Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Oedipus Who’s fault was it? Essay

Whos Fault Was It? If one were to look for an item-by-item to blame in the tale of Oedipus many characters would stand out. Assigning breaking on entirely one character of this story would be intriguing since almost incessantlyy character is trying to cheat fate. If there was rattling one character that could have prevented all this tragic Father violent death and Mother loving who would it be? The story spirals on in a whirlwind of destiny with each step holdn by all characters to eliminate an impending fate and leading to an even more imminent and circumferent step to the final tragic outcome.One could look to the beginning, the exact heyday where great power Laois seeks an audience with the Oracle of Delphi to learn his future. The question to ask is if the seers vaticination had never been spoken would the chain of events have taken place make baron Laios to fear his own son and send him away to die. Laois macrocosm so curious of his destiny could have avoided h is own death had he not larn the presage and tried so hard to avoid it. If Oedipus had been raised by his biological parents the probability that he would ave killed his father and follow his mother might have decreased.When taken away to be done for(p) the herdsman responsible for leaving baby Oedipus to the elemenst did not have the small town to complete the task. Instead he gave Oedipus toa messenger in the hopes that he would take the infant to a faraway land and no one would ever know that Oedipus had not perished as ordered. If Oedipus had died as an infant then the prognostication would never come true and Laioss death would have been prevented. Oedipus was genuine by a childless King and Queen to raise as heir own.King Polybus and Queen Merope loved Oedipus very much and did not tell him that he was not their biological child. Rumors did circulate about Oedipuss true parentage so he decided to visit the oracle and learn the truth. Instead of hearing that his parents w ere not truly his he learned that he would kill his father and marry his mother. The oracle did not detect that Polybus and Merope were not his biological parents so in fear of the foretold prophecy Oedipus flees from his radix and travels far away in hopes of avoiding his proclaimed fate.Upon fleeing from his home to evade such a gruesome outcome, Oedipus meets a group of men at a crossroads. The carriage driver tries to push Oedipus off the road. In a mania most likely exasperated by the news of his learned prophecy Oedipus kill most of the men in the caravan. Unbeknownst to him he had Just completed the first part of his prophecy. He had killed his biological father King Laois. In an attempt to sidestep fate Oedipus actually makes it come true. When Oedipus arrives at Thebes he defeats the riddle of the Sphinx there in saving the city.This makes Oedipus a belligerent and by becoming the savior of the city he ends up marrying Jokosta, a newly widowed Queen. It makes sense tha t a city without a King would wish that their new hero would become their new leader. Oedipus doesnt empathise that he has Just married his biological mother. He lives for years with her persuasion he has successfully avoided the prophecy yet in reality ne nas completed the prophecy by marring his own mother and killing his father. legion(predicate) aspects happened in this story that causes

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