Thursday, May 16, 2019

Marketing Management - Assignment 8 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Marketing Management - Assignment 8 - Essay guinea pigThus, functionality of a convergence is an element that should never be absent in anything that is sold in the market. This is genuinely evident in a consumer behavior where a customer would immediately ask for a renewal or product service for any damaged or defective produce they have exclusively bought.With this said, functionality is the end all and be all. Though a form of a product would attract nation to buy things that may non be necessary, this is just mainly applicable to impulsive buyers. Furthermore, a product with just form without functionality could end up in a sale but not a sustainable relationship with a certain product or brand (Form vs Function Design, Emotion and Profitability, n.d.). in one case customers atomic number 18 not satisfied with a product, they would always immediately look to another brand that would not disappoint. However, there are still products which lack functionality and yet are sti ll in the market because of the a couple of(prenominal) who put aesthetic considerations over functional considerations (Smashing Magazine, n.d.).Pricing is one of the elements that affect a consumers barter for behavior. This is because all of us have to prioritize the kind of expenses we make for a limited budget. That is why we are all told to be practical buyers, only getting what we need and to spend within our means. With this said, the question of whether prices should deliberate the value that consumers are willing to pay or if prices should primarily just reflect the cost intricate in making a product or service comes into picture.In my own opinion, companies should have the proficient pricing, meaning reflecting the cost involved in making a product or service which translates into light pricing as opposed to a price that reflects the value that consumers are willing to pay for. This is because the last mentioned poses many issues such as isolating a lot of consumer s that belong to the lower income bracket. When

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