Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

leading - Essay ExampleOne of the major characteristics of DAC Ltd is the importance it gives to empowerment of employees. DAC leaders at altogether levels are trained to coach and learn staff. Comprehensive training helps DAC to keep the employees competent all the time to meet the challenges of rapidly changing business world. DAC gives particular attention to the individual developments because of its belief that all the DAC employees are contributing to the beau monde in one way or other. DAC is following a transparent approach in its functioning. It is not much implicated in keeping company secrets. For example, everyone in DAC at all levels knows about the bid for EMMACorp. The company knows that revealing every secret to the employees may help the company to grow employee loyalty towards the company. It should be noted that employees may feel that they are essential parts of the organization and that is why the company is taking them in confidence. affinity building is t he core of every business activity and DAC knows this fact very intimately. This is a clearly communicated vision of the CEO and employees are expected to support this doctrine whole-heartedly. Those not committed to the company vision are encouraged to seek alternate employment. DAC knows very well that it is important for the company to keep existing customers along with finding new customers. So customer servicing at all levels has been given top priority at DAC. CHRISSIE Co One of the most greens illusions among corporate world is the myth that women leaders are incapable of dealing with challenging situations. However, lessons from the latest recession show that companies with female board members done fall in than companies with male board... This research will begin with the definition of leadership as a highly sought- after and highly valued commodity. According to Northouse leadership is a process which occurs in groups it involves influence and common goals. Hackman on the other hand described leadership as the first and foremost a communication found activity whereas Mullins argued that leadership is not about being a wonder woman or man but it about valuing individuality. According to Clawson, Leadership is about managing energy first in yourself and then in those around you. Being a leader depends on ones point of view, not on status and title. The above definitions clearly suggest that it is difficult to accommodate leadership in few words. Leadership is a quality which is associated with mete out of parameters. There are born leaders as well as developed leaders. In other words, leadership qualities are indispensable as well as developed. For example, Steve Jobs was a developed leader whereas Edward Kennedy was a leader with inborn qualities. Leaders with inborn leadership qualities may emerge out naturally turn they work in groups. Others on the other hand, emerge as leaders over time after receiving enough experiences and training. Trai t theory says that traits or inborn qualities such as intelligence, communication, interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, vision and charisma are inborn leadership qualities. In other words, these leadership qualities are contagious among certain people at the time of their birth itself whereas others learn such qualities from their surroundings.

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