Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Blood Station

My eyes slid open, I maxim that I was completely rooted(p) head to toe. I wasnt the only star here though, on that point were hundreds, thousands, charge millions The only thing I could do was move my eyes, everything else was frozen solid. That was fantastical because I mat water trickling down my body. My hair felt loose. lento I unfroze more and more, until eventually I could move more freely. I gazed a outrage only to find that I was trapped in a rather small tube. There were tubes piercing into my arms draining blood. wiz of my kind, a human, was walking outgoing so I tried to manage frozen again but it wasnt working, I knew this because he started rummaging in his pocket. He pulled out a key which was bland and boxlike. He approached my tube, shivers blazed down my spurring he enclosed the key closer to my tube.By this point in time my body had been freed and I was able to move around. The adit do a clicking noise as he site the key into it I presumed that the doo r was unlocked, so I kicked as hard and as fast-flying as I could. The door flew open and knocked him flat against another line of tube running parallel to mine. I hopped out to take his keys and befog him in my tube. I noticed that I was naked, so I naked him to his underwear and dressed up in his security like, I tossed him in to my tube. The key for my tube was still in the keyhole of my door, so fully wrapped I locked the door to conceal him in my tube.Now I was condom I looked around, it was a blood station. The guard in my tank was iron boot and screaming this instant. I noticed a dial and a support screen on my tube. I turned the dial the screen now read 0 gallons of water/ice so I unplowed turning until it read 100. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 it went higher and higher, 60, 70, 80, 90, max. So I then I pushed the green button. Water flooded into the tank and fill it top to bottom and froze suddenly. The tubes that must have slipped out of me I saw winding through the tube an d slipping into his arms like syringes.I looked around again luckily it was an old factory and my tube was rightly next to one of the fire exits. I walked casually out of the door, there were no guards, and it must have been the one I locked in my tube. It was a desert outside, literally. Mountains of sand were getting blown around by the loose breeze. The sandy mountains were surrounded by three scruffy looking houses, apart(predicate) from that there was nothing, just a big outstretch of desert. I knocked on one of the doors belong to which was attached to one of the houses. A panel slid open to say a pair of eyes squinting at me.Alright policeman he grumbled password please?What password? I queried I dont realise of any passwordLast chance bub he grunted at me. just I havent been told about any password I came out with sound like a child that had been caught misbehaving.The door swung open faster than the door I has kicked earlier. A big man came into focus, he had torn uni form and a goatee beard, and he was extremely buff. He grabbed me by the scruff of my do and dragged me backbone in to the old factory. I cringed as the guard walked past my tank. He glanced at it as he walked past but he didnt stop. He walked on a bit then doubled back to get a closer look.John? he mumbled to himself.He lay down the drain button and the tube slowly started to drain again. Once it has he unlocked the door and swung it open.John spat out him He put me in here, hes a donorThe other guard turned round and gave me a funny look and ripped johns clothes clean off of me. He took john out the tank, john started to get dressed. The buff guard threw me in and I smacked my face off the backing of the tube, the door slammed shut. I felt water rushing in it was at my neck now. I took my finale breath and it all went dark.

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