Monday, September 2, 2019

Native Americans and Alcohol Essay -- Native American History

Northern Native Americans were faced with many great hardships with the arrival of the Europeans, Spanish and the French. American Indians had thrived on American soil for thousands of years with great prosperity. Living among each other in a local economy and communities The Native Americans created a civilization that was harmonious with the land and spiritual world that surrounded them. They were able to sustain their survival from the living plants and animals that lived among them in this over abundant country and all of it's rich resources. Many different tribes thrived on this land by adapting well with the elements around them. They were able to use the one living animal that co-existed with their people and made sure that a good kill was worth the effort and danger that encountered it. The Native Americans were able to use every part of the animal killed from the hide to the hoofs in an effort of survival and to counter balance the spiritual world that engulfed their heritage. The natives would give back to the world that gave unto them. With an unfortelling future the Native Americans were not prepared for what storm was about to come ashore. Europeans would soon arrive and bring the Natives demise in more ways then one(Jones-Saumty). In 1492 Christopher Columbus was said to be the first arrival on American soil from the East. Columbus would bring many new and different commodities unseen by the Natives of this world. Europeans and the Spanish brought many commodities for their own survival in this new territory, such as plants and even animals. According to Calloway some of the food items brought from England and Spain were rice, wheat, barley,... ....1 ( 1998 )166-167 George and Barbara Perkins, â€Å" The American Tradition in Literature ,† ( Boston ) Mcgraw Hill, 2009 Robert s. Young, Jennie R. Joe. â€Å" Some Thoughts About Epidemiology of Alcohol and Drug Use Among American Indian Population†. Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse. Vol. 8 Iss 3:(2009) 223 â€Å"What Prevents American Indians from Seeking Treatment for Alcohol Issues?† Web. 23 May 2015. Mancall, Peter C. "Men, women, and alcohol in Indian villages in the Great Lakes region in the early republic." Journal of the Early Republic. Indianapolis: Fall 1995. Vol. 15, Iss. 3; p. 425 William Laurence Saunders "The Colonial Records of North Carolina", Volume 5 1887. Web. 23 May 2015. Craig Andrew, Robert B. Edgarton. "Drunken Comportment: A Social Explanation". Eliot Werner Publications. 2003

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