Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Press Statement Essay

An approach to aspects of a child abuse investigation in a modern confederation using police and federation cooperation (A reference to the media) As traditional communities erode and our societies become to a greater extent diverse, feelings of jeopardy grow, fear of iniquity increases and questions of identity and citizenship come in question A threat on the safety of our children has culminated to an investigation into the intellect and the socio-political aspects of the hassle.Our law officers and the stakeholders of the companionable welf atomic number 18 be investigating and researching on various socio perspectives and trends that atomic number 18 exposit as possible factors leading to the problem. Its not commonplace in this community to contrive incidents of child abuse and as such we be working towards stemming down some(prenominal) possible link and also anticipate the problem collectively through arresting those perpetrating such crimes. Out of each ten ch ildren in our community one of them has reported abuse or aggressive behaviour. 17% of the children report that their attackers were burly or sickly looking. 25% of the children are now afraid of venturing into the neighbourhood. The rate of these abuses has rose up with up to 11% which is a considerable rate. We feel checked on any psychopathic connections to the few cases that have been reported. We are also evaluating theories and investigating curtails that have shadowed characters that are substance abusers and their possible involvement. We are comprehensively analyzing socio-economic factors as well as ideological issues which could be eliciting the problem.We believe some deal superpower have ideologies which force them to think and argue that children rights and safety are not important. These ideologies result to hate against children. We also view childless individuals who have developed frustration and stress levels great power be involved imputable to obsession wit h the idea of harassing other peoples children cod to this frustration. We are establishing stereotyping, class and other sociable factors which have negative impacts on children accessible groups. Apart from these theories we understand victimisation based on family and social feuds might victimise children. We are working on looking into any possibilities of parents, withdraw social classes, estate neighbourhoods and school based feuds as being the cause of the problem.Some disgruntled parents or neighbours might be trying to mollify scores, seek payment of a debt, drug money and illicit air dealings and other bad dealings gone sour might be causes. We are establishing all these theories so that we can close in on the perpetrators so that not a single aspect of the problem give result to unjust prosecutions or any victimisations. As members of the society we understand that there are various socio-political aspects of crime pattern and legal power that we have to flow and co llectively approach when dealing with suspects. We assure the members of the society that we will not victimise or arrest any suspect without credible evidence on his involvement or connection. We understand and take to be all human rights and abide by principles of arbitrator.No suspect will be charged until investigations establish credible evidence of involvement. This will be done according to the law and we will emphasise on justice being administered in accordance to all penal codes as stipulated and comprehensively understood in the judicial form. We attribute rise in crime and related social anomalies to changes in economic structure are modify the pattern of regional inequalities (UNICEF 2006). On the other hand we blame natural political changes on the faade of some expression values, especially in the fourth estate. Too much exposure of various aspects of the judicial system acts to people with criminal intent has increased affableness to crime due to the knowledge a nd criticism on aspects of legislation and police action on the issues as well as the legal loopholes.We are encouraging more concise and distinctive media education and publishing in judicial and social values content so that we can have a answerable and safe society. We are sure that political dividing lines of class and religion are eroding and cannot sustain values and ethics of safe and respectable humanity. The science of increasing violent crime, often drug related, has gone along with a rise in anti-social behaviour petty criminality such as vandalism on housing estates, or extreme rudeness, disrespect and neediness of consideration for others. (Liddle & Lerais 2006).We expect that all acts against children will come to book in accordance to the fall in Nations act that protects children against anti-socio behaviour on children (UN 2007). We are approbative we will arrest and put behind bars those involved and successfully contain the problem.Sources(Liddle & Lerais 2006 ) Europes social reality pp 5UNICEFUnited Nations (www.undp.com )

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