Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Franz Kafkas Judgement :: Kafka Judgement Essays

Franz Kafka's Judgement    This short story of Franz Kafka is really a challenging one to interpret but apparently there are some contextual clues that enables us to draw some logical conclusions out of the story. Firstly, we should handle this story in terms of human relationships; there are 3 kind of relationships represented in the story. The first is the relationship between George (the main character of the story) and his friend in Russia; the second is George's relationship with his fiancà ©e and the third is his relationship with his father. Each exposition of these relationships contradicts with the persons involved in. That is, while George is devoted to writing to a friend whom he hasn't seen for 3 years, he doesn't write about important events. George tracks himself as a lonely character throughout the story so he may be trying to share his loneliness with a friend, but he has his fiancà ©e near him as well. However, we aren't informed enough about how close their relationship is in th at they are engaged only for a month. Then, we witness an extraordinary relationship of a father and a son. George and his father are like strangers to one another partly because his father is like a brutal shadow on him limiting his life. Only after her mom is dead that his father becomes less aggressive and gives him chance at their family business to put forward new plans and expand the business.    Then we should handle the problem of the judgement. What kind of a judgemant is this? The judgement of the father to sentence his son to death or George's own judgement to free himself from the burden of such a restricted life with a dreadful and unloving father left behind after his mom's death though his life standards are high. Here, we should take a look at the characters in depth to better interpret the story. There is round characterization of George who is represented as the main figure in the story. He is a young merchant running a family business with his widowed father. He and his father must be living in a wealthy neighborhood as it says in the story that they live in a graceful house along the bank of a river with maids in it.

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