Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Write a 500-750 word essay using exemplification as a method of

Write a 500-750 word using exemplification as a method of development. Include a title page and outline with your - Essay Example Of all the things that I value most, I would say that my own physical wellbeing and the health of my family members would come pretty near the top of my list. If a person is ill, or in pain, then enjoyment of any other benefit is meaningless, because suffering takes away the ability to concentrate on anything else. As the government keeps telling us, medical provision, education, fresh air, clean water and all the trappings of modern society are expensive commodities, and they need to be in place if people are to enjoy good health. Alex is lucky, because he relies on the social support systems that were in place in his environment from the moment when he was born. This inheritance is, however, very far from free because millions of American taxpayers have worked hard to provide them. Alex, on the other hand, is a great believer in getting something for nothing. He is not too proud to rummage in garbage cans, or gatecrash parties and he often turns up when there is food around. He thinks that this is a fine way to avoid the expense of paying for his own existence, and claims that free food tastes better because of the satisfaction he gains from not having paid for it. He is, however, mistaken if he thinks that there is no cost involved in his scrounging strategy. There are people who no longer count him as their friend, because they resent being used as a meal ticket by someone who only takes and never gives anything in return. Real friendship is not free: it costs time, effort, and yes, money, to maintain positive relationships with people. Alex is unwittingly excluding himself from the much richer benefits that committed relationships can bring. Nowadays people need gadgets in order to begin and maintain relationships. Things that used to happen in face to face situations now take place across the internet, often using mobile broadband frequencies. Alex knows very little of this new world because he is too busy mocking the â€Å"geeks† who

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