Thursday, July 18, 2019

Predictions on the Highest and Lowest Achievers in an Elementary School Class :: Teaching Education

Predictions on the Highest and Lowest Achievers in an Elementary School Class The highest achievers and the lowest achievers in an elementary class can sometimes be treated differently because of their achievement levels. Without even knowing the class very well it can be determined who in the class is more likely to be a higher achiever and who is not as gifted. Even though it is evident sometimes who is the least and highest achievers a great deal of the time the best achievers can be overlooked if you simply watch a class for an hour. One student who I picked out, as a high achiever was a boy named Travis. Travis performed above average in gym class and was overall a better athlete and competitor than the other students in the class. This overall fitness made me consider him to be a student who was a higher achiever. Since he was better at athletics then I reasoned that he might be better at other aspects of school besides athletics. Travis also exhibited math skills by beating the rest of the class consistently in the math assignments that where done during the class as well as having the right answers. Another student that I considered a high achiever based on my observations was a boy named James. James was well dressed, wearing church type clothes. He was also an outgoing a generally happy kid who didn’t seem to mind being in school or in the class. The happiness that he exhibits gives you the feeling that he must be a high achiever because if he was unhappy about the situation than he would not try as hard. However, since he does seem to be happy then he would try his best and be enthusiastic about learning. The last student that I picked out as someone who is a higher achiever is a girl who pays attention very well and seems to follow the teacher’s line of thought throughout the class. As well as paying attention and participation in class this girl, Jackie, asked an insightful question that needed to be asked. The question pertained to a fundraising activity and Jackie asked for the teacher to clarify a certain aspect that could be interpreted in a number of different ways.

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