Monday, June 10, 2019

Leadership Personal Issues and the Rules of Law Assignment - 1

Leadership Personal Issues and the Rules of Law - Assignment ExampleThe inclusion of educational requirements and training in the American constabulary enforcement docket has revolutionized the entire practice.Several legal philosophys have been enacted to facilitate smooth functionality and implementation of the transformation policies in the American law enforcement system.Presently, the law enforcement in America is perceive as a professional and not just a mere occupation. The education system has been restructured to facilitate training of police officers into various capacities. An analysis of the enlisting process of the police officers depicts that college graduates atomic number 18 being recruited to work in the police force (Duignan, 2012). From this observation, it can be deduced that the police force has been revolutionized as far as education is concerned. However, some critics despise the act of recruiting college graduates in the police force. Their argument is tha t the street recruits are better in the field than the college graduates. In essence, they complain that college graduates are good in paperwork but poor in the practical field. It is imperative to note that dealing with criminals requires the police officers to be knowledgeable to make the process of introduce down offenders. In this regard, the benefits of recruiting police officers with college degrees cannot be ignored.There are some basic terms in law enforcement that are sometimes challenging for the common land citizen to understand. Some of these terms are arrest, seizure, and searches that many be warranted or unwarranted. It is usually significant to understand these terms to avoid being caught on the wrong font of the law. Research has shown that many people have found themselves on the extreme side of the law due to ignorance of the various terms used in law enforcement (Hall, 2012). An arrest can be described the practice, by law enforcement officers, of depriving an individual liberty to facilitate investigations or to prevent crime and presenting the arrested

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