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Time Travel Paradoxes in Conneticut Yankee cicatrice Twains Conneticut Yankee in big businessman Arthurs Court is a script about time travel. It was written 1989 which was before science as we now whop it, which tells us that time travel is not practicable because of paradoxes. This is still a good book that has many good things to give voice about America versus England, proving that the American way is superior.America in the day, had scarce won its indep subvertence and was trying to establish its protest identity from England. Mark Twain, whose real name was Samuel Clemens, created the first science parable novel with Mark Twains Conneticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court. In the story a man from the present goes back in time after being hit on the head by a crow bar. He wakes up and is captured by Sir Kay, the Seneschal (Negri, 11). afterward an eclipse, the man becomes the courts great magician and blows up pigeon hawks castle. He uses modern inventions like the telephon e and telegraph and teaches flock to read the newspaper he puts out. When a lady comes to the court to possess help against the ogres who had captured her and her sisters, the Boss as the man is now called rides mop up with her to Britain save them all. After going to Morgan le Fays castle and rescuing her prisoners, they convey the ogres were swineherds and the princesses were really pigs after all. Which is symbolic of the illusion that is society (Negri, 104-105). One of the problems with the book is that Mark Twain uses modern-day technology in King Arthurs time. If this was the case that technology would be around more today. At the end of the book the only evidence of that technology was a bullet spate in a suit of armor that the Boss put in him self (Negri, 268).Even though over a thousand geezerhood had past, you would think some of the machines and forges the Boss left behind would still be there and found by scientists. The Boss creates bullets and guns and those wou ld win battles against the swords and spears of the knights of the time. I know I would rather have a gun then a sword and think the knights would also want guns. With this kind of weapons, the English Knights would be invincible every time and conquer the world. Yet they didnt preserve the weapons.

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