Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Traitor :: Star Trek Essays Papers

The TraitorDespite the episodes title, The Defector is a story about a traitor. I can non agree that Admiral Jarok is any manner but parenthetically erroring to the Federation -- he demonstrates love for his country and his lot on several occasions. Instead I feel that he is a reluctant traitor motivated by personal rather than governmental reasons. The difference between the terms is subtle, but important the term defector should not imply traitorous crime, nor should the term traitor imply defection. The term defector is used to refer a person who has joined another country for ideological reasons. renouncement is a political term and is only used to describe acute and voluntary relocation due to ideological motivations. Someones ideology is their overall get wind of or attitude toward life their outlook, credo, or philosophy. (Nisus Dictionary.) A group of Zendik socialists, for example, defect from the United States when they move to Canada in protest against the market economy. A traitor, on the other hand, actively and knowingly participates in a decision or event that will harm his or her country. There are two important differences between these terms. First, the definition of traitor is non-specific when it comes to motivation. A traitor efficiency betray his country for money, for love, for fame, or, certainly but not necessarily, for ideological reasons. Second, a defector is explicitly choosing to change geographical location in consistency with his ideals. The definition of a traitor does not complicate any refer to location, although a traitor whitethorn be exiled or he may -- additionally -- defect. (Kidder.) Since a defector is motivated by his ideology -- that is, an quick-witted apprehension of his concepts of Right and Wrong -- his rejection of his country is both fundamental (starting at the most basic levels) and (therefore) complete. This understanding of the term can not include Admiral Jarok. Throughout the episode Jarok e xpresses love for his country in touching ways. He shares reminiscent thoughts about Romulan Ale and the Romulan landscape with Data. More importantly he expresses his approval for at least one of the warlike maneuvers of his government. When he is brought into sickbay at the beginning of the episode Dr. Crusher makes obscure references to a previous medical situation following a Romulan military conflict. Obviously angry, Jarok interrupts her to place the satanic on the Klingons, a Federation ally. (The Defector.) If Jarok were truly planning to defect it seems comely that he would be bitter, cynical, and disapproving of his country, not wistfully longing for it or defending it.

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