Friday, August 9, 2019

Quality of Software in Project Management Research Paper

Quality of Software in Project Management - Research Paper Example At the present, our lives are governed by complex and large size systems with more and more complicated software, as a result the safety, security, and consistency of these systems has turned out to be a main concern. Additionally, as the size and complexity of software in current systems grow, it has more imperfection, which harmfully affects the safety, security, and consistency of the systems. Normally, software is divided into two elements: These elements can be internal and external quality features. External quality features are those parts of a product that face its users, where internal quality features are those that do not interact with the users. However, the quality is conformance to product requirements and should be free. In this scenario, the job of software quality assurance is to ensure that the standards, processes, and procedures are correct for the project as well as are appropriately implemented. In fact, SQA and SQC are processes defined within CMMI, and come un der the support process area. However, in CMMI SQA/SQC is defined as process and product quality assurance (SQA, 2011; Sangeetha, SenthilKumar, Arumugam, & Akila, 2010). Basically, the quality assurance is a confusing subject. In fact, software quality cannot be defined for the reason that there is no single absolute and complete definition of its lexicon. However, research shows two methods to accomplish quality software systems.

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