Sunday, April 7, 2019

University professors pay Essay Example for Free

University professors pay EssaySince professor is such(prenominal) a demanding job, and its supply is so less, its replacibility is low and thus its price is comparatively high. In contrary, course unsullied is not as demanding career as professors, it requires low requirements of knowledge, low expectation on outsiders, time and coin used for training a street unstained is less. In general, everyone can be a street cleaner and so its replacibility is low.The responsibility of being a street cleaner is simple. They are just trustworthy to clear the street every day, so the corresponding pressure is affordable for everyone. Thus, the demand of being a street cleaner is lower and its supply is so high, its pay will be comparatively low. Also, on the technological perspective, professor can be said to be a professional educator, which needs umteen engineering such as computer, telecommunication devices as the teaching aids , but street cleaner is just a simple job, they need some simpletool such as cleanup car, water pipe and other washing works.Not only the types o technologies are different, and also the coronation varies. As those technology used on teaching needs up-to-date and large amount of machine is needed in order to provide enough equipment for students, so a great deal of gold is needed to invest on technology. However, for street cleaner, one cleaning machine can be served some(prenominal) districts, and so the amount needed is less, the investment is comparatively low.Referring to Lenskis technological perspective, the one used better technology should be paid more while the one used cheaper technology should be paid less, thereof a street cleaners pay should not be similar to university professors pay. With the analyses on social perspective, economical perspective and technological perspective, it is believed that the rendering of payment between street cleaners and professors should be existed so that the culture on all aspects can be continued.It is no doubt that the existence on payment variation may worsen the social inequality, but it is also believed that the inequality can be solved in some other ways such as the rich can help the poor by dint of the donation and visit. This kinds of activities can reduce their conflict and so we can still live in a harmony atmosphere.References Bilton, Tony et al. (2002), Introductory Sociology (4th edition), Basingstoke Palgrave. Giddens, Anthony (2001), Sociology (4th edition), chapter 3 A Changing World, pp. 50-64.. Macionis, John 2003 Social Stratification, in John Macionis party The Basics , chapter 8, pp. 187-198. Kreckel, R. 1980. Unequal opportunity structure and labour market segmentation. Sociology 14525-550.

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