Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Cause and effect: gambling Essay

Throughout keeptime we latch on chances with many different things. We take chances for ourselves, and we take chances for others close to us. Chances be things which all(prenominal)ow for give you so much good in your spiritedness if you go for the right things and succeed when taking the chance. As is everything in this spirit taking chances ar all and only good within moderation. When you take yourself to an abusive level with anything it becomes dangerous for you and all who surround you.An unsuccessful risk taker may carry the same attri savees of a very greedy mortal. A greedy person is someone who al right smarts wants to a greater extent, and in essence a person gambling is looking to get more whence they have. frolic is considered to be addictive for many people, and depending on the degree of your addiction it bathroom affect your animation in more places then just your wal permit. stack engage in gambling through its ever-present incentive. The incentive in gambling is most commonly a financial re hospital ward, just it may also be many other different things.The mind of a person is hopefully set to learn from mistakes, and this is the mindset of many gamblers, these are successful gamblers. The reason they are successful is because they are able to reach what the conundrum was in their loss. After establishing their problem they learn to non fictionalise their fault. Next, when the mind set of a person is not gauged to learn from their mistakes, but only learn through extreme measures is when gambling becomes a large problem. A gambler roll in the hay be successful and not greedy, but a bad gambler is made through greed.If the gambler does not want to lose anymore or accepts his winnings they become unsuccessful. avaritia is one of the s steady deadliest sins, andn it is so fitting indeed. When a good gambler suffers from losing he or she twines around and puts their loss aside and does not let it intertwine with any aspe ct of their life other then gambling. When an unseasoned or unsuccessful gambler loses, the loss effects more then just the gambling aspect of their life. The unsuccessful gambler will turn to things of more negativity.The reason the gambler turns to these things is to ease their mind and hide their feelings. This way of coping with losing could ultimately result into hurting financially, as well as emotionally, and even physically. The first problem the gambler will face will be financial loss. The first thing to go in gambling is your wallet, and unfortunately one of the most commonly related problems to depression is debt. Losing capital will affect the mindset of the gambler causing possible depression.This is when the problem reaches the emotional aspect it may take. The chain of events continues from depression on ward to abuse among substances, most commonly drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol are substances made to remit the mind and take them away from the reality of th ings. The reality of the situation is that all drugs and alcohol will do is further affect the gambler financially as well as emotionally, and physically. When abuse of alcohol and drugs is brought to the home life of someone all it brings is deceit and ultimately pain.If the gambler has a family life the habits of drugs and alcohol will be tried to be concealed by the user to not hurt anyone else, and ultimately the truth surfaces taking an even bigger toll on the gambler. The abuse of alcohol and drugs is also well-nigh related to physical abuse. Being intoxicated on drugs and alcohol can in fact lead to abusing close friends or family. It is most presumable neer said, but gambling can lead a person to rehabilitation. It is somewhat ironic that a hobby usually carried by wealthy, or well off people with strong mentalities can lead to cease collapse and weakness.This chain of events the gambler goes through can have just about a ruining effect on their life. Gambling is caused by the mental capacity of a risk taker or someone who enjoys taking chances wanting more then they have. Taking chances is not a bad thing by any means. It only becomes bad when it is abused. The effects of abusing gambling are never ending. Abusing gambling can lead to many extremes of negativity. It is up to the mind of the gambler to know when it is time to stop, or if it is not risking too much by continuing on.

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