Thursday, September 26, 2019

Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution in 18th Century Europe Essay

Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution in 18th Century Europe - Essay Example The Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution period in Europe provided a concise account that evoked a change of the mindset in many aspects of life. The revolution provided a new thinking that increasingly became the future people were anticipating. This made people disintegrate itself with the past in the endeavor to foster forward thinking that gave them more hope for the future. The impact of this revolution was that literacy increased in the form of science, philosophy, and art spread throughout Europe. This prompted people in Europe to react against paranormal, spiritual, and mystical thinking. Another impact was that the revolution enabled people to overcome the holy systems and medieval politics that ruled authoritative throughout Europe (Outram 56). The spread of literacy enabled European intellectualism that saw the merchant class rise and new systems of ruling formed. Therefore, the revolution gave rise to new economic and political systems that were further away from the G od-centered world Europe was before the 18th century. During this time, people were empowered to express strongly their beliefs that were against the traditional religion (Mokyr 9). This included notions that nature could be mastered and controlled by human beings not only by God. This further deepened the theme of secular progress in enlightenment and how it was shaping the culture and politics of the people in Europe. The emergence of political theories of the Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution was a global occurrence.

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