Friday, May 24, 2019

To Kill a Mockingbird – Character Notes

Mrs Dubose Pg. 119 ? physical description Mostly in chapter 11 Jem and Scout pass her house and she stirs them up about Atticus defending Tom Robinson. Jem ruins all camellia in her garden, and then both are forced to read to her. Morphine addict. Independent, strong willed, courageous, old fashioned, lonely, cantankerous, contrary, prejudice Helps Jem and Scout to discover real courage, pg. 124 Gained frugality ? important Fear and ignorance driven people to misunderstand Mrs. Dubose Mayella Ewell Pg. 197 ? physical description Fragile, confused, nervous, unintelligentAttended the court case, was raped by her dad, case was blamed on Tom Robinson. Pg. xcl 199 quotes on and about. auntie Alexandra Pg. 141 ? physical description Harsh, old fashioned, bossy, old, opinionated, honest, over powering, protective, strict She wanted to change Scout into a proper lady, determined to mould a better difference than Calpurnia. Created much problems than solutions. Didnt have respect for Ca lpurnia. Pg. 145, 140 ? quotes from Aunt Alexandra Chapter 12 ? Calpurnia took guidebook and jem to black church Chapter 24 ? Aunt Alexandra has tea party.Racism is displayed Calpurnia Pg. 6 ? physical description Key role is to give guidance to Scout and Jem, shows them the black community Strong willed, authoritive, responsible, wise, caring, understanding, smart, kind, protective Been with them ever since Jem was born, pg. 6 Pg. 32, 139, 138, Heck Tate Sheriff of Maycomb County Pg. 104 ? Physical description Over powering, tall, thin, wealthy, Chapter 10, mad dog shooting Has to arrest Tom, is involved in the court case, Heck Tate defends Jem and Boo from being accused of Bob Ewells death Pg. 300 304, quotes from Heck TateBob Ewell Pg. 147 ? physical description Involved in the trial against Tom Robinson, rapes his daughter, attacks Jem and Scout Arrogant man, human trash, disgrace, spends welfare money on alcohol, children go hungry, obnoxious, evil, violent, abusive, dirty, r ude, Pg. 189 192, quotes from court case Pg. 296 303, quotes from the attack Miss Rachel Finchs next door neighbor Good friends with Aunt Alexandra, often has tea at the Finchs house, helps scout to understand that Boo Radley is a nice person, Young, ladylike, mature, Dills aunty, Pg. 56, 220, 143, Scout FinchTomboy, always starts fights, rosy cheeks, dead black hair, dark brown eyes Independent, courageous, humorous, curious, stubborn, aggressive, short tempered Story is told by her point of view Scout saved Tom from being lynched Atticus Finch Lawyer, wise man, highly respected, father, widower, dry aesthesis of humour, sense of morally, one of the few citizens who believes in equality, compassionate, determined, generous, accepting, strong, caring, courageous, humble, calm, courteous, affectionate The one thing that doesnt abide by majority rule is a mans conscience.Jem Finch Pg. 227 ? four kinds of people in the world, Pg. 240 ? why they cant get along Pg. 13 ? talking to Dill Four years older than scout, matures throughout the novel, becomes more effected by events because of a deeper understanding, phases in and out of wanting to hang out with Scout, tries hard to protect scout although they fight. Adventurous, imaginative, courageous, caring, loving, righteous, loyal, charismatic, protective, Tall, skinny, dark haired, brown eyes, tries to keep his cool, immature.Miss Maudie kindred age as Aunt Alexandra, glasses, brown hair, seen as an elderly figure, spends a lot of time in the garden House burns down, Miss Maudie refuses to go to the trial because she believes they are like a Roman Carnival, great cake maker, supports Atticus ideas. Respected, strong willed, friendly, supportive, sharp-tongued, loyal, widowed, brave, idol of Scout Pg. 47 ? description

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