Wednesday, September 18, 2019

James Baldwins Fifth Avenue, Uptown Essay -- Nobody Knows My Name, Ja

In his collection of essays in Nobody Knows My Name, James Baldwin uses â€Å"Fifth Avenue, Uptown† to establish the focus that African Americans no matter where they are positioned would be judged just by the color of their skin. Through his effective use of descriptive word choice, writing style and tone, Baldwin helps the reader visualize his position on the subject. He argues that â€Å"Negroes want to be treated like men† (Baldwin, 67). Baldwin gives a vivid sketch of the depressing conditions he grew up on in Fifth Avenue, Uptown by using strong descriptive words. He makes use of such word choices in his beginning sentences when he reflects back to his house which is now replaced by housing projects and â€Å"one of those stunted city trees is snarling where our [his] doorway used to be† (Baldwin...

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