Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Integration and Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Integration and Reflection - Essay ExampleAt the other end of the touch in ECKART, are the thinnest rouges with an OD of 0.6 which is dark metallic in physical appearance (Dopke, 2007). These metals and chemicals are damaging to human health. Employees who work in ECKART department may be exposed to these potential harmful metals, pigment and chemicals.The main threat to employees in ECKART division of Altana Company is association with exposure to cadmium. This metal has been extensively studied, and its cause on human healthy have been reviewed for some(prenominal) times by international bodies such as WHO. Cadmium appears naturally in ore together with copper, zinc and lead. Cadmium compounds function as stabilizers in several alloys, PVC products, color pigment and presently commonly, in re-chargeable nickel-cadmium batteries (Dopke, 2007).Inhalations of cadmium particles are life threatening, and even though deaths and acute pulmonary effects are rare, sporadic scenarios st ill happen. As a result of racy cadmium exposure, employees in ECKART may experience kidney damage or kidney failure. The first sign of the renal lesion is a tubular malfunction, evidenced by an up surged excretion of low enzymes or proteins. From research carried out this trouble oneself is reversible however, there are overwhelming confirmations that cadmium prompted tubular is indeed irreversible. In other wrangle working in ECKART depart of Altana Company is extremely dangerous to its employees.Working under such turn back can be dangerous however the employees of Altana are adequately informed of the risks. Altana management body done environment, health and safety organizations (EHS), not only does it teach employees the role of chemicals production method, but also make headway them to attend Company-mandated education events (Dopke, 2007). These events are held every three months. In these meetings the management body addresses topics such as dangerous substances, and h azardous waste, and occupational

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