Thursday, November 21, 2019

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) and Customer Satisfaction Assignment

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) and Customer Satisfaction strategy - Assignment Example The success of a product often related to the influence of the advertisement performed. Sometimes the lack of advertisement may kill the product whereas at times attractive advertisement may save a poor product. So the planning of different types of advertising activities through Medias such as Television, Print media, internet, etc is very important. People respond to new products in different ways. Customer feedback is another area which the new product developers should concentrate. Based on the feedbacks, the product may require some fine tuning. Beta testing is a strategy adopted by even biog companies like Microsoft when they introduce a new product in the market. Windows Vista and Windows 7 etc entered the market after beta testing. This chapter briefly analyses the advertising and promotional strategies, effectiveness of advertising, measuring customer satisfaction etc with respect to the new product virtual sex software. Identification of the target market is the first step before planning the advertising and promotional strategies for the virtual sex software. Li (2007) has mentioned that identification of the demographics and psychographics is important for the successful marketing of a new product (Li, 2007). Virtual sex software mainly targets the sexually disabled persons and the teenagers and hence the advertising strategies should focus to address such people in the market. Advertising channels like internet, e-mails, Short Messaging Services (SMS), television, print media etc can be used effectively for giving details about the virtual sex software to the customers. It is better to advertise the new product with the help of a brand ambassador. A well known celebrity can be utilized for the advertisements of this product. Attractive captions and audio visual advertisements may develop enthusiasm among the customers about the new product. Some case studies and testimonials from the satisfied customers may better influence the target

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