Thursday, August 8, 2019

Semillas Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Semillas - Essay Example and helps them to make changes for the betterment of their families, communities and society in a big way. Semillas was founded by Lucero Gonzalez, who understood the significance of uniting women of all economic and educational backgrounds, concerned in humanity. It was formed over the past 15 years, by a group of few women lawyers and international human rights law experts who came together to change and prove that the enlightening disgrace that love for humankind and charity are one and the same. Semillas receives its funds from the international cooperation, institutions and individual donors and from the Mexican society and the corporation. It not only provides financial resources to the women's organizations, but also gives institutional strengthening support through its wide experience in the field with the help of experts. This organization also strengthens Mexican women's rights, helps in constructing a fair society, promotes a society of equality between men and women and improves the condition of life for future generations. These resources are then awarded as grants to organizations that work in four primary areas such as Humans Rights, Women and Work, Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Gender Violence. Semillas not only provide economic resources, but also provides follow up for women groups that make stronger their leadership and organizing capabilities for monitoring and evaluating their projects and for resource development. For over four decades there has been violence in the Mexican countries. Due to the civil conflict between both the both left-wing guerilla groups and right-wing Para-military forces, fuelled by politics has made this place hell. Not only this but drug-related crime and government-sponsored violence, this internal war has killed thousands and made millions of people homeless. People who stand up for their rights and justice are killed. Women activists have been raped, mutilated, disfigured and murdered. They are driven out from their communities to stop their heroic efforts to build community and demand justice. Semillas offers a simple and productive way to be active participants in Mexico's social change process through its Network of Women Investing in Women and Men in Solidarity (WIW Network). This Network is composed of 560 women and men who seek to support women's cause through their investment donations. This organization observes the significant advantage in encouraging women and girls to widen and use their talents and gifts. The group has brought to justice the cases of women forcibly displaced and of those who have suffered political violence, including sexual violence. There are various groups such as Observatory on Gender, Democracy and Human Rights (Observatorio, Genero, Democracia y

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