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MANAGEMENT AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

MANAGEMENT AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT - leaven ExampleThroughout my working experience, and also as a student, I found it easy and childs play to work as a aggroup. I efficiently manage to convince stack and persuade them to do a certain task or job. duration working at Mutira Malaysian Restaurant as a manager, I used to train and coach new staff. I taught them the required skills and their effective action which also included proper group coordination and aiding each other in the tasks. One has to be founder to criticism to develop oneself mortalally and also professionally. Though, the wordcriticism invokes a negative image in our minds but if taken positively it can be supportive and one of the sources of taking a person towards his/her success. Most people tend to take it as offensive, discouraging or insult and argon ineffective to handle it without difficulty. And yes, criticism can polish off a person defensive, mad and nervous. (N atomic number 18n, 2008) I used to s cram the same reaction to criticism but as the time passed, I learnt that a person cannot be perfect and somebody has to point out the flaws in him. Different people have different friendship and perspectives about the way the world works. Each person can help to bring a fantastic and distinctive perspective to the table. Listening to this perspective and acting upon it may help to make the work better. Interacting with people and developing sociable contacts has always been a dominant character of mine. I always feel in truth comfortable while learning about people and in carrying out conversations. It gives me a sense of affiliation. While working at Sheraton Hotels as a service waiter, I managed to serve people while providing them with an effective and interactive experience. For team ups to work effectively, the right people have to be selected to ensure effective performance of the team. The members are usually chosen on the basis of individuals willingness and group expec tations. But at times, it may happen that the members are not working with enough enthusiasm and they need some motivation or inspiration to make them work to their full potential. I can facilitate people to bring out the best in them as I am capable of relating to them and making them comfortable. Only when each and every member of the team is working effectively and efficiently can an organization expect to reap the benefits of faster production, increased revenue, depress costs and improved qualities. There are six basic requirements of team members in order to be effectively working together. 1. Each member of the must be keen to support the team committee and work towards achieving team goals. 2. All members of the team should understand their role within the team, and should also be good aware of what skills, abilities, and knowledge they have to contribute to ensure teams success. 3. The members must be willing to decide unanimously about team principles, ground rules and their code of conduct. 4. All members must commit to working within the teams priorities and plans, including instruction deemed essential for the team and presence at meetings. 5. Members must be willing to work collaboratively and enthusiastically on problem-solving and should not be resistant change as part of process improvement. 6. Team members should be regardful of each other, establish both accountability and trust within the team and welcome diversity. (Lee, 2011) When working in a team, the members have different roles, some are self oriented, while others take the role team maintenance or task facilitators. Self

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