Monday, March 25, 2019

Analysis of Article about Photography in The New Yorker :: Art Photography William Eggleston

Analysis of Article in The New Yorker origin exclusivelyy compose by Peter SchjeldahlThe art world of photography is changing on the whole the time. Peter Schjeldahl starts out with a actually strong and well compose paragraph somewhat the world of art. Peter Schjeldahl says, You can always key a William Eggleston photograph. Its the one in color that hits you in the suit and leaves you confused and happy, and perhaps convinces you that you dont understand photography approximately as well as you thought you did. These couple of sentences are very strong and flow so well together, and they grab the readers attention. Peter explains how William Eggleston was known as a great American photographer.The author executes a strong clause with briefly stating what William Eggleston did in his earlier days. William Eggleston was natural in Memphis, Tennessee and raised in Sumner, Mississippi. His father was an engineer who had failed as a cotton farmer, and his mother was the daught er of a prominent local judge. As a boy he enjoyed playing the piano, drawing, and working with electronics. From an early age, he was also drawn to visual media, and enjoyed buying postcards and cutting out pictures from magazines. The article tends to drag on with William Egglestons life. The reason I chose to read this article about art is, because art is so elegant to examine. To see the art of a really well known artist makes the article more intriguing. Its interesting to see how a writer tries to explain how someone elses art can attract them. Im an artist myself I would rather see my art and do less talking. Its all about the picture thats on the wall that does the talking. Its you as a person understanding how to determine what to feel when looking at the art on the wall. I believe artist face a very entertaining and difficult time when it comes to art in general. high temperature is a great lesson any artist can take away(p) and learn from. It makes a piece of artwork co me together and makes the return strong. Art is very powerful and in my opinion it guides our society and makes transfer happen.

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