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Aylmers Struggle for Perfection in Nathaniel Hawthomes, The Birthmark

Aylmers Struggle for Perfection in Nathaniel Hawthomes, The birth orderAylmers struggle for scientific perfection transcends human possibility in Nathaniel Hawthomes The Birth scraping. He attempts to perfect that which nature rendered imperfect. When the quest for human achievement opposes divine object it has no chance of succeeding. This key element in Aylmers twisted get it on leads to the demise of what he seeks so desperately to perfect, his beautiful wife. Georgiannas fatal stain of humanity (Hawthorne 167), the birthmark, blocks her from perfection in his eyes, and thus blemishes Aylmers prideful ideals. Her alleged unfavorable position to science leads to her death and Aylmers complete failure as both a scientist and a spouse. From the beginning of The Birthmark, Hawthorne describes Aylmer as a man with some decimal point of physical finery that alludes to perfection ... cleared his fine countenance ... (164). He is draw as a man with a fadate and ardent engageme nt in science in fact, he devotes almost his entire animateness in this pursuit. He had devoted himself... too unreservedly to scientific studies ever so to be weaned from them... (165). This scientific background shows that Aylmers love for Georgianna is his second passion (165). Georgianna comes second in his pursuit of happiness whereas science could be called his beginning(a) love. He becomes obsessed with the idea of changing his beloved to suit his fancy. Georgianna possesses a mark upon her cheek, hardly a cause for concern to the average human. The mark is deeply interwoven ... with the texture and substance of her face (165). The minuscule mark is crimson and in the peculiar shape of a tiny hand. It changes with Georgiannas moods. When she is rosy-colored che... ...horne Question. New York Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1963. Brooks, Cleanth and Robert Penn Warren. Interpretation of the Birthmark. Donohue 185-188. Fogle, Richard Harter. Hawthornes Fiction The Light and the Dark. Norman University of okeh Press, 1964. Heileman, P, B. Hawthornes The Birthmark Science as Religion. Donohue 180-195. Rucker, Mary E. Science and Art in Hawthornes The Birthmark, Nineteenth Century Literature 41 (1987)- 445-61. Wagoner, Hyatt H. Hawthorne A Critical Study. Cambridge Belknap Press, 1963. Weinstein, Cindy. The infrared Hand Made Visible The Birthmark. Nineteenth Century Literature.. 48 (1993), 44- 73. Zanger, Jules. verbalise of the Unspeakable Hawthornes The Birthmark. Modern Philology A Journal Devoted to enquiry Medieval and Modem Literature. 80 (1983) 364- 371.

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