Monday, June 17, 2019

National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 Essay

National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 - Essay ExampleScience and technology emerged into rapid changes. Many innovations and inventions came out to show how far humankind knowledge has been. The invention of machineries, the use of electricity, petroleum products and chemicals showed how science and technology stepped forward. This gave a lot of advantages to human population and also to the immediate environment. Modern researches wad be found helpful to human habitat out of the newest discoveries in science. By understanding a lot about things that exists in this world, scientist most especially environmentalists can tell which causes environmental degradation and which could be helpful to environmental protection. The advancement in science and technology seemed to emerge into two contrasting findings which are 1) the feature that the advancement in science contributed to the deeper understanding with regards to environmental preservation and protection, 2) but, in the same way that the industrialization brought by science and technology becomes the same puppet to destroy the environment because of pollutions and chemical wastes that contaminates water and pollutes the air. These facts create an echoing and wake reality that those technological advancements bear the consequence that destroys the world humans live because of its by-products. Because of those awakening facts, many people of the world, most especially the government has been motivated to make steps in order to prevent the alarming situation that the world faces because of the oppose outcomes of industrialization.

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