Thursday, October 17, 2019

Action Plan for a Learning Organization Assignment

Action Plan for a Learning Organization - Assignment Example For example, the communications department may consist of employees whose skills are not equal. Some may be good in editing; some are better in copy writing and so on. The company should facilitate different skills training to help the employees level off their skills to help each other to finish their designated tasks. Communication systems are innate in any given organizations or companies. To â€Å"develop communication† system is redundant, the better option is evaluate whether the existing communication system is efficient or not. The graphics and design depart speak a different language from the communications team but their workloads are distinct but not separate that’s why the communication system must be open and improved. Communication system and processes differ per department because their functions are different as well. On the other hand, departments are inter-dependent that’s why the improvement of communication system is necessary. For example, the communication department has an entirely different purpose and function to the human resource department. A capacity building training and company orientation for the employees is needed to achieve this Some employees may only be concerned on the matters of their department without appreciating their department’s relevance to other department. The company should facilitate harmony and unity among its workers. It is insignificant if all employees know each other’s work deliverables especially if they don’t have anything to do with it. Gossiping may arise if all the information per department will be known or made available to all. For example, the communications, public relations and media team should foster open communication lines because their workloads are interrelated. However, it is still pleasant to have open communication lines among different departments. For example for a long time a company has been using Microsoft Office but

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