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Human Resource Forecasting Essay

PART 1 HUMAN RESOURCE predictionReference Adapted from pitying Resource Forecasting Assignment, pp 108 110 in Nkomo, S. M., Fottler, M. D., McAfee, R. B. (2008) Human Resource focusing Applications Cases, Exercises, Incidents, and Skill Builders, 6th Edition c on the wholeable date Week 9attainment OBJECTIVESPractice in predict an organisations nation needs To familiarize you with some of the factors that proceed an organisations future people needs To familiarise you with the complexities elusive in making forgiving resource announces To point bulge that any human resource forecasting is based on assumptions and that these assumptions atomic figure 18 censorious to the accuracy of the forecastoperating instructionsIt has been a busy family with faculty turnover, saucy employees and new equipment on recount. Your chief executive officer has requested a forecast of the human resource needs for North West Regional infirmary for the coming years.North West Regional Hospital (NWRH) is a propose built, 180-bed inpatient prepargondness and the largest regional hospital in the state. NWRH also has 15 outr from each(prenominal) champion locates located throughout tropical, northern Australia, each of which employs approximately 17 individuals. In total, NWRH currently employs 700 people.Over the coming three years, NWRH is planning an expansion into finical regional atomic number 18as and expects to add 25 new outreach grades. Each outreach spot varies in size according to the needs of the community, so the figuresrepresent averages.During the past month, NWRH has located an order for 3 new dialysis moulds to increase its renal support services. These machines ar scheduled to be in operation celestial latitude 31, one year from now in existing outreach sites only. NWRH has found that for each new machine purchased requires four (4) additional nurses, on average. In addition, five (5) new doctors atomic number 18 added in year 2. A bre akdown of NWRHs current staffing is shown in Table 1.Your CEO has asked you to carry through three human resource-forecasting tasks. First, based on the assumptions given below, you argon indispensable to determine employee turnover for the inpatient facility office, the old outreach sites, and the new outreach sites. The CEO would want to know this information for each of the nigh three years and for each of the major(ip) personnel categories (i.e., Doctors, Nurses, and con knack Administration staff).Your romp is to complete Table 2.Second, your CEO would like to know the number of new employees NWRH will need to hire for each major personnel category for each of the next three years.Your byplay is to complete Table 3.Finally, your CEO would like to know the total number of employees who will be working for NWRH as of the end of each of the next three years.Your business organisation is to complete Table 4.Table 1 confront staffingTotal Employees700Number of outreach si tes15Doctors per outreach site5Number of Doctors75Nurses per outreach site12Number of Nurses180Outreach facility employees255Inpatient Facility Employees445Table 2 TurnoverEmployee CategoryCurrent YearYear 1Year 2Year 3 anile outreach site Doctors antiquated outreach site nursesInpatient facility newfound outreach site DoctorsNew outreach site nursesTOTALSTable 3 Number of Employees to be hiredEmployee CategoryCurrent YearYear 1Year 2Year 3Old outreach site DoctorsOld outreach site nursesInpatient facilityNew outreach site DoctorsNew outreach site nursesTOTALSTable 4 Year-End EmploymentEmployee CategoryCurrent YearYear 1Year 2Year 3Old outreach site DoctorsOld outreach site nursesInpatient facilityNew outreach site DoctorsNew outreach site nursesTOTALSIn order to complete your assignment, your CEO has told you to install a number of assumptions. They areA.You are making all projections in December for subsequent years ending December 31B.With find out to the existing outreach offi ces, assumea.The 15 existing outreach offices employ 5 doctors and 12 nurses each. b.On December 31 (one year hence) 3 new dialysis machines are placed in operation and require an additional 12 nurses (4 per machine). c.On December 31 in the 2nd year, 5 new doctors are employed. d.Turnover tread is 40 percent for nursing personnel, and 20 percent for doctors.C.With regard to new outreach sites, assumea.New outreach sites are added as follows 6 in Year 1, 10 in Year 2, and 9 in Year 3. b.Each new outreach site employs 17 individuals (5 doctors and 12 nurses). c.Turnover is 30 percent for nurses, and 20 percent for doctors.D.With regard to the inpatient facility, assume that turnover will be 15 percent per year.PART 2 constitution JOB DESCRIPTION & RECRUITMENT advertizingReferencesAdapted from subcontract Analysis Writing Job translation, pp 97-99 in Nkomo, S. M., Fottler, M. D., McAfee, R. B. (2008) Human Resource Management Applications Cases, Exercises, Incidents, and Skill Bu ilders, 6th EditionNote For your introduction in Week 5, you will use of goods and services one (1) Job Description to educate one (1) Advertisement to present as a group. The certain advertisement cannot be used in the Portfolio Assignment.LEARNING OBJECTIVESTo familiarise you with the cheat analysis process and with pedigree descriptions Practice in writing business enterprise descriptionsTo make you aware of different methods for recruiting candidates and stand out from the crowdINSTRUCTIONSJob Analysis, Writing Job Descriptions and Recruitment AdvertisingYou are required to make unnecessary three (3) job descriptions, one (1) job advertisement, and one (1) filling criteria for the Portfolio Assignment.The job advertisement should reflect one (1) selected job description (choose one (1) doctor, nurse, and inpatient facility administrator), and the selection criteria should reflect the selected job advertisement to make a flow in your portfolio.A.Draw up a set of job des criptions for each of the (3) locatings in the case (doctor, nurse, and inpatient facility administrator).You may use whatever sources you want, including consultationing people you may know in these positions or connatural positions or searching relevant web sites as you want job descriptions and lists of duties that apply specifically to regional hospitals and outreach facilities.The Job Analysis Questionnaire (below) can be used as a guide to help determine the major responsibilities and tasks of the job and the required experience, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics needed to perform the job.Remember to write the job description using action verbs when describing the employees tasks, duties, and responsibilities. It is also beta that specific duties be grouped and arranged in descending order of importance.The complete job description should follow the format shown in precedent provided (below).B.Choose (1) job description to draft one (1) job advertisement, t o attract the well(p) people to apply for that position. Write the advertisement as if it will advance on an online employment agency (e.g. It will need to stand out amongst the many thousands of other positions being advertised.Job Analysis QuestionnaireA.Job Responsibilities and Dutiesa.Job appellationb.Department title and/or division titlec. act of immediate supervisord.Description of duties (describe the duties in adequacy details to provide a complete and accurate description of the work) i.Provide a general overall summary of the purpose of your job ii.What are the major results or outputs of your job?iii. signalise the duties and tasks you perform daily weekly monthly.iv.Describe duties you perform irregularly.e.List any machines, instruments, tools, machine, materials, and work aids used in your job. Indicate percent of measure used. f.Describe the nature of your responsibility for nonhuman resources (money, machinery, machine and so on). What monetary wron g can occur through an error? g.What reports and records do you prepare as part of your job? When are they prepared? h.What is the source of instructions for performing your job (e.g. oral or create verbally specifications)? i.Describe the nature and absolute frequency of direction received. j.How is your work reviewed, checked, or verified?B.Reporting Relationshipsa.How many employees are directly low your supervision? What are their job titles? b.Do you have full authority to hire, terminate, pass judgment and transfer employees under your supervision? Explain. c.What contacts are required with other departments or persons other than you immediate department in performing you job? Describe the nature and extent of the contacts.C.Working Conditionsa.Describe the working conditions present in the location and surround of your work such(prenominal) as cold/heat, noise, fumes, dust, and so on. Indicate frequency and degree of exposure b.Describe any dangers or hazards present in your job.D.Job Qualifications (Be certain not to list the incumbent qualifications, but what is required for instruction execution by a new employee). a.Describe thekind of previous work fuck off necessary for satisfactory executing of this job. b.What is the amount of experience required?c.What kinds of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) are needed to perform the job? d.What is the minimal level of education (grammar, high up school, degree etc.) required? e.Are any special physical skills and/or manual(a) dexterity skills required to perform the job? f.Are there any special certification, registration, license, or training requirements?Sample Job DescriptionJob Title Shift Supervisor (Mining)Position Purpose The purpose of this position is to go on a safe and efficient coiffe operation through directional the activities of the operations personnel and providing a perplexity support situation for the plant superintendent.Typical Job Duties1.Directs the activities of the operations personnel and coordinates the activities of the maintenance personnel. 2.Issues written communication to employees concerning personnel policies and operational concerns. 3.Administers a maintenance request schedule through collecting requests, scheduling, and recording maintenance activities. 4.Administers the plant tagging procedure.5.Conducts the training and recourse programs for shift employees. 6.Schedules shift assignments to reflect workload and vacation schedules. 7.Performs administrative tasks such as recording workers time, maintaining records concerning operational activities, and updating written procedures. 8.Prepares annual figure for assigned plan area and maintains the inventory level on these items. 9.Appraise performance of shift employees annually10.Counsels employees on disciplinary problems and job-related performance. 11.Assumes plant superintendents duties when assigned.Physical Requirements walking and climbing stairsWorking conditions Rem ote locations sterilise fully furnished housing is provided. Quarterly rotations between locations are available. quaternary day rotating roster with morning, afternoon and night shifts. Machine and Machines Used CRT, spectrometer, PH metre, conductivity metre Reporting Relationships The shift supervisor reports directly to the plant superintendent. The shift supervisor directs the secure room operator, two or much utility operators, trainees, and other assigned personnel, and coordinates the activities of the maintenance personnel present on shift.QualificationsEducation Associate degree or equivalent training (e.g. management training classes) OR five (5) years of management experience related to witness Minimum of three (3) years as a control room operator for a coal-fired boiler operation.Job Knowledge/Skills postulate1.Comprehensive understanding of plant systems.2.Fundamental understanding of electrical systems and motor control centres.3.Thorough knowledge of boiler ch emistry.4.Comprehension of flow, logic, and electrical prints.5.Ability to perform elementary mathematical and algebraic calculations.6.Communication and human relations skills.7.Ability to operate CRT, spectrometer, PH metre, and conductivity metre.8.Managerial skills.PART 3 WRITING SELECTION CRITERIAReferencesAdapted from Selection Decisions, pp 131-138 in Nkomo, S. M., Fottler, M. D., McAfee, R. B. (2008) Human Resource Management Applications Cases, Exercises, Incidents, and Skill Builders, 6th EditionSelection Criteria adapted from Practical Exercises tweak traineeselection at Yarra Bank, pp 269271 in Stone, R. J. (2010) Managing Human Resources, 3rd EditionLEARNING OBJECTIVESTo help you develop skills in developing selection criteria and evaluation measures To make you aware of the complex criteria often used to select candidates To help you develop skills in planning and implementing semi-structured interviews To give you practice in preparing for the selection interviewINST RUCTIONSSelection CriteriaUsing the job description, you chose for the job advertisement1.Develop a list of key selection criteria for an upcoming vacancy in this position in terms of experience, qualifications, skills/abilities, personal qualities and special requirements (see template below).2.Outline how you would evaluate the candidates on each criterion. What questions would you ask?3.Identify your interview selection panel. Indicate the number of people to be on the panel, the positions that they hold and provide a brief chronicle of why they are required on the panel.Key selection criteriaExperienceWhat type of and how much experience is required to perform this job successfully?QualificationsWhat are the minimum formal educational qualifications required to perform this job successfully?Skills/AbilitiesWhat special skills and/or abilities and knowledge are required to perform this job successfully?Personal QualitiesWhat special personal qualities (physical characteristics an d personalitycharacteristics) are required to perform this job successfully?Special requirementsWhat special requirements are required to perform this job successfully?

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