Monday, April 29, 2019

Health and safety Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Health and safety - Essay ExampleIn this situation, the building is an educational mental home with students, teachers and administrative staff. While constructing the new building, the aspect of health and safety of the people present in the sometime(a) building and future health and safety concerns for the new building and its users should not be neglected.There argon many chances of accidents and untamed situations for which, in that respect should be preventive measures and safety precautions that fuck be adopted by the people. There should be safe escape passages for the people, suitable equipment to control the situation and a professional gage force to handle any hazardous situation (Managing health and safety in construction 2007). The major(ip) concern in constructing a new eight-storey is the closing of escape route that is opposite to the Leighton building. During construction, there can be a fire outbreak that cannot be handled if the fire escape route is closed.Thi s report contains a detailed overview of the risks and hazards involved in constructing the new building, statutory requirements, safe systems of work for daily operations, control measures that should be adopted to reduce the risks and hazards involved.In case of a good structure, the building ordain offer lesser chances of damage to people present in it while in the opposite case, peoples lives will be endangered because of their presence in that building (Derek 1986). In this situation, the old building that is already there contains an escape route that is closed for the construction of new building. Huge machinery that is luffing tower crane will be operative outside an educational institution and the escape passage in case of any hazardous situation will be closed. This can create a problem and it should be considered in legitimate terms. Building regulations demand the inclusion of a safe passage in case of some foreboding(a) situation (HSE 2006). The administration of Sch ool of Forensic and

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