Thursday, February 6, 2020

Politics in Everyday Life Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Politics in Everyday Life - Case Study Example Every decision that is made should, therefore, be centered on their decisions so that a fair judgment can be given. The real law comes from the will of the people. This is based on democracy and social compact. How much influence should interest groups play in your decision making? Interest groups is one of he factors as they are all citizens of the town. They should not be put in a position where they can directly influence the decision. This is because; they are an interested party that could give a suggestion to favor them (Roskin, 2006). How do you respond to those that support the project/against the project and donated to your campaign? Having people supporting the project with the knowledge of the reasons of why they support, it is very essential. They could be supporting it for personal gain or to avoid responsibilities. Those not supporting the idea, on the other hand, could be those that are oppressed by the suggestion. The only solution to these two parties is listening to all their suggestions. Making a point of dealing with the situation in a manner that will not be oppressive could also be an important gesture. What role should lobbyists play? In this case, a lobbyist will come in handy in advising the city dwellers (Roskin, 2006). They are the people that are in a position to influence the final decision made by the authorities.

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