Sunday, February 17, 2019

Life Struggle on Minimum Wage Essay -- essays research papers

Life Struggle on Minimum WageSometimes feel isnt always as easy as getting a job, making money and stipendiary you bills. In her fascinating book on extended essays Nickel and Dimed, Barbara Ehrenreich poses as an unskilled worker to show the struggles encountered day-by-day by Americans attempting to live on minimum wage, matching income to expenses as the unfeignedly poor attempting to do everyday. (6)Ehrenreich gave herself three rules she had to live by and they were 1. She could not exercising her education or professional skills to land a job, 2. She had to take the highest paying job offered and do her best to hold it and 3. She had to take the cheapest accommodations available with an refreshing level of safety and privacy. Ehrenreich decides to try living in three cities crosswise the US Key West, Florida, Portland, Maine and Minneapolis, Minnesota. In Florida she works as a waitress, victorious two jobs, one of them she describes the conditions asThe regulation poste r in the sensation unisex restroom admonishes us to wash our hands thoroughly, and even offers instruction manual for doing so, but there is always some vital substance scatty soap, paper towels, toilet paper and I never found all three at once. You learn t...

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