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Identify the major sources contributing to the changes in patterns of Essay

Identify the major sources contributing to the changes in patterns of paid employ manpowert for women in Ireland in the 20th century 1900-2000 - Essay ExampleWomen were not allowed to stand for parliament only single women could hold property in their name. After marriage women were pass judgment to hand over their property and even their wages to their husbands. Towards the late 19th century, feminist movement gathered pace and the participation of women in this movement increased. cardinal women, based in Dublin and Belfast led the initial movement in the 1860s to change the law on womens property rights. unluckily the membership of the Irish feminist movement belonged exclusively to the middle and the upper classes of society. The credit for true feminist movement to attract women from all classes of society goes to throng Connolly. He emphasized that women should become involved in the social struggle and this was reflected in the Irish Citizen Armys insistence on treating wom en on an tinge footing with men (Hartnett).During the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century, labor and trade union movements in Ireland were stronghold of male supremacy and women make little progress. The protectionist policies excluded women and the male was supposed to support the family without the need of his wife to engage in paid employment. The womens suffrage movement encountered opposition from the labor activists who were cheerful with the 1884 Reforms Act which gave all powers to the man to run the family (Richardson, 2004). The suffragists recognized the need that women should also have the right to vote by getting the vote for women on the aforesaid(prenominal) terms as men. This suddenly led to the fear that middle and upper class women might get the vote before many running(a) men did. Women were constantly harassed and subject to organized and random acts of violence. The trade union activists resented women workers and were reluctant to offer any practical help. This hostility towards women damaged the entire working class. The women became a part

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