Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Case Study#5 Let the Committee Decide Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

#5 Let the Committee Decide - Case Study Example However, in any learning institution the decisions are vital since they impact the learners, teachers and community (P.2, L.24). Principals, often don’t advocate the model since it leaves only a few people within the school committee with the power to make decisions that affect the entire administration. According to them, this initiative directly undermines the principles administrative role, limits creativity and general commitment. Possible perceived advantages of dividing administrative functions into organizational units include: allowing for more targeted governance within the organizational divisions. The division of responsibilities will guarantee accountability and efficiency in administrative roles. As well as provide an opportunity in measuring individual performance of the appointed management. The cons of dividing administrative funding include less self-sustainability - in that smaller sections often tend to face challenges in regards to human and natural resource available to carry out the organizational tasks. Since, they are still dependent on the central body for regular funds and resources. They are also known to affect the unity since some of the management, divisions and distributions of resources choices are bias, and this will ultimately affect unity and lead to in fights. The perceived advantages of committee panel making administrative decisions include the commonly identified aspect of automatically gaining access to the accumulative group knowledge which results in an advantage to the organization. In addition, it makes the decisions more professional and due to its participative nature can contribute to the general satisfaction of the teachers. On the other hand, the perceived disadvantages with using committees for decision making include. The members tend to shift towards extreme or exaggerated decisions, in that person acting as a committee often seem to make decisions that individuals

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