Saturday, October 19, 2019

Real world negotiation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Real world negotiation - Assignment Example At the same time, he walked towards the exit threatening to leave. Afraid to lose a sale, Chris called him back and requested him to be patient. Josh offered Chris R.200 for the shoes. However, after much bargaining, the two were approaching an agreement at R.300 for the black shoes. Josh changed his mind almost immediately, claiming that he liked the grey shoes more and would buy them if Chris offered him a free water-bottle. Chris sold him the grey pair of shoes along with the water-bottle for R.300. The â€Å"lowball/ highball† tactic is used to make the other party move towards the resistance point. The tactic is used majorly in business negotiations, where the purchasing party quotes an extremely low price to induce the seller to lower the opening offer. In the above situation, Josh’s asking price was R.200, which was much lower than the seller’s price of R.500. Eventually, the tactic paid off since Josh eventually convinced Chris to sell the shoes to him at R.300.Therefore, this situation fulfills the lowball/highball tactic of negotiation. In this case, an emotional ploy is used to force the other party into bending their will towards the intimidator’s likeness (Ghauri, Pervez and Usunier 90).When used in any negotiation, the intimidator will feign an emotion such as anger to make the other party do what they want out of fear/panic. In this situation, Josh dropped the shoes and threatened to leave the store. The act of anger intimidated Chris, forcing him to call Josh back for a better negotiation. The intimidation tactic worked perfectly for Josh. The â€Å"aggressive behaviour† tactic is used to force the other party to make concessions to reach an agreement (Ghauri, Pervez and Usunier 91). Josh uses this tactic when he notifies Chris that he does not want to waste time, and also when he asks him to explain the high price of R. 500. In this case, the tactic was not helpful as Chris does not bother explaining how he obtained his

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