Friday, September 13, 2019

Obligations of Managers and Executives in I.T Essay

Obligations of Managers and Executives in I.T - Essay Example Considerably, cyber security has been an issue concerning the IT department. However, there has been a considerable growth of the information security to constitute a legal obligation and responsibility for the management. In this regard, all the shareholders need inclusion to address the matters of cyber security. For instance, according to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley security regulations, the Board of Directors has the mandate to ensure the safety of finances regarding their corporations. In addition, the evolving case laws suggest that corporate directors have a duty of care for the company’s information systems. They add that the obligation extends to safeguarding the integrity of the stored data from a mere responsibility of guarding corporate financials. Further, the Business Roundtable notes that the board of directors should consider information security as an element of corporate governance. Data confidentiality, integrity, and storage In this context, it is eminent for the organizations to observe the procedure incorporated to protect their company information from access by unauthorized persons. The data must be stored in forms that are not easy to interpret when opened as flat plain text files, accessed in inaccessible locations, and or protected by the firewall (Smedinghoff, 2005). Use of technical access controls in protecting the corporate information In this context, policies and procedures should remain implemented to ensure appropriate access to information by authorized persons (Kshetri, 2010).

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