Saturday, August 10, 2019

Film Review Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Film Review Paper - Essay Example Since then these two spend a lot of time together and fall in love. Rafe unexpectedly returns and realizes that Danny and Evelyn are very close to each other. But before they three can untangle themselves, Japan attacks Pearl Harbor and starts bombing. Many ships are destroyed and Evelyn is busy in dealing with the wounded. Meanwhile Danny and Rafe manage to get air bourn and they start shooting down Japanese fighter planes with the help of their reckless tactics. If you compare this movie with â€Å"The Thin Red Line† or â€Å"Saving Private Ryan† the movie simply lacks moral ambiguity. The important issues are presented in black and white with a little focus on deciding what is actually right and what is wrong. The Japanese are shown as clear evil and Americans are shown as doing nothing and just being good to the Japanese which is not fair. The love story of the movie would have been very interesting if in the love triangle there would have been a Japanese American, because there would have been a problem of their loyalties as an American and their ancestral roots which would have been torn apart. A very big problem with this movie was that the director tries a lot of things together. With all these things Pearl Harbor didn’t do a good job but it’s still a good movie because Josh Harnett and Kate Beckinsale acted pretty well. As far as the historical accuracy is concerned the movie has got all the dates and events right. The special effects used in movie are really impressive. Despite many negative comments and reviews Pearl Harbor was one of the highest grossing films in 2001. It can be included in the list of good American War movies. The historical context of the movie is completely lost. Pearl Harbor had three hours in which to present it. The actual historical background was not present. The most obvious historical blunder is the scene of Americana that the director uses as an

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