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The Influence, And Views Of Netanyahu On The Middle East Peace Plan :: essays research papers

The Influence, and Views of Netanyahu On The Middle East Peace Plan     The middle easternmost has many problems trying to achieve ease between Israeland the Palestinians. The peace bidding started close to four years ago with theMiddle East countries. through and through the process many people have had major influenceon it. One person who might have unrivaled of the greatest influences of the peaceagreement is Israeli skin rash Minster Benjamin Netanyahu. The peace agreement isthe biggest government issue in the Middle East and he is at the head of one end. At theother end is another strong figure. The leader of the PLO (Palestinian expelling Organization) is Yasir Arafat. In this report I will explain BenjaminNetanyahus target in Israel and how he has affected the peace plan. I will recognise about his views on what is going on.     Benjamin Netanyahu lived in the United States for a few years. Netanyahuwas a graduate of M.I.T. in 1 975. Then he claimed duel citizenship with theUnited States and Israel. Netanyahu did so because his mother was born in theUnited States. He was a well-paid analyst with the Boston Consulting group. Heleft working there and went back to Israel in 1978. When he went back to Israel,he was there for about six years when he became the embassador to the unitedstates for Israel. Later when he was an Israeli diplomat he renounced hisAmerican citizenship. In 1996 he became the Prime Minister of Israel. He now hasthe most influence from the Israeli place of things. Benjamin Netanyahu has donemany interviews and addresses with the American people. One such interview hedid to express his views was with age Magazine. Time asked him if he were aPalestinian, how he would regard toward Netanyahu? He replies, "If I read thecontrolled Palestinian media, I would deliberate that, as they call me, I am worsethan Hitler."(Beyer, 1996, p.38) They then asked him if a Palestinian could seeyou for what you really are what they would see. He replied to that by saying,"I think they would regard me as a person who believes deeply in the necessityof peace and that we dont have an anther partner other than the PalestinianAuthority. I think that any Palestinian mother reading this should understandthat I am as deeply conscious of her pain of losing her child as I am of aJewish mothers."(Beyer, 1996, p.38) Netanyahu goes on telling Time that he doesnot hate the man Arafat, but the two follow different perspectives andinterests.

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