Wednesday, November 27, 2019

How to Pick the College Major Thats Right for You

The word â€Å"major† is one that is thrown around often when the idea of a college education becomes reality. As a word, it can describe a person through a specific realm of studies, such as Business or Communications; it also serves to categorize, map, and project student success in particular courses. That success then represents their achievements when related to potential job opportunities.How does someone fully commit to a major, though? It’s definitely a scary thought: committing to anything long term, especially at such a young age. This thought, however, will guide and create the person each student plans on growing to become. In order to graduate, that student must decide on at least one course of study. In my experience, the question came and I had little thought to both visualize and verbalize my plans. I was scared, nervous, and a little uneasy.Although at Xavier University students have until the beginning of the second semester of sophomore year to decide on a major, I realized early on that having a major from the beginning of my first semester efficiently created an effective method for me to succeed in as a student. I also realize, however, that this method of deciding is not suited for everyone. If anything, there were very serious flaws in how I came up with the idea of wanting to major in both Advertising and Psychology; I was lucky, though. To put some of these flaws in perspective, I committed early to the idea of Advertising as a major to study and succeed in because of an unhealthy binging episode of AMC’s Mad Men. However, I’m happy to say my initial obsession was genuine because, through the riddance of some key components of the 1960’s advertising world, I was even more interested and stimulated by the industry’s present-day growth and it’s almost suffocating presence within our global society. My commitment to Psychology is rooted in the idea of obsession as well, but this type relates to my quest of understanding the global society around me; people are not only every where, they are full of just as much complexity as you and I, and that is an idea that represents an education that seems worthy of indulgence. To pick a major is, in my opinion, to find something that not only represents you as a person in an ever-changing world, but also to find fulfilling work that promotes individualized growth. Because of this, I believe that majoring in a field of study that is not only interesting but also growing in validity and job rate, while also representative of a student’s personal goals and likeness is crucial to positive growth and development.To decide on a major is to believe in what creates the most amount of sustaining happiness. This is obviously easier said than done. Through listening and understanding the situations my peers found themselves in while attempting to choose a major, this decision can be achieved by introduction to an university’s core curriculum or even through the decision to take a class simply because it sounds awesome. Everyone works differently, but they have the same goal, rooted in a success-craving belief system. Majors help us realize this.This post was submitted by user christopherdamato, Xavier 18. If youre interested in submitting content to be published and featured on the blog, contact drew@ with ideas!

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