Sunday, March 17, 2019

Christopher Columbus Essay example -- History

Christopher capital of Ohio is credited as the audacious voyager who challenged modern cerebration and found the land now known as the Americas. capital of Ohio non only discovered new lands, but also opened hunt down with natives and brought substantial wealth and glory to the major European powers. In addition, his ventures non only enabled the spread of the gospel to pagan peoples, but also rope the stage for the emergence of the United States of America. Without Christopher capital of Ohio the United States would not create been a separate state for over 500 years or more or not at all. However, in spite of all that Columbus did, people still fail to recognize the tribulations he undertook before he set off in his first ship. The public is unable to comprehend, despite years of education, the internal struggles and the ridicule Columbus was forced to endure for well(p) believing in what he thought was correct (Philips 13). His courage in the face of this ridicule is what makes Columbus a national hero in that age as well as now. Christopher Columbus acts of perseverance, his moral courage, and his swashbuckling spirit continue to inspire the people of today. Through this intercourse, Christopher Columbus work has not ended, for it is everlasting as it persists to imbue the people of today with the force to succeed in the face of an unknown future. Christopher Columbus perseverance and attention have long been a trait of the philosophy of modern thinking. Columbus displayed high acts of persistence as he rode the waves of uncertainty to the land of success. When Columbus sought audience with King of Portugal in 1485, he was humiliatingly denied supporting for his proposed idea to sail west to get to India. If Columbus had given up at this first sign of failure... ...make our decisions accordingly. Works Cited123Holiday. Christopher Columbus Biography. Columbus Day. Microsoft Encarta, 2 May 2003. Web. 27 Nov. 2010 http// t/christopher_columbus.html.Cohen, J.M. (1969) The Four Voyages of Christopher Columbus Being His Own Log-Book, garner and Dispatches with Connecting Narrative Drawn from the Life of the Admiral by His Son Hernando colon and Others. London UK Penguin Classics.Davidson, Miles H. (1997) Columbus Then and Now A Life Reexamined, Norman and London, University of Oklahoma Press.Khurana, Simran. Quotations Hope. Quotes Quotations. 2001. Web. 27 Nov. 2010. .Phillips, W. D. and C. R. Phillips (1992) The Worlds of Christopher Columbus. Cambridge UK Cambridge University Press.

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