Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Civilize The Wilderness :: essays research papers

Civilize the WildernessWilderness, why civilize it? This is an interesting question, and onethat is hard to answer. why not just leave the wilderness alone, and let itgrow and decide its own beginnings and ends? Does civilizing the wildernessmake it better or worse? In what slip look is it better or worse if we leave italone or it we civilize it? These are all excellent questions and are allworthwhile to think about. westward culture has tried to civilize the wilderness for quite sometimenow, but is it really something we should be doing? In the point of view ofmany, the wilderness should be polish to accommodate for the increasingnumber of people in the world. We should also civilize it because we need theextra room and because we cannot live in uncivilized areas of the wilderness, atleast not with all of the comforts of home. What effects will civilizing thewilderness now have in the future? Many questions can arise when contemplatingcivilizing the wilderness.The wilderness is cosmos civilized for one main reason. That reason istechnology. Technology plays an important role in everyones lives today.Without it, we would not have computers, fax machines, cellular phones, and allof the modern amenities that we have today. The fact is, that many peoplebelieve that the wilderness is like an unborn country. A country that hasnothing and is striving to become more advanced. We absorb this as an opportunityto better it and make it seem like we are actually helping. But, are we reallyhelping? In my opinion, no. I sapidity that we are destroying something naturaland something of beauty.In many ways we are making the wilderness worse by civilizing it. Weput unnatural objects into the wilderness, and it destroys the wildernessnatural beauty. Thoreaus ideal is to pretty much leave the wilderness as it is.If you need to inhabit it, dont use anything that does not come from within it.For example, Thoreau built his cabin from the trees that were in the wildernessthat encircled it. In this way, civilizing the wilderness is okay. The way weare civilizing it, is not okay. Too just clear-cut an entire forest, then builda house, an in ground limpid pool, and put up a satellite dish, is not exactlyideal to keeping the wilderness natural.To destroy the beauty of the wilderness by civilizing it in the way that

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