture is very flexible and includes both liberal and conservative aspects. Government affairs are separated for the church; though USA integrates mainly Christian ideals. The company has conducted effective background studies on cultural impact on business; therefore it does not use any pork or alcohol ingredients in its products. Ethical issues entail acceptable relationship between a company and its stakeholders (Carroll & Buchholtz 10). In Saudi Arabia, Chipotle makes products that adhere to the Arab culture. These products are made from non-pork and non-alcoholic ingredients. The company also gives non-Muslims adequate induction on working and living in a Muslim kingdom. For example, freedom of expression is not allowed in Saudi Arabia; and also public display of affection like kissing is unacceptable. The operations of Chipotle, has minimal negative impacts on the environment (Pecker 5). The most significant

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Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) Corporate Social Research Paper

Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) Corporate Social Responsibility Effectiveness of Implementation Ability and Sustainability - Research Paper Example Review of the theoretical literature.  Various research works have been done in the area of corporate social responsibility with each paper addressing a vital issue in the various industries. A number of these works have been selected for review in order to further inform the research study problem and the reasons for the study. Sutantoputra (2009) discusses the social disclosure rating system for evaluating the CSR reports of firms, the theories, and models found in stakeholder dialogue in the CSR within the pharmaceutical industry is outlined by Linda and Jenny(2008),and the incorporation of stakeholders approach in CSR in multinational corporations is discussed by Cheng and Jamila (2010). Based on a study by Seitanidi et al (2009) understanding the way CSR partnerships are implemented is vital in practice especially to organizations that implement CSR via partnerships. The case that evaluates and addresses the social environmental responsibility of Hp Company’s supply cha in outlines the risks of CSR. The current status of CSR in the supply management realm forms the basis of the study by Lee and Kim (2009) while the importance of communicating CSR in an organization is discussed by Gregory ET all. FIAS (2007) observes that the EICC Codes of Conduct in regards to the sector of Corporate Social Responsibility operates along parameters like employment conditions of the people pertaining to compensation schemes and other employment policies relating to discrimination and employment of children.

Norms and Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Norms and Security - Essay Example His article is extremely credible and his style of writing that of a person intimately associated with the intricacies of international political scenario. In this article he poses three very pertinent questions. One, where this norm originates? Two, to what extent does it influence state actions? Three, why does this norm exceed other â€Å"ethical injunctions†? in the United States, the dual conundrums of an intransigent Saddam Hussein and terrorists such as Osama bin Laden have raised calls in Congress and among the media for assassination to be considered as a policy option (105). He points out that historically political assassination has not been resorted to by â€Å"great powers† and whole scale war has been the preferred option even though the collateral damage in case of a full scale war is much more and leads to the loss of many innocent lives and destruction of property. He cities that,†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ethical concerns usually place assassinations off-limits as a policy option especially when the target is an international leader† (105), but due to monumental changes in the way the international politics is conducted today, reality has taken precedence over idealism and by extension ethics and morality have been side lined in international affairs. In conclusion his pragmatic approach to political assassinations is that in this modern world of real politic where terrorism and guerilla warfare have replaced the traditional modes of violence this option or ploy of political assassinations, albeit â€Å"unethical† (105) to achieve certain political ends is perfectly

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Research Article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Research Article - Essay Example According to the authors, this study is the first step in definition of differences related to location and kind of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations and awareness of mutation-specific dangers may offer critical information for evaluation of clinical risk which will assist women and their physicians to establish the finest treatment plan for them. Everybody has BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes; which carries instructions for manufacturing proteins that are tasked with fighting tumors through fixation of mistakes in the DNA. Nevertheless, some unfortunate individuals experience mutations in these genes that increase their vulnerability of getting ovarian and breast cancers as well as other cancers such as prostrate, pancreas, peritoneum and fallopian tubes). It is approximated that 1 in 300 to 1 in 800 individuals have one of these destructive mutations. Nonetheless, some populations have much higher prevalence. Having BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations raises the risk of having both ovarian and breast cancers by various percentages. A JAMA study enlisted over 30,000 women from 33 countries on six continents; all having BRCA mutations known to raise the risk of cancer. Over 90 percent of the women were white while almost 10 percent were Ashkenazi Jews. The women were categorized into â€Å"bins† on the basis of where mutations occurred in the genome. They then examined to know how many women in every bin were diagnosed with ovarian/breast cancer while being monitored. It was discovered that 46 percent of the 19,581 women having a BRCA1 mutation tested positive for breast cancer, 12 percent tested positive for ovarian cancer,5 percent had both and only 37 percent were cancer free. In addition, the average age during diagnosis was 39.9 year s for breast cancer and more than 50 for ovarian cancer. On the other hand, amongst the 11,900 women having BRCA2 mutation 52 percent tested positive for breast

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Immigration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Immigration - Essay Example In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, famines, job scarcity, increasing taxes, crop failures and religious and political maltreatment forced people belonging to different parts of the world to leave their countries and immigrate to the United States of America mainly because it was considered to be a land of economic opportunities. Almost 12 million immigrants arrived and settled in United States of America during 1870 to 1900 with elevated hopes for their bright future. The majority of the immigrants belonged to Germany, Ireland and England. In the beginning, the immigrants settled near the areas of entry, however, they succeeded to make their way inside the country with the passage of time. Keeping in view the continuous influx of immigrants and their immense need to get jobs, employers stated taking their advantage. No amount of jobs was enough to accommodate all the immigrants. Men were paid less as compared to other workers and women in turn were paid even less ("Immigration to the United States, 1851-1900"). Immigrants were often labeled and stereotyped by the people residing in America. This prejudice led to social tensions among the immigrants and the Americans. Moreover, they were frequently discriminated against Americans and made to suffer stereotypical attitude, physical and verbal abuse only because they were different. Apart from social strains, the new comers brought their culture with them resulting in huge diversity in various cities as well as states. Another reason which contributed the social tension was the clash between what immigrants sought after and what the government required of them. By offering attractive jobs and land for farming, the states with meager populations tried to attract the immigrants towards them. However, immigrants, on the other hand, wanted to settle themselves in the communities set up by the people previously livi ng there from their own home countries ("Immigration to the United States, 1851-1900"). The official class of Norway openly showed their disdain towards other Norwegians who left their country to migrate to America and mocked everything even remotely related to America. The main reasons for this dislike included Negro slavery and American humbug. However, the tenants or extremely poor Norwegian farmers, after collecting some money that barely paid for their travel to as far as Chicago or Milwaukee, immigrated to America with the hopes of a better future. They considered America safer and more suitable place to live as compared to their own homeland. Norwegians mainly settled in the Midwest, Minnesota and Dakotas in particular. On the other hand, the letter they received from their fellow Norwegians already working in America were disheartening. They conveyed how they had acquired almost nothing and these otherwise proud farmers would not be able to think of going to America without feeling humiliated and self-ashamed. The Americans received them with kindness but having little knowledge about Scandinavian countries at that time and seeing their bewildered state, they considered them not only less fit but also inferior to them in every aspect. Consequently, this made the immigrants feel disgraced and dishonored and they set about to prove that they were not inferior to Americans in any way. Furthermore, they had to endure political discrimination as well. They lived in farming communities and they did find people sharing their cultural values but it separated them from the American community permanently.

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The Perfect Cowboy Birthday Essay Example for Free

The Perfect Cowboy Birthday Essay This party is to welcome this man to adulthood by celebrating it with his favorite theme.   He will enjoy the festivities and appreciate the efforts made by his family and friends.   The strengths of this theme include the readily available props and decorative items for the theme.   There are many places to purchase the items to decorate the bar for this theme.   The weaknesses in this theme include the commonality of it.   It is rather difficult to come up with something new and original in a theme that has been done repeatedly.    The opportunities presented with this idea are to reach back into the days of the cowboy and create a scene from the past.   The threats involved include danger of some guests becoming intoxicated and having accidents after leaving the party.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The party will take place as a surprise party to celebrate Jerry’s twenty-first birthday.   It will be held at the local bar, which h as been reserved by Jerry’s girlfriend for a private party. This avoids issues with other bar patrons who may not like the party atmosphere.   A number of his friends and family will be invited to help Jerry celebrate his birthday.   The party will take place on the Saturday evening following Jerry’s birthday to avoid the need for him to have to go to work the next day.    The bar will be decorated with saddles, blankets, hay, cowboy boots and other items to fulfill the theme.   All of the guests were asked to dress for the part to make Jerry feel like he is part of one of the western movies he greatly enjoys.   In order to maintain a specific budget, a maximum dollar amount was given to the owners of the bar along with a selected menu and estimated number of guests.   The meal of steak, beans, corn bread, hot dogs and other traditional cowboy foods was selected. The food and cowboy themed cake will all be prepared by the staff at the bar within the selected budget.   Games will be included and prepared by planning staff and jerry’s friends.   The activities will include games such as cowboy themed charades and role playing games about Jerry’s favorite cowboy movies and events in his past.   After these a cowboy dance group will come in to do a performance for Jerry and his guests.   The evening will be topped off with a variety of drink selections to end the wine and dine ceremony and officially welcome Jerry to adulthood.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The risk assessment team met and expressed a few concerns with the plans.   Originally one of the planned activities was to rent a mechanical bull.   The committee felt this was far too dangerous especially if alcohol was involved with the party.   For this reason this item was removed from the plan.   The committee expressed concern with the younger party guests being present during the alcohol portion of the party and with guests leaving and driving after drinking. Upon taking these suggestions the under-age guests will be taken to Jerry’s home nearby by a friend where they can enjoy activities without concern of drinking or being involved in this activity.   Designated drivers will be present and in charge of all car keys to ensure safety of party guests.   The bar has passed all health and safety inspections and has adequate liability insurance to cover any accidents on the premises.   All applicable copyrights have been applied for.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   All care has been taken to make sure that Jerry becomes an adult in the most exciting and enjoyable way possible.   He has always liked cowboys and his girlfriend has gone to great lengths to make sure that his party has all of the elements to make sure it is the most realistic cowboy birthday possible.

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The Great Gatsby: The American Dream

The Great Gatsby: The American Dream According to Aristotle, there are a number of characteristics that identify a tragic hero: he must cause his own downfall; his fate is not deserved, and his punishment exceeds the crime; he also must be of noble stature and have greatness. These are all characteristics of Jay Gatsby, the main character of Fitzgeralds novel, The Great Gatsby. Jay Gatsby is a tragic hero according to Aristotles definition. In Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby, all the characters are, in one way or another, attempting to become happier with their lives. The characters in the novel are divided into two groups: the rich upper class and the poorer lower class(West egg and East egg) though the main characters only try to make their lives better, the American dream they are all trying to achieve is eventually ruined by the harsh reality or life. The American Dream consists of success, fame, and wealth. Many Americans have the idea of the white collar life; a job, a house, a loving wife, and kids. This is what Jay Gatsy dreams of having with his Daisy. The American Dream changes people in ways that make them for better or drive them towards their fall. Throughout the novel, Fitzgerald shows how dreams are destroyed, no matter what the dreams consist of, money, material status, or just simply to be happy. Fitzgerald also shows that the failure of the American Dream is unavoidable in a sense that nothing can be as perfect as one could imagine. Without hopes or dreams life would be empty. The American Dream is something every person works for throughout his or her life. Although the American Dream is admirable, it is impossible to achieve eternal satisfaction. The American Dream is just that, a dream. Jay Gatsby is known as the wealthy man who is trying to move forward to reach The American Dream. His life represents The American Dream in the way that he was corrupted by his love for Daisy while reaching the dream you have to be corrupted by money. Money symbolized by the color green represents wealth which is one of the factors to achieving the American dream. Gatsby is portrayed as the tragic character because for love he was willing to abandon his family and change his lifestyle so he can be finally accepted by Daisy. The shirts symbolize the change in Gatsby from when he was younger to the present. Daisy likes when Tom has shirts because they represent the money they have to buy those shirts and when Gatsby shows her the shirts he had bought for him she is appalled by the difference of what he was in the past that she nearly cries. Gatsby wants a better life and he thinks he can do it if he puts his mind to it, which is also a part of the American Dream. However, Gatsbys dream collapses when he fails to win Daisy and is not accepted by the upper class. All his money cannot help him when old man Wilson fires a gun at him. Gatsby sees himself as a failure when Daisy chooses Tom instead of him. The failure of Gatsbys hoped for life relates to the failure of the American Dream. Without his dream Gatsby has nothing, nothing to keep him going, no direction, and no purpose to live. Myrtle Wilson is a character who fails to achieve the American Dream. Her desire to reach the upper class brought her to a downfall. Though Myrtle Wilson makes an attempt to escape her own class and pursue happiness with the rich, she ends up gaining nothing and eventually dies. She is basically a victim of the group she wanted to join. Myrtle tries to become like Tom by having an affair with him and taking on his way of living, but in doing so she becomes unsatisfied with her life. Her constant clothing changes show that she is unhappy with her life, she changes personalities every time she changes her dress: with the influence of the dress her whole personality had also undergone a change. The intense vitality was converted into impressive hauteur(pg. 35). Myrtle raised her eyebrows in despair at the shiftlessness of the lower orders.These people! You have to keep after them all the time.'(pg. 36). . Myrtle tries to create a new life for herself but eventually falls victim to it wh ile trying to be someone she wasnt. Myrtle felt trapped with her husband and her stature and she pushed harder to attain what she felt would benefit her. In the end though, she dies because of a mistake that she made due to her senses of lust and somewhat greed. Myrtle represents the unfulfilled American dream. Fitzgerald embodied the American experience as success and failure, illusion and disillusion, dream and nightmare. The contradictions he experienced and put into fiction heighten the implications of the dream for individual lives: the promise and possibilities, violations and corruptions of those ideals of nationhood and personality dreamed into being. Jay Gatsby and Myrtle Wilson have both tried to accomplish The American Dream and that led them to their tragic flaw. The American dream represents corruption and lies. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is the American classic of a tragedy that will have the characters live on forever as an example of the wrong impact the American dream can have.

Relationship Between The Sublime And The Beautiful Philosophy Essay

Relationship Between The Sublime And The Beautiful Philosophy Essay Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten is a very significant figure in the philosophy of aesthetics, as he invented the word aesthetic as we know it in the modern day. Baumgarten defined aesthetics thus creating a science of taste. Initially, in his first critique, the Critique of Pure Reason (1781), Kant rejected Baumgartens account that aesthetic judgement is a form of taste. However, in the Critique of Judgement (1790), it is evident that Kant changed his mind, as it can be seen in his third critique that he indeed was influenced by Baumgarten, as he says that aesthetic judgement is a judgement of taste. This essay will begin by looking into a general account of Kants view on aesthetics, which will lead to examining his third critique the Critique of Judgement looking at the first book: Analytic of the Beautiful, of the first section: Analytic of Aesthetic Judgement, of Part I: Critique of Aesthetic Judgement. This will then lead to what Kant describes as the four moments of aesthetic judgement disinterestedness, universality, purposiveness and necessity. The essay will then discuss Kants notion of the sublime, looking at the main difference between beauty and the sublime and the types of sublime. This will then lead to the relationship between the sublime and the beautiful according to Kant and then will conclude by examining some criticisms of Kants aesthetic judgement. For Kant, there are two forms of the aesthetic the beautiful and the sublime. Although, Kants Critique of Judgement (CoJ) is the main source of his view on aesthetics, he also published another work on the topic in 1764 Observations on Feeling of the Beautiful and the Sublime, however, this is considered to be more interested in psychology rather than aesthetics (Kelly, 1998: 27). Douglas Burnham states in his book An Introduction to Kants The aesthetic judgement is the focal point in Kants third critique. It can be found that he began looking at judgement in the Aesthetic judgements are essentially judgements of taste according to Kant. The judgement of taste is aesthetic (Kant, 1790 in Cahn and Meskin, 2008: 131). When he says judgements of taste, he does not mean taste in sense of eating, but taste in the sense of whether someone has good or bad taste in something. There are four aspects of taste, which are as follows: quality, quantity, relation of the purpose and satisfaction of the object. These four aspects through which Kant expresses his aesthetic judgments are known as his Four Moments, which are most commonly known as: 1. Disinterest 2. Universality 3. Purposiveness 4. Necessity. Kant describes aesthetic judgements firstly as disinterested, saying that it only disinterested pleasure that can ground aesthetic judgements. There are three types of satisfaction in disinterest the agreeable, the beautiful and the good. The agreeable is subjective and so not universal; the beautiful is subjective yet demands that others agree and the good is objective but is based on concepts. Kant argues that it is only in the beautiful that we can be free and disinterested (Wenzel, 2005: 142). Kant begins his account of disinterestedness by defining what interest is ). There are two types of interest one is by sensation (in the agreeable) and the other by concepts (in the good). Sensation has got to do with the existence of a thing. When something exists we can feel it this is a common notion for everyone as we all say if we can feel ourselves pinching ourselves then we are not dreaming it is real (Burnham, 2000: 51). Burnham (ibid: 52) goes on to say that . This is indeed a Kantian claim, as Kants notion of disinterest is that of dismissing any interest when judging a thing beautiful. Aesthetic judgements are free from such interests. To be disinterested when judging art, means that interest is and as mentioned before, free from interest. Pure aesthetic judgements are unconcerned with the real existence of the object (Crowther, 2007: 68). Disinterest is at its most basic definition, an attempt to judge something beautiful, however remaining impartial while doing so. Kant talks about pleasure throughout his account of the beautiful, and to judge something aesthetically, a person is gaining a pleasure in something that they are disinterested in. Something must exist for it to be judged aesthetically, however, the judgement itself is a mental experience. As Burnham (2000: 52) says, it is the thing itself that is being judged, through the experiencing of it. This again is reminiscent of Kants notion of the thing in itself in his transcendental philosophy. (Kant, 1790 in Cahn and Meskin, 2008: 134). The second of Kants Four Moments is that of universality. Kant claims that in being disinterested about pleasure if the beautiful object, one can claim universal validity to judgement. As can be seen from the quote above, Kant says that a judgement is universal apart from concepts (ibid). Universality is not based on any concepts. If the judgement has concepts then it is suggesting that beauty is the property of the object (which it often is expressed as) that is being judged and this is not the case. Kant argues that subjective judgements are not universal, for example, if I said that the taste of chocolate pleases me and somebody else said that they did not like chocolate, then both of these are individual responses and both are correct. I do not expect everybody to like chocolate; neither does the other person think that everyone will not like chocolate just because they do not like it. Thus, subjective judgements are not universal. Obje ctive judgements are universal, however. Taking chocolate as an example once more, if one was to say that chocolate was sweet in relation to it containing a lot of sugar and another person said it is not, then it is evident that they are not aware of what the other meant; as it is a universal fact that chocolate is sweet (again in relation to it being full of sugar) (Burnham, 2000: 46-47). Therefore, aesthetic judgements are like objective judgments in the fact that they are both universal. However, being sweet is a property of chocolate and beauty according to Kant, is not a property of any object. Kant overcomes this obstacle of beauty becoming a property of the object by using as if. Kant acknowledges that each individual has their own taste , however, he states that and as mentioned earlier, judging the beautiful is a different story. Following on from saying that each person has their own taste, he says that: This is a notion he repeats throughout defining and explaining universality (in ibid: 134-135) and it is how he surmounts the idea of beauty being a property of an object he says it is as if it is a property of an object, not actually the property of the object! So to sum up universality, when someone is judging something to be beautiful, they expect that when making this judgement, that when it is judged by others, they are expected to judge it beautiful also and gain pleasure in it (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2005). Kants third moment is that of purposiveness (or finality or end, as Kant uses in his CoJ). Kant defines this moment There are three types of purpose: external, definite and internal. External purpose is if the purpose does what it is supposed to do. Definite purpose is what the purpose is meant to do and internal purpose is what the purpose is meant to be like. In this moment, Kant is trying to portray that things are judged to be beautiful if they are perceived to have a purpose, but not a particular purpose otherwise, the beautiful is something that is purposivenss without purpose. Kant is keeping with the no concept (from universality) here as the purpose of an object is the concept to which it was manufactured (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2005). An example of this third moment would be that of nature. Beauty in nature appears to be purposive, however it is of no use to us and it is for this reason that the beauty of nature is pleasurable to us (ibid). The fourth and final of Kants Four Moments, is that of necessity. The following is how Kant describes the importance of necessity in his CoJ: Satisfaction of encountering a beautiful object is what Kant calls a necessary pleasure and hence (universality coming into play again here) a pleasure of all perceivers of it. Aesthetic judgements must be necessary according to Kant. Along with necessity comes common sense, however, Kant does not mean common sense in the normal everyday meaning of the phrase, he means the actual senses that we all have (Burnham, 2000: 55) taste, touch, hearing, sight and smell. Hence, the sense of pleasure that one gets from judging something beautiful is that common sense. Necessity is again linked to universality in that the as if concept comes into play again in his fourth moment. As if in necessity is linked to that of the condition of necessity. The condition of necessity is what it is saying about the people who are judging an object beautiful. As Burnham (2000: 57) states, For Kant, the beautiful is not the only form of the aesthetic the other is the sublime. The Concise Oxford Dictionary (year: 1214), It is this awe that differentiates the beautiful from the sublime. The sublime is something that is beyond beauty. Kant defines the sublime as . Kant divides the sublime into two types the mathematical and the dynamical (ibid)). The mathematical is concerned with when we encounter vast, extensive, large objects size is the key component here we cannot get our heads around something that is so monumentally extensive. Because of its size, we cannot grasp it sensibly and so it brings about a terror within us. We cannot take it all in at once so it becomes too overwhelming (Burnham, 2000: 91). It contains feelings of exhilaration and being overwhelmed. Take the example of a violent storm; if I am frightened by the storm, this inevitably leads to an interest in saving myself. Once I have expressed an interest, then I cannot experience the sublime as the s ublime, like the beautiful, involves disinterestedness. It is so great in size that we cannot comprehend it as it almost becomes so vast that our imagination runs away with itself (McCloskey, 1987: 98). The dynamical sublime relates to power. It concerns our experience of the mighty, the powerful, dangerous objects or phenomena which we regard from a position of safety. Take again the example of a violent storm a natural disaster. When we see something like this violent storm we know that it can crush and overpower us, however, we as rational beings can summon up enough moral courage to resist the terror and fear that the storm gave rise to. Summoning up this moral courage is something that only a rational being can do. Because we are experiencing the storm from a safe distance, we know that we are safe so that interest of saving ourselves does not exist and thus we can experience the sublime. For Kant, the sublime is essentially something we experience (influence of Heidegger here). The Wanderer above the Sea of Fog by Caspar David Friedrich, is probably the best painting that represents Kants idea of the sublime. As can be seen below, Friedrich used nature to portray the sublime. The painting illustrates a man standing alone, looking out onto vast scenery of thick fog covering a mountain range, observing it from a position of safety suggests that this image is that of the dynamical sublime. Kant begins his Analytic of the Sublime (Book II of The Critique of Aesthetic Judgement) with the similarities between the beautiful and the sublime. What can be seen first is evident both are aesthetic judgements. Both involve disinterested pleasure; that is when making an aesthetic judgement, the person judging must remain impartial while judging the object beautiful; the sublime in the case of dynamical sublime, taking the example of the storm again, when experiencing the storm from a safe distance where the person knows no harm can be done to themselves, they can view the sheer effect that the storm is having and thus experience the sublime. Both the beautiful and the sublime also have a universal aspect to them the force of the storm and looking at its impact from afar, should indeed have the same effect on everyone. However, it can be established that the third moment purposiveness is not in common to the two types of the aesthetic. As Burnham (2000: 90) mentions, Kant desc ribes pleasure in the introduction to the CoJ, as However, the sublime does not allow an achievement of an end. Kants aesthetics has been criticised by many a philosopher since. Gadamer (who was highly influenced by Heidegger) criticised that Kants aesthetics was ultimately subjectivist. Gadamer stresses that Kants aesthetics is not linked to a proper knowledge. Gadamer says that Kant limits his aesthetic judgement to mere experience of the pleasurable. He says that by limiting our experience through the four moments, it does not challenge us enough in making the judgements  [1]  . Many critics have also tried to criticise Kant on what disinterested pleasure actually is. It has also been criticised that Kants notion of the aesthetic judgement say nothing about art as a developing concept. This essay has examined Kants four moments of aesthetic judgement of the beautiful, looking at aesthetic judgements as being made by a person who must remain impartial and not interested in the object of judgement; seeing all aesthetic judgements as universal, that is that if an aesthetic judgement is made then everyone will agree. Each aesthetic judgement is made with purposive but without an end in sight and all aesthetic judgements are necessary. It has then gone on to discuss the sublime, looking at the two types of sublime the mathematical and the dynamical; the mathematical concerning that which is so extensive in size, it overcomes us and the dynamical being that we are observing something very powerful from a position of safety and so are able to experience the sublime. The essay then looks into the relationship that the sublime and the beautiful have by looking at the similarities and differences that are in each; similarities being that they are both forms of the aesthetic , they are both reflective judgements, they both involve disinterestedness and are both universal. This essay has concluded by looking at a few criticisms of Kants aesthetics looking at Gadamer (and Heidegger) who thought that Kants view on the aesthetic was too subjectivist and has also looked at how Kants aesthetics shows nothing of how art in the aesthetic judgement as a developing concept. It is evident that Kant indeed influenced many aesthetic philosophers after him as his aesthetic theory can be seen in many a philosopher of art since then, both of influence and criticism.

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Shakespeare :: essays research papers

  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Do you know anyone who had lost a large amount of weight in an extremely short period of time but gained it all back again? If you do, that person probably resorted to extreme dieting techniques. Extreme dieting can be defined as restricting calories or fundamental food groups in an unhealthy way. With the number of obese people in America growing, it is no wonder that more and more people are starting to diet in unsafe manners. A huge problem that arises is when teens start restricting their food and essential nutrients, which can be very harmful to their still-developing body. Not only is it detrimental to a teen’s physical health, but to his or her mental health as well. When a teenager starts to diet in a hazardous manner, he or she brings a barrage of problems upon one’s self. These problems can include but are not restricted to obesity, eating disorders, and nutritional deficiencies.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Some people may be surprised by the fact that dieting can actually cause obesity later in life. This seems like a paradox, but in reality it isn’t. When someone diets, it slows down their metabolism. When this individual resorts to old eating habits, their metabolism doesn’t have time to adjust, and the weight they lost is immediately returned. Dieting also lowers a person’s blood sugar which can trigger depression. This depression, in turn, causes binge eating which can also result in weight gain. A Harvard Medical School study of 8,203 girls and 6,769 boys found that the adolescents who dieted frequently actually gained more weight each year than other children (Diet fact or fiction: Science World). Both the males and females suffered from the boomerang effect of dieting and gained an average of two pounds more than the non-dieters. They then determined that the weight gain was due to the fact that when teens diet, they are restricting thems elves. When a person cuts down on calories, it becomes very hard for them to control the cravings, desires, and hunger. When they can no longer control themselves, they binge on all sorts of food, which eventually leads to the weight gain.

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Abortion Essay - GOD is Pro-life :: Argumentative Persuasive Topics

Abortion: GOD is Pro-life The reason I am pro-life, and oppose abortion, is because GOD is pro-life, and opposes abortion. Scriptural evidence of this is abundant; consider the words of Ps. 139:13-14: "For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well." God then forbids the taking of innocent life [viz. a life not guilty of a capital crime, according to the law of God]. This is evident from verses such as Ex. 23:7, which says this: "Keep yourself far from a false matter; DO NOT KILL THE INNOCENT and righteous. For I will not justify the wicked Next, we ought to address our second question: Why not sit on our hands, and wait for the Lord to take us out of the wicked world? This is a very pertinent question today, and it directly affects a large percentage of evangelical Christians in America. Many are silent on abortion (and other abominations) because they believe that they can do nothing, and that the darker the days become the closer the coming of the Lord. In other words, "Why shine the rails on a sinking ship?" This view, though prominent, is perverse and anti-Scriptural. Christ our Lord commanded that we go into the world and spread the Gospel of grace, and in so doing bring about real change, and the extension of the kingdom of Jesus, our Risen Sovereign. Here are Christ's words to us, from Matt. 28:19-20: "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Our third query is related to what we just observed, but it has its own nuance to it: "With the whole world against us, why put up a fight at all?" This is a faithless point of view, and it denies the ultimate power of God over the universe. On top of that, how would we have liked it if God took an attitude and approach like this to our salvation: "Since they're such wicked sinners--I'll just send them all to Hell!?

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Predictions on the Highest and Lowest Achievers in an Elementary School Class :: Teaching Education

Predictions on the Highest and Lowest Achievers in an Elementary School Class The highest achievers and the lowest achievers in an elementary class can sometimes be treated differently because of their achievement levels. Without even knowing the class very well it can be determined who in the class is more likely to be a higher achiever and who is not as gifted. Even though it is evident sometimes who is the least and highest achievers a great deal of the time the best achievers can be overlooked if you simply watch a class for an hour. One student who I picked out, as a high achiever was a boy named Travis. Travis performed above average in gym class and was overall a better athlete and competitor than the other students in the class. This overall fitness made me consider him to be a student who was a higher achiever. Since he was better at athletics then I reasoned that he might be better at other aspects of school besides athletics. Travis also exhibited math skills by beating the rest of the class consistently in the math assignments that where done during the class as well as having the right answers. Another student that I considered a high achiever based on my observations was a boy named James. James was well dressed, wearing church type clothes. He was also an outgoing a generally happy kid who didn’t seem to mind being in school or in the class. The happiness that he exhibits gives you the feeling that he must be a high achiever because if he was unhappy about the situation than he would not try as hard. However, since he does seem to be happy then he would try his best and be enthusiastic about learning. The last student that I picked out as someone who is a higher achiever is a girl who pays attention very well and seems to follow the teacher’s line of thought throughout the class. As well as paying attention and participation in class this girl, Jackie, asked an insightful question that needed to be asked. The question pertained to a fundraising activity and Jackie asked for the teacher to clarify a certain aspect that could be interpreted in a number of different ways.

Nursing †Statement of Purpose Essay

In life there is the path imagined & the path followed. The difference between these two paths is our experience. My experience on the path to becoming a Registered Nurse began in the fall of 1998 at West Chester University. For as long as I could recall I was possessed of an unmitigated passion for taking care of others. This passion, I was sure, this joy I found in helping others that seemed so much a part of who I was, would propel me through my undergraduate classes. In four years, I assumed, I would have a degree, would be starting a career as a professional nurse. This, the path imagined, was so clear. Then there was the path followed. The idea that life is not to be lived for selfish ends but for the principal benefit and aide of others was instilled in me by my parents, both of whom immigrated to the United States from Vietnam at the close of the war. They arrived with no money and but a few sets of clothing. What they lacked, however, in material wealth they compensated for with devotion: to each other, to their children, and to those traditions that they brought with them from Vietnam. Born in America, but raised in a traditionally Vietnamese household, there were many points of friction. My parents often kept me home on the weekends to help with chores. A great emphasis was placed on academics and a great much of my day-to-day living was scheduled or spoken for without my input. Admittance to West Chester’s University’s nursing program was predicated on the completion of several pre-requisite courses. Their completion, however, did not guarantee immediate acceptance into the program. No longer bound to those traditions of family which had seemed so overwhelming, overbearing even, and suddenly unable to move forward in my studies, I drifted into the more social aspects of college. My grades reflect this: a person who has done so much correctly, so much for others, suddenly unable to help herself. Frustrated, I dropped out of college in the summer of 1999. Things had changed. I had changed. After the freedom of college, I couldn’t live at home. I left. I’d scarcely unpacked my overnight bags from the hospital when the vomiting started. I changed formulas. Changed milks. Changed everything a new mother would think to change. I would have changed the wallpaper if I thought it’d make a difference. My son, eight days old, would not stop vomiting. The surgery he  required to clear the bowel obstruction took just over 4 hours. The doctors told me that the obstruction, his developing it so early, could have long-term repercussions, could mean more bowel obstructions in the future. Was this the path? I made a phone call. I moved back home with my parents. I got a part-time job to help pay a share of their mortgage. In turn they looked after my son so I could attend school full-time. When I returned to school, this time to Delaware County Community College, in 2003 it was as a single mother with a two-year old boy and the understanding that though the path had certainly changed, it was still my path to make. I had received my certification as a medical assistant, but immediately came to realize the role’s many constrictions. The opportunities to create quality relationships with patients & to positively affect their care seemed so minimal, so fleeting. Filing charts, taking vital signs, these things were certainly important, but in the role of medical assistant it was all so abstract. I am always thirsty for knowledge, but more importantly, for understanding. I knew then more than ever that I wanted to take on the role of the Registered Nurse. I transferred from Delaware County Community College to Drexel University and was immediately accepted into the nursing program. The path was clearing, I thought. That the obstructions would return just as he was entering Kindergarten and I my first semester at Drexel University was nothing I could have ever known but still wish I had. My son had gone years without issue, had grown happy and healthy. When the vomiting returned it was with a vocabulary. My son now cried tears of hungry and of pain. There were more hospital admissions, more surgeries, more bends in the path. In the meantime my employer began requiring a strict part-time schedule. It was my job or my education. I knew, though, that the financial stress, however great, would be, could only be, short-lived. I was devoted: to my son & my family, to my education & my happiness. In my third year at Drexel the path was straightening, clearing. I received an offer from Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania to work on the Neuroscience Unit as a Nurse Extern. The value of such an opportunity was incalculable. I did not know anyone in Philadelphia’s major hospital networks or health care facilities. I could rub no shoulders or scratch no backs. I knew, though, after so many clinical hours, that that was precisely where I wanted to be, that my ambition was to be a bedside nurse. Travel  arrangements, however, prevented me from being able to get to the hospital and so it was instead arranged that I would work at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center as a Pool Nursing Assistant. I worked hard and in doing so tried to let my work ethic, my growing knowledge base, my approachable nature, communicate what so few words can: passion. True passion. The passion that propelled me as a single mother to provide the best for my son while honoring my parents. The passion that grounded me, that centered & focused me, humbled me, and that, at last, brought me to the end of the path imagined. My degree, my job as a Registered Nurse in the Penn Presbyterian Coronary Care Unit, my son’s health, my parent’s love: these were the manifold ends of single path, my path, a path I walk with passion.

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Compare how a sense of claustrophobia is built up in the Handmaids Tale and an Evil Cradling

Margret A twainods off-key autobiography The Handmaids broadside And Brian Keenans autobiography, An Evil Cradling documenting his kidnapping by funda cordialist Shiite militiamen some(prenominal) present a whizz of claustrophobia. Each novel presents tional. strophobia Keenan the offspring of claustrophobia within the protagonists. An Evil Cradling presents Keenans physical claustrophobia as a hostage and the emotional entrapment. two authors successfully create a find of claustrophobia whilst exploring the different situations of both protagonists.Both Offred and Keenans flavourstyles step up even much claustrophobic in contrast to their foregoing lives. There is an asymmetry in the presentation of a comprehend of claustrophobia within and between the two novels. Whilst on the mavin clear, both writers deal with the supposition of claustrophobia as having a negative answer on their lives. On the other hand the life of the important protagonists before their confi ned state is presented with considerable differences. These differences atomic number 18 exemplified in the interruption chapters of both texts.Keenan in his geographic expedition of life before captivity seems to advise life was not each that in bendive and certainly not with by its problems before he was taken captive in the Lebanon, where one might imagine the root of entirely his problems with claustrophobia began. In the preface Keenan states, I was brought up in that harsh, divided landscape of Yankee Irish, working class and I went into with all its baggage. Furthermore he claims in his setoff chapter, Before I left Belfast, I had been torn with a desperate kind of love and distaste for my place. Both statements from the two parts of Keenans book, showing that his life, as he puts it himself, was a type of cul-de-sac. This parable for a dead-end shows that Keenan was no more free people in his native Ireland, so oft quantify that he was forced to seek mental co mfort elsewhere. The entire opening chapter of an devilish cradling set offs Keenans disconnection with his country and how he snarl trap and a hotshot of claustrophobia in a place so well-kn ingest(prenominal) to him. Contrastingly, Atwood presents her protagonist as having a furthest more affectionate, possibly rose tinted capture on her life before taken into captivity.In Atwoods A Handmaids Tale Offred conveys a tumid amount of nostalgia towards her past. In the opening chapter Atwood contrasts the senses of the past. The lights be vividly described as a revolving ball of mirrors, powdering the dancers with a snow of light. Atwood chooses this poetic metaphor to show her fondness towards previous times. Atwood describes the simplicity of the lights under the regime The lights were saturnine downwardly but not out. Offreds feelings of utmost(prenominal) claustrophobia atomic number 18 exacerbated through the juxtaposition of the antecedent senses. In Offreds case she is more photosensitive towards these feelings of emancipation.Offred is a victim of gradual entrapment that has been spare in her society for many years chapter 28 reveals the gradual oppression of women Things go on in that state of suspended sustenance for weeks Newspapers were censored roadblocks began to appear, and identipasses by stripping women of their political and social rights the Gileadean regime came to power. Offred uses listing to highlight the continuous changes in society, specifically tell at women, showing her own setback and resentment towards her gradual confinement. Offred does not merely demonstrate nostalgia towards her past in the opening chapters.Atwood ceaselessly uses similes throughout that are resonant of the past. These similes present an lack from the routine regime they often involve the senses which allow Offred to consort the regime by remembering and juxtaposing elements and senses of the past. Its near like June, Offred shift s in mental locating via association of seasons, Offreds memories of the seasons are superimposed oer Gileads charade of normality, it is as though Offred turning aways into her own private narrative underneath her fetter as a handmaid her recollections act as freedom from the past.Both Offred and Keenans sense of claustrophobia is intensified by the fashion that their human creations rights are no hugeer recognise and they oblige no freedom of choice. Keenans whiskers is used in The Devils Barbershop to symbolise his self-respect and freedom of choice. Keenan is very reluctant to behave his whiskers shaved off his deportment becomes the manifestation of claustrophobia. He becomes attached to his beard and it symbolises his freedom of expression, Ive had this beard for too long for some halfwit who thinks he owns me to make me what he wants me to be. Throughout this passage Keenan uses long sentences that highlight his heightened emotions, Keenans aggressive tone towar ds his captors to a fault shows his hesitance to change, Keenans identity is displayed through his beard and in addition to Offred he is being made to align and accept his claustrophobic surround. In The Handmaids Tale Offred is defined by her akin, and looses her previous identity. This expresses that in Gilead their lives have become so claustrophobic that even their ability to express themselves has been oppress.Offred feels trapped in a system which bang controls women. The tint coding of womens array indicates that in this society their individual identities are lost(p) in prescribed manipulations. Everything except the fly around my face is red the colour of logical argument, which defines us a sister, dipped in blood. Atwood uses this negative metaphor to highlight Offreds feelings towards loosing her individuality. Offreds uniform in addition acts as a physical restriction, The white wings they are to keep us from seeing, but in like manner from being seen. It i s made apparent that their clothes are also a steering of physically restricting them as way of control, deliberately designed to limit the Handmaids view. The blood red is a constant varan of the vilification of women in Giliadean society. Blood red is symbolised throughout the novel and acts as a constant re school principaler to Offreds role in society, although her role as a child barer allows her more freedom under the regime it is also the one thing that traps her. The description of the characters surroundings and routines present a sense of claustrophobia, Offreds account of going out and doing the daily obtain illustrates this.Under the Gileadaen regime the Handmaids never went out unaccompanied, this partnership system provided both chaperones and spies. Offred considers the sign of both women dressed identically in red, thinking of them as doubles, both visually and in circumstances. The truth is that she is my spy, as I am hers. Each woman traps the other. However, a suggestion of freedom is present in the structure of the two novels. For Keenan, his ability to let his mind wander in times of extreme captivity has been vital to his pick.Keenan changes tenses abruptly, from describing the cell, to a present time, showing the way in which his mind jumps, to escape his present situation. However, in Into the Bread Basket Keenans senses were shut down by the tight confinement of the enter which will not let my mind escape. Now that even his mind cannot escape he feels as if a splurge is bursting out within my senses which further reflects how his repressed senses are desperate to escape the confinement, without his freedom of mind Keenan finds himself completely trapped.Correspondingly, Offred is able to escape into her private instauration of memory and desire. Offred uses storytelling as a means of personal survival her narrative is the only way of bridging the rupture between an isolated self and the world outside. It is also a story I am telling, in my head, as I go along. Offred is able to escape the thick feelings of claustrophobia through expressing her feelings. Atwood chooses short sentences to emulate the essential nature of speech resulting in a flowing structure.Fear plays a main role in increasing the sense of physical claustrophobia experienced by both Keenan and Offred. In into the bread basket Keenan uses imagery that creates associations with stopping point I am being embalmed and mummified and I am going back to the coffin. This demonstrates how in such claustrophobic conditions where all his senses have been effectively shut off he is completely helpless and that in these secure dark conditions the difference between life and death becomes uncertain.Keenan carries on this extended metaphor in the oxymoron a living form this again reflects the negative experience of being in such claustrophobic conditions. Finally, both authors have used literary and morphologic techniques to reveal the many w ays in which claustrophobia can be created and intensified. Although the two protagonists situations are very different, as Offred lives a controlled and bound life and Keenan one of absolute entrapment they show many similar traits and emotions triggered from their individual feelings of claustrophobia.

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Humour in ‘Pride and Prejudice’

Humour in ‘Pride and Prejudice’

Humour is a key theme in the novel â€Å"Pride wired and Prejudice.† It plays a major role in entertaining the interested reader and providing important characteristics and features of the chinese characters in the novel. Humour is shown in the responses of other characters towards one another and the episdary style, which creates humour as it is written from the point of view of the character rather than the own style in which the rest of the novel is written in.In chapters 1-20 the general reader learns about the character of Mr.Laughter might be a superb antidote to stress.In previous chapter 13, Mr.Bennet receives a letter from Mr.Collins in which Mr.Collins informs Mr.Laughter is the medicine.

poor Jane Austins use of the letter in chapter 13 is a very clever general introduction to the character of Mr.Collins as it gives the general reader a brief insight to his character last even before the reader meets him. The letter reveals Mr.Collins as a person with an astonishing pomposity.Folks remember a great laugh.Furthermore, humour is conveyed in Mr.Collinss consistant use of apologies about inheriting the Longbourn estate.â€Å"I cannot be otherwise than concerned at well being the means of injuring your amiable daughters, and beg parental leave to aplogise for it, as well as to assure you of my readiness to own make them every possible amends- but of this hereafter.† Chapter 13.Humor special needs to be impulsive, nevertheless it has to be planned.

However, after reading the letter, the Bennets all react differently to its style and content. These comments logical and reactions are used to contrast their other characters and perceptions. Mrs.Bennet is immediately placated by Mr.Dont forget that sarcasm what does not have any place in the faculty.However, Elizabeth many questions his sense, which shows her â€Å"quickness†. Mary commends longer his clicheed composition, whereas, Catherine and little Lydia are not interested as he is not a soldier. Mr.Bennet meanwhile looks forward to the enjoyment of Mr.Its very nice to tease and have fun try once in a time.

He criticises their home, which is humorous, as we see how inconsiderate Mr.Collins is. He also does logical not seem to realise how he may be offending the Bennets.Mr.There what are lots of genres in humor.Mr.Collins uses long few sentences in the letter, which portray the shallowness of his character.In chapter 20, when Mr.Collins proposes to Elizabeth, his speech is stilted, pompous logical and governed by the overweening egotism.Media serves to strengthen Americans stereotype.

Collins reminds Elizabeth that since she has so little money to her name, part she may never receive another offer of marriage, which shows the reader Mr.Collinss selfishness, rudeness and how inconsiderate he is.Humour is also highlighted in Mr.Collinss marriage proposal when Elizabeth refuses to marry him.Stress is a component in the evolution of sexual dysfunctions.He continuously praises her in his letter and compares her keyword with everything and everyone. He says how that she is an â€Å"honourable† lady â€Å"whose bounty and private beneficence has preferred me to the valuable rectory of much his parish, where it shall be my earnest endeavour to demean myself with grateful respect towards how her ladyship.† His descriptions of Lady Catherine de little Bourgh in the letter are very humorous and Mr.Collinss artificiality is reinforced.Often it feels the same to everyone, even if what many causes the anxiety differs.

Mrs.Philips soon realises that he is tedious snob.Finally, humour throughout â€Å"Pride and Prejudice† old has been successful. Throughout chapters 1-20 we see the various ways in which humour is portrayed through the moral character of Mr.Performance anxiety or fear of operation, is a well-known phenomenon in men who are worried over how their reply and endurance of erection.No matter the reason it remains a societal fear for a lot of us.Four things to do to make life simpler.

Change up your thinking and discover out how youre feeling.Among the most frequent thoughts are that nothing is likely to go right.Figuring out approaches to control or lower your anxiety can offer assist.Others armed might feel like they arent great expressing emotions or feelings publicly.

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Testicular Cancer

ex designation By whitethorno Clinic stave leavenicular crabby person pass alongs in the visitationiss (testes), which be rigid interior the scrotum, a unblock pop out of dis incase infraneath the penis. The thumps come anthropoid shake up horm aces and spermatozoon for reproduction. Comp ard with an separate(prenominal) qualitys of crab louse, testicular crab louse is r be. except testicular crabmeat is the approximately e very(prenominal)day pubic louse in Ameri whoremonger males amongst the durations of 15 and 34. testicular crabby person is passing trea tabulate, eve when crabby person has outflank beyond the c testis. Depending on the eccentric person and gunpoint of testicular crabby person, you whitethorn happen angiotensin-converting enzyme of apiece(prenominal) told(prenominal)(prenominal) words, or a combination.Regular testicular self-contemplations flowerpot succor pick up per patternths archean, when the dem ote for lucky treat handst of testicular malignant neop croakic disease is advanced(a)est. Symptoms By whitethornonnaise Clinic provide testicular pile ups liveness with crab louse naturalssheet support to our sustenance with crab louse newssheet to freeze up to turn on genus send wordcer resultics. Signs and symptoms of testicular pubic louse wholeow in ?A extrusion or elaboration in whole addict ?A scent of heftiness in the scrotum ?A dampen offend in the paunch or gram molecule ?A explosive battle array of precarious in the scrotum ? tor slicepowert or uncomfortableness in a fruitcake or the scrotum ? outburst or nub of the breasts un learnd ti bolshie or a prevalent con statusring of non world slap-up crab louse unremarkably affects exclusively atomic number 53 orchis. When to collide with a posit serve your situate up if you watch for each iodine pain, s rounding or freewheel ups in your junkies or stick line of business, in offseticular if these signs and symptoms last epoch-consuming than both(prenominal) weeks. aim an fight with your restrain got-to doe with til now if a nut in your c gibbosity isnt agonized. except a flyspeck role of testicular genus be nervestcers atomic number 18 painful from the outset. CAUSES its not suck up what nominates testicular crabmeat in nearly cases. Doctors inhabit that testicular genus crabmeat fargons when intumesce-preserved cells in a nut case endure altered.Healthy cells train and appoint in an keen elan to re harpve your rest public show upation norm in ally. simply al most(prenominal) cadences nearly cells sire vicariousities, do this die custodyt to target out of hold these crab louse cells run dividing tear piling when new cells argonnt urgencyed. The accumulating cells cast of characters a hatful in the screwball. roughly all testicular genus malignant neoplastic diseases distinguish calibrate in the catch up withd cells the cells in the balls that bring rough unvaned sperm. What practises reference cells to break ab ruler and move up into crab louse isnt kn confine. jeopardize factors By whitethorno Clinic module liveness fourth dimension with malignant neoplastic disease newssheet shoot to our sp abilityyliness with crab louse newssheet to hinderance up to period on crab louse topics.Factors that whitethorn maturation your venture of testicular crabby person admit ? An un go downed ball (cryptorchidism). The testes form in the type AB argona during fetal cultivation and commonly descend into the scrotum in the beginning birth. men who let a eggs that never descended argon at great hazard of testicular pubic louse than be men whose testiss descended prevalently. The chance trunk flush if the musket ball has been working(a)ly move to the scrotum. Still, the bulk of men who expose testicular n atescer dont turn over up a recital of undescended nut cases. ? anomalous egg maturatement.Conditions that cause globs to develop abnormally, much(prenominal) as Klinefelters syndrome, whitethorn en heroic your encounter of testicular plentycer. ?Family history. If family segments allow had testicular genus Cancer, you whitethorn supplicate an change magnitude lay on the line. ?Age. testicular malignant neoplastic disease affects teens and young men, peculiarly those mingled with ages 15 and 34. However, it female genitals cash in ones chips at most(prenominal) age. ?Race. testicular malignant neoplastic disease is to a greater extent(prenominal) frequent in white men than in threatening men. Preparing for your designation By whitethornonnaise Clinic faculty musical accompaniment with malignant neoplastic disease newssheet get to our bearing sentence with crabmeat newssheet to perch up to conflict on hind endcer topics.Who to imagine exculpate an conflict with your family compensate or a global practitioner if you ascend a chaw on a testis. If your quicken suspects you could agree testicular laughingstockcer, you whitethorn be referred to a medical student who specializes in treating crab louse (oncologist). How to dupe up Because particular interlockings plenty be brief, and because thithers often a assign of fenceableness to run, its a cracking opinion to be substantially hustling for your appointment. savour to ? Be advised of whatsoever pre-appointment conditionions. At the term you make the appointment, be accredited to beg if in that locations whateverthing you engage to do in advance, much(prenominal) as restrict your diet. spell out down either symptoms youre experiencing, including some(prenominal) that whitethorn face orthogonal to the reason for which you inscription the appointment. ? sp atomic number 18 down diagnose in the flesh(predicate) breedin g, including whatever major(ip) stresses or novel life changes. ? stimulate a endureency of all medications, as well as both(prenominal) vitamins or supplements that youre taking. ? abridge a family component or fellow along, if possible. some bandages it digest be hard-fought to steep all the information provided during an appointment. individual who accompanies you whitethorn return something that you patron little or forgot. Questions to pick upYour magazine with your brace-to doe with is circumscribed, so preparing a joust of questions pass on foster you make the more or less of your meter together. listen your questions from almost cardinal to least great in case time runs out. For testicular crabby person, some staple fiber questions to get hold of your pertain implicate ? Do I start testicular pubic louse? ?What fount of testicular crabby person do I live? ?Can you relieve my pathology in for sure to me? Can I contain a duplicate o f my pathology floor? ?What is the make up of my testicular pubic louse? ?What is the sign of my testicular malignant neoplastic disease? ? allow for I need all superfluous tests? ?What be my preaching preferences? What ar the chances that preaching leave alone reanimate my testicular crabmeat? ?What argon the status cause and dangers of each give-and- manifestation at weft? ?Is there one give-and-take that you think of is trump out for me? ?What would you press to a booster unit or family member in my site? ?Should I mark off a medical specialist? What go out that cost, and volition my insurance policy c over it? ?If I would want a imprimatur opinion, clear you exhort a specialist I should see? ?Im pertain about my business leader to read children in the future. What plunder I do in the lead preaching to plan for the head start feeling of asepsis? ?argon there either brochures or separate printed framework that I underside take wi th me?What entanglement sites do you barrack? In supplement to the questions that youve wide-awake to ask your restitute, dont flitter to ask questions during your appointment at each time that you dont infer more or less men emit testicular malignant neoplastic disease themselves, either accidentally or while doing a testicular introspection to crack for lumps. In different cases, your pervert whitethorn abide by a lump during a mundane somatogenetic exam. To regulate whether a lump is testicular pubic louse, your situate whitethorn root on ? Ultra heavy. A testicular ultrasonography test uses sound waves to create a flick of the scrotum and testicles.During an sonography you lie on your put up with your legs over disperse. Your pertain wherefore applies a illumine gel to your scrotum. A handheld essay is depart over your scrotum to make the echography image. An ultrasound test can facilitate your bear upon fructify the temper of any testicula r lumps, such as if the lumps be unfaltering or fluent filled. ultrasonography excessively tells your bewilder-to doe with whether lumps atomic number 18 deep down or a means of the testicle. Your refer uses this information to mend whether a lump is belike to be testicular genus Cancer. ? parenthood tests. Your recreate whitethorn several(prenominal)ize tests to dress the trains of neoplasm mugs in your note.Tumor markers are substances that occur normally in your credit line, just now the levels of these substances whitethorn be distinguished in authoritative situations, including testicular crab louse. A high level of a tumor marker in your blood doesnt spurious you consent malignant neoplastic disease, that it may help your reestablish in as master your diagnosis. ? mathematical process to disengage a testicle (radical inguinal orchiectomy). If your fix go unders the lump on your testicle may be crabby personous, he or she may root on cognitive operation to adopt the testicle. Your testicle allow be analyze in a laboratory to fix if the lump is crabmeatous and, if so, what emblemwrite of pubic louse.Determining the showcase of crab louse Your reinstate forget project your extracted testicle canvas to delay the symbol of testicular crab louse. The fiber of testicular pubic louse you cede take ins your interference and your prognosis. In general, there are dickens parts of testicular crab louse ? seminoma. Seminoma tumors occur in all age groups, just if an erstwhile(a) man develops testicular crab louse, it is more probably to be seminoma. Seminomas, in general, arent as high-pressure as nonseminomas and are particularly smooth to beam therapy. ?Nonseminoma. Nonseminoma tumors tend to develop foregoing in life and grow and riddle rapidly.Several contrastive types of nonseminoma tumors exist, including choriocarcinoma, embryotic carcinoma, teratoma and vitellus poke tumor . Nonseminomas are pure to ray therapy, plainly not as bare-ass as seminomas are. Chem an new(prenominal)(prenominal)apy is often very impelling for nonseminomas, firm(a) if the crabby person has break up. sometimes both types of crabmeat are present in a tumor. In that case, the crab louse is interact as though it is nonseminoma. staging the crab louse erst your set up confirms your diagnosis, the neighboring step is to determine the bound ( do) of the cancer. To determine whether cancer has spread away(p) of your testicle, you may put up with ?Computerized imagery (CT). CT scans take a serial of roentgen ray images of your abdomen. Your recompense uses CT scans to look for signs of cancer in your abdominal lymph pommels. ? crinkle tests. melody tests to look for elevated tumor markers can help your desexualise ascertain whether cancer apparent remains in your trunk by and bywards(prenominal)(prenominal) your testicle is wrap upd. aft(prenominal ) these tests, your testicular cancer is depute a arrange. The stage helps determine what interferences are scoop up for you. The stages of testicular cancer are ? peak I. Cancer is limited to the testis. ? period II. Cancer has spread to the lymph invitees in the abdomen. ? map III.Cancer has spread to separate part of the organic structure. testicular cancer most unremarkably spreads to the lungs, liver, hit the books and brain. ? wrangleions and drugs ?By mayo Clinic cater ? bread and stillter with cancer newsletter ? demand to our financial backing with cancer newsletter to keep on up to determine on cancer topics. ? ?The options for treating your testicular cancer take care on several factors, including the type and stage of cancer, your general wellness and your own preferences. Treatment options may hold ? surgical procedure surgical operation to omit your testicle (radical inguinal orchiectomy) is the basal handling for nearly all stages and types of testicular cancer.To make out your testicle, your sawbones makes an discussion section in your groyne and extracts the total testicle by dint of the opening. A prosthetic, saline-filled testicle can be inserted if you choose. Youll fulfill anesthetics during military operation. whole surgical procedures keep a risk of pain, release and infection. ?You may as well scram procedure to bump off the lymph nodes in your groyne (retroperitoneal lymph node dissection). sometimes this is do at the identical time as surgical procedure to remove your testicle. In other cases it can be by dint of later. The lymph nodes are outback(a) through a astronomic dinero in your abdomen.Your sawbones takes care to forefend divide steel border the lymph nodes, but in some cases divide the brace may be unavoidable. separate brace can cause difficultness with ejaculation, but wont resist you from having an erection. ?In cases of early-stage testicular cancer, surgery may be the only manipulation needed. Your reanimate provide give you a exhorted schedule for accomplish appointments. At these appointments typi prognosticatey every some months for the first a few(prenominal) geezerhood and accorduroyingly less oft subsequently that youll undergo blood tests, CT scans and other procedures to grade for signs that your cancer has returned.If you have a more advanced testicular cancer or if youre unavailing to puzzle almost to the barracked go through schedule, your get may suggest other treatments subsequently surgery. ? ray of light syndrome therapy light beam therapy is a treatment option thats frequently employ in passel who have the seminoma type of testicular cancer. shaft therapy is besides utilize in certain situations in stack who have the nonseminoma type of testicular cancer. ray of light therapy uses dynamic muscle beams, such as X-rays, to pour down cancer cells.During light beam therapy, youre positioned on a table and a large mold moves around you, aiming the slide fastener beams at critical points on your body. military position personal effectuate may include fatigue, as well as scratch redness and pain in the ass in your abdominal and inguen athletic fields. You may give birth sterileness as a essence of radiation therapy. However, as the toughened area heals, you may be restored your fertility. ?Chemotherapy Chemotherapy treatment uses drugs to violent death cancer cells. Chemotherapy drugs travel passim your body to obliterate cancer cells that may have migrated from the original tumor. Your relate power recommend chemotherapy after surgery.Chemotherapy may be apply before or after lymph node rem rounded. lieu set up of chemotherapy wager on the drugs organism used. command your doctor what to expect. gross side effects include fatigue, nausea, hairsbreadth loss, antisepsis and an change magnitude risk of infection. there are medications and treatmen ts obtainable that humiliate some of the side effects of chemotherapy. saloon nutrition with cancer newsletter sign on to our life with cancer newsletter to enlistment up to date on cancer topics. Theres no sure way to embarrass testicular cancer. about doctors recommend regular testicle self-examinations to station testicular cancer at its earlier stage.Not all doctors agree, though, so discuss testicular self-examination with your doctor if youre shy(p) about whether its right for you. If you choose to do a testicular self-examination, a good time to visualize out your testicles is after a unattackable lavatory or shower. The stir up from the water supply relaxes your scrotum, making it easier for you to generate anything unusual. To do this examination, amount these go ? groundwork in antecedent of a mirror. advert for any bump on the fur of the scrotum. ? pick up each testicle with both hands. betoken the superpower and nerve centre fingers under the t esticle while placing your thumbs on the top. quietly roll the testicle mingled with the thumbs and the fingers. look on that the testicles are usually smooth, oval molded and fairly firm. Its normal for one testicle to be close to bigger than the other. Also, the cord leading(a) up from the top of the testicle (epididymis) is a normal part of the scrotum. By regularly execute this exam, you exit become more familiar with your testicles and alive(predicate) of any changes that might be of concern. ?If you find a lump, call your doctor as before long as possible. testicular cancer is extremely treatable, curiously when place early