Saturday, October 5, 2019

Application of Nursing Theory comment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Application of Nursing Theory comment - Essay Example Notably, it is essential to acknowledge that caring is the backbone of nursing. Though the post does not give a detailed proposition of the theory, it gives a rational application of the theory to nursing setting. This post demonstrates how the theory offers a structure that nurse leaders can use to reinstate the profession’s vision of care that permits care to flow from the nurse leader to other nurses and eventually to the patients (Burtson & Stichler, 2010). The post also demonstrates how nurse leaders can use the theory to be compassionate and care towards the nurses and how this can yield positive effects on the quality of care offered to patients and the patient satisfaction scores. Notably, the post demonstrates how acting human can assist the fellow nurse workers to develop sensitivity to self and others by feeling their feelings. It can be interpreted that these compassionate encounters with the nurses promotes motivation and inspiration among the nurses and in turn results to high-quality care delivery and outstanding patient satisfaction score s. However, it would be significant to identify whether an improvement in the quality of care directly results to improved patient satisfaction

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