Friday, June 21, 2019

Introduction to the Humanities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Introduction to the Humanities - Essay Exampleulation of human emotion as well as the vehemence on the unnatural aspect of religious center figures such as the Virgin Mary shows Byzantine influence.In addition, realism began to be noticed in the paintings of the artists. Many paintings before had merely schemed through the outlines of works of art thus rendering them as crude works of art. The use of color and lines was applied to confer volume to works of art. Even though their was noticeable improvement, some characteristics of medieval theology such as the inclusion of radiance lingered. The painter Giotto di Bondone created works that make a study of human emotion and individuality that had not been experimented with before.Artists tended to give their divinely inspired paintings uncoordinated shapes such as extended necks to add onto their necromantic appearances. Long hands with extraordinarily long and extended fingers and grim expressions were also used to signify the impo rtance of the subject being painted. Fresco painting where pee supported dyes and tints were placed on recently applied plaster on surround planes.In order to bring about the production of the most changeless quality, successive coats of plaster would be applied on the walls and then allowed to dance orchestra and dry. The artist would trace the design of the figures that he intended to create on the drying wall after which a final smooth coating of plaster was then put on the wall, in a method where the outlines of the artists designs were clearly visible and could be worked upon. When the artist finally applied the paint, the tints would fuse with the sand areaicles giving them permanence and resistance to aging since they were transformed to being a part of the wall and not just its outer layer (Bishop, 2010).To avoid making mistakes with his outline, the painter had to work quickly while the wall was still wet. What especially set apart the artists like Giotto from their c ontemporaries was the freedom of expression that they portrayed in

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