Monday, September 9, 2019

Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 47

Assignment Example The advantages of becoming a motocycle repair â€Å"engineer† include low training costs and ease of starting a business as no formal certificates are required. The possible disadvantage of such a career is that it may be low paying and subject to high competition as many entrants are expected in the market. There are no documented records of innovations by motorbike repaire experts. Aeronautical or aerospace engineering is broadly concerned with how airplanes and spaceships work. More specifically, the discipline is concerned with the design and manufacture of aircraft, communication systems, flight simulators, and air propulsion and control systems among other structures relevant to aviation ( par 2). Typically, aeronautical engineers involve in the creation of models and prototypes for new airplanes, perform tests on prototypes and make necessary changes on them, and design procedures for performing aviation related tests ( par 2). Aeronautical engineers in the U.S. earn a starting median salary of 60,000USD per annum ( par 1). Professionals in the middle of their careers earn a median yearly wage of $120,000. Statistics from the US Bureau of Labor statistics reveal that as of 2008, the country had 71,600 aeronautical engineers. The engineers work with airlines, aviation authorities, airplane and manufacturers with job prospects high depending on level of training and experience. Advantages of taking aeronautical engineering as a career choice include higher pay compared to most other professions and high prestige going by statistics ( par 1). Disadvantages associated with aeronautical engineering as a career choice include high risks associated with working on flight and relatively few vacancies with slower than average (5%) growth according to ( par 1). One of the

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