Tuesday, May 14, 2019


FOCUS STORE BUSINESS PAPER urban OUTFITTERS - Essay ExampleOf those interviewed, 5 customers had not been snaped any assistance by the store employees. However, since 10 of them had been asked if they indispensable help, it is clear that more than half of the customers had communications with the store. on that point are 2 employees and 1 manager who took the survey. Of them, 2 said they often ask the customers about what they want to buy. The manager however said that she never asks the customers what they bespeak to buy. The main reason for asking this question during the survey was to find out how often the store communicates with its customers in order to make the customers experience at the store a better one.When I walked in to the store, several employees were informing the customers coming in that there was a sales promotion offer going on. Customers were happy to hear that and seemed eager to take advantage of the sale. Overall, this store is doing fine in communication. several(prenominal) customers mentioned the location of the store is ideal and convenient, great or excellent in the survey. The particular Urban Outfitters I choose is located at centre Grand River Avenue. It is very near the school, and near to many dress shops, bookstores and restaurants. The Urban Outfitters store is so well located that the customers find it convenient to arrive at the store. There is a bus stop in just near the store. The location is a good pick to set the shop at this area.There is a large choice of goods in the store. Most of them surrender plenty inventories. The clothing there are based on seasons in order to make genuine that the customers can always get what they need and wish when they want it. This ability to meet the customers needs as they shift is an important one, especially for a focus store such as Urban Outfitters. Therefore, this is summer now. They changed all clothes to fit the season like dresses, t-shirts, shorts, flip-flops, etc.I tak e aim shopped at

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