Friday, March 1, 2019

Christmas tree Essay

ruse is an object or piece of become that brings ace pleasure. cheat is also something you see or bump and you whoremasternot even stupefy to describe the ways you like it or how it makes you feel. Art is something that portrays beauty and happiness. Art lets you see the world through another soulfulnesss perspective. approximately machination seems to tell a story slightly where a person has been and the things they have encountered along the way. It lets you connect with the artist and see things through their eyes. Art is a way of expressing ones self without words.When I mobilize of art, I think of paintings, portraits, sketches, and sculptures. I know there be umpteen other forms of art, that my favorite form is painting. I normally react first to the mood of the art and the idea it brings to mind. I like art that makes me feel happy. Second I would say I respond to the colour in the art. I like fiery and soothing colors. I elect scenery in art work. I like pa intings of fall, filled with warm oranges and yellows in the trees, surface area routes covered with fallen leaves.Those kinds of paintings make me feel warm and happy. One of my favorite autumn scenes is by Robert A Tino, a local artist in Sevierville, TN. It is called Autumn Psalm. It is a small country church setting just off of a country road lined with trees. The trees in the painting are almost bare, and the beautiful autumn leaves are scattered on the ground. This painting gives me a sense of cessation and happiness. The content of art is not quite as important to me as the way it makes me feel. I love works of art that portray a place that I have been or know.It is nice to see something you are familiar with from another persons perspective. For instance, Harrisburg Holiday, another heavy(p) work of art by Robert A Tino. It is a painting of a covered bridge that I am very familiar with, but he has painted it as he saw it in 1975. It is a beautiful winter scene. He paints the roads covered with snow and an centenarian red Chevy truck hauling a Christmas tree. The scene has two snowmen at the entrance to the covered bridge. It fills your heart with warmth andholiday nub just to look at it. Portraits to me are art in a different sense. Some of my favorite portraits are by Martin Waugh. It is what he calls molten Sculpture. He uses high speed photography to arrive drops of liquid as the splash into lakes and other bodies of water. To me there is just something so soothing about his work. It is amazing how a tiny drop of liquid can constrain such a beautiful work of art. His work impresses me, because I neer really thought of liquid as art before I saw one of his photos.The formal qualities of art work are close to important. I like paintings that flow smoothly with very fine wash strokes. I think some of the most beautiful art work is produced with a combination of canvas and oil paints. I like portraits that capture images I normally could no t see otherwise. Portraits that capture the colors you can see when light reflects on a ripple of water beget me. I do not know a great accept about art, but art seems to be much more perspicacity than fact.

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