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Woman Crouching and Pollard Birches Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Woman Crouching and Pollard Birches - Essay Example Since Van Gogh used a special ink in his drawing, an iron gall ink, the artwork got through a deterioration due to the decaying of the ink. This made the paper of his artwork consume itself. â€Å"The drawing is 34 x 54 cm in size, produced in Nuenen of March 1884. The artwork is displayed in Van Gogh Museum at Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe†1. The â€Å"Woman Crouching† by Egon Schiele. This drawing is a 70 x 100 artwork pencil drawing on a durable vellum paper, 1918. His artworks were known for distorted nude and semi-nude drawings that transpires eroticism and suffering. Schiele was sometime imprisoned due to immortality and during his arrest he was able to create a number of drawings and watercolors that really showcased his artistry. â€Å"He was able to produce around 3,500 artworks during his lifetime (1890 – 1918)†2. ______________________ 1 Van Gogh, Vincent. â€Å"Pollard Birches† 1884. Online, wing/1395/Pollard-Birches.html 7 November 2011. 2 Schiele, Egon. â€Å"Crouching Woman† 1918. Online, 7 November 2011. 2. Comparison The first point to compare is the aerial or the atmospheric perspective of the two images. Image number one showcases great distinctive intrusion as it transpires better depth than image number two. It gives beating of contrast and element as it draws farther in view which illustrates its depth and illusion of space. â€Å"The partial overlapping of one object from the other also brings about heightened emphasis and greater perspective to the image which supersedes its focus and identity†3. The shades, shadow, brightness and texture bring in life to the first image than the image number two. Thus for the point of foreshortening, image #2 is better than image #1. It appears that the objects emerge compacted which therefore takes in an effect on its perspective that li ves out distortion as what has mostly seen in the works of the artist in image number two. â€Å"Consequently, it makes the foreshortening of the image to be an artistic medium that brings about volume and dimension†4. It has successfully executed drama and emphasized greater space. The first picture emphasizes depth while image number two alleviates it artistry through the volume and dimension of the picture. Lastly is the value of the drawing. The aim is to make your drawing realistic. In this case, image #1 was able to create value to the drawing through shading and focus between areas. â€Å"Building up the bare surroundings and lightly shading the focus areas is the approach given to this that therefore creates an illusion of dimension†5. Image #2 thus on the other hand fails to give a value drawing for it has distinct lines which made it a linear drawing than a value one. 3 N.p. â€Å"Atmospheric or Aerial Perspective† 2004. Online, http://studiochalkboard 7 November 2011. 4 Helen South. â€Å"Foreshortening†. Online, 7 November 2011. 5 Helen South. â€Å"Drawing Value – Shading Tonal Values with Graphite Pencil†. Online, 7 November 2011. 3. Conclusion Taking into consideration the three bases of comparison in this paper which includes; Atmospheric Perspective, Foreshortening and Value we can now therefore conclude that image number one (Pollard Birches) is better than image number two (Crouching Woman). To support this conclusion, here are other artworks made by the two artists (Right by; â€Å"Vincent Van Gogh† 6 and Left by; â€Å"Egon Schiele† 7). It can be clearly seen that the drawings of Van Gogh are more in-depth that the works of Schiele. Though they are beautiful in

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