Thursday, April 25, 2019

Paraphrase for Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Paraphrase for handling - Essay ExampleThe general assumption is that the objects convection is higher in a upended stream as a result of the extra free convection where the temperature would be expected to decrease fast. However, it has been tried and true that free convection would be rather trifling in magnitude to the hale convection. The main reason for this negligible magnitude chiffonier be attributed to the aspect of velocity in free convection compared to drived convection. A express velocity can lead to more energy being transferred into the system as molecules come into fulfill with the surface of the object while forced convection is mainly concerned with molecules being constantly being forced to the surface. As such, it can be observed that there is a correlation between linear convection coefficient and peregrine velocity as shown by the experiment.However, the main source of error in this experiment was related to the clock of sampling of every five seconds of the swinging action of the objects in the airstream. The biggest error is witnessed in the spikes of data curiously on the convection verse time figures. As the object moved from the main airstream, it lost speed and force due to the fact that there was less air molecules contacting the surface of the object and the result was a drop in the temperature of the object. The hardware to collect temperature can be cited as the main cause of the error in this experiment.In real terms, energy is lost through convection as well as well as reduction of molecules as the object move from the main airstream. Given that more energy is lost to convection, it can be noted that the convection coefficients will appear higher than what is actually obtaining on the ground. It has therefore been recommended that future experiments should operate that temperatures are increased where the an extremely thermal resistive material has to be used in narrate to hold the object against swinging while in touch

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